Huntsman on Working for Obama

Presidential candidate speaks to ABC's Jonathan Karl on eve of N.H. primary.
3:10 | 01/09/12

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Transcript for Huntsman on Working for Obama
The governor Romney came right at you. For being president Obama's ambassador to China you hit back hard. Seems like that comment. You can youngster got personally. Well I take it personally and I think a lot of Americans take it personally because I did it. Believing that putting my country first is the right thing to do -- the right thing to do and for me always will be the right thing to do. I realize full well that there will always be critics and -- will always be those who say. Huntsman no how no way can I support him he crossed a partisan lines -- you know you've got to do what you feel it was right. I was raised -- that ethic I've got two boys who -- live. That ethic in the United States navy and I will take that migrate. And he did take a little at a time for a compact with that -- that -- your first reaction was to speak Chinese. Which I have to say was of the I never heard it in a Republican debate not even an and a democratic debate for. It's. It's good to make history -- But. You know I we have the back and forth and it was more about how you handle China's relationship and he says thing -- you know it's a few things return. And upon further reflection. This is too important is an issue it -- Because it gets to the heart and soul of -- way if there's a bottom line. Aspect of -- I am beyond -- It would be that a putting country first. And upon further reflection the thought that somebody would criticize me. For having taken. Upon myself the responsibility of that job even under a Democrat. While he was raising political money I just -- compared in contrast. No more. This is absolute nonsense and -- the -- differentiating point between us. There isn't a brighter bolder contrast. -- that. Finally here you really taking it to him in a way that I happen in Long Island indeed do you feel like this is just getting to the point where you. Now actually have a chance to attempt to do what you thought she could do all along here in New Hampshire. For -- well. But the message always crystallizes. -- with the area. You know -- have to get out build the grassroots support and we've done through -- sixty your 170. Town hall meetings and house parties people have to see if they have to hear you have to feel that your sincere. We've done all of that that's the hard work and then once done. The comparing and contrasting among the candidates it -- -- reaches accretion to about now so it's not. Not surprising at all. We're having this conversation about what differentiates me and in that Romney -- and you have to go last thing what next what happens after the capture your in this right -- -- It's absolutely. Absolutely but we've got to move the market here in New Hampshire if -- can't move the market you're wasting everybody's time and I say we're gonna do well tomorrow night. We're gonna prove the point of electability right here in New Hampshire it's a primary is not a caucus. There we're gonna move on to South Carolina you've got to have something in hand when he go to South Carolina and that's something better speak to electability.

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{"id":15325339,"title":"Huntsman on Working for Obama","duration":"3:10","description":"Presidential candidate speaks to ABC's Jonathan Karl on eve of N.H. primary.","url":"/Politics/video/jon-huntsman-speaking-chinese-working-president-obama-15325339","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}