@Jon2012Girls Talk Twitter, Politics & Dad

Huntsman's daughters say Twitter is a way to introduce their dad to America.
3:00 | 11/16/11

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Transcript for @Jon2012Girls Talk Twitter, Politics & Dad
We are pleased to be joined by three Twitter celebrities absolutely huge guests here joining us on top line. You know them if you -- Twitter at all is -- John the 2012 girls but they are also known as Marianne. -- and lady Huntsman thank you ladies for joining us today and I -- so obviously we're here to talk about Libya but now. Yeah I had -- my head of I think you have a look at. So talk to us about this you guys obviously -- taking time off from your regularly scheduled lives to be out there campaigning with your -- where you're -- -- -- also got this winter persona together intuitive result of the three of you talk about what was behind that why you felt like this -- something to. To to do as a team. Started. Every shot her friends -- once and -- today we want to know what's going on this exciting and people wanna know kind of behind the scenes of local campaign really a lot of people don't get that opportunity so it really started as a way to reach out to people that we -- -- our friends. And we start and being really honest about what we're seeing our feelings and we're just very open honest family. And I think that people like that honesty and we're live -- to last so. Right I don't think he had any intention of it become become so fire also. -- now is exciting. Yes I think it's picked up -- debate it's interesting to hear. Kind of let the kids have some money is running out there but there -- going to their minds of the debates. -- -- -- -- -- Our. -- -- satire humor through the debates and -- -- -- he's also ahead of his other children of presidential candidates who went out on Twitter and -- -- senator criticized for an upgrade that you guys are not necessarily on message with the campaign. Q do you get any -- and also from people in the political consulting -- saying you know. This isn't what you should be doing this isn't helping -- -- case. Look I think this is the first real campaign season that you -- Twitter used as much as it's being used I mean I I don't think it's been used -- this in the past so. I think -- all very new but. At the same time we understand our data know him so well that -- campaign really trusts us and know that we are going were only doing this for our dad. That's coming purpose and we hope that we don't do anything that embarrasses him or hurts and anyway -- introduced him to. People America -- hesitate to you'll have the password annual that we don't have the. Passwords overall -- together but I mean -- Does a lot of she's -- -- and mind are you are even -- it seems like that you really good humor mastermind isn't that there. Insane. -- got the girl behind the -- that. Yeah well it's out there some in the and I -- borderline between its -- -- -- -- -- I am. When -- hobbling. And not with them -- the end they'll eat onions sailor and speaks -- and Kirkpatrick some -- -- in Baghdad. And so we'll always -- trying to live makes around where what's going out and -- -- punting the ball you guys are really funny it's actually it's. Any commentary and money in this season is just funny itself and not as yet -- -- reality show. So what is the most surprising thing that you -- take just -- at every week it's like. Guess -- neck watching the clock and downs like Susan and me next to them but on the trailer they -- they sent it but he knew what really happened on campaign they would be so -- Found out this one thing what is. -- Yeah. Any time traveling there -- I heading -- the record yet. It cannot yeah I -- I like -- can't do anything you always he expected to be buying each I am thinking that does not expecting it but I think -- -- you know here and he's not Townsend. -- couple funny experiences that. When we got it right you know on the campaign really thinking I don't it's and it's -- good experience of RN. Every day every day every -- -- -- adventure that you have today. Your -- even joked about how he wishes he could replicate your magic that you got you know he got the human policy speech doesn't get nearly coverage of you to that he knew where you blow bubbles that -- -- for instance. -- what what's the message for campaign what's your message your -- campaign something like that might bring Apple's all the time and the city. We'll donate time and -- well all right this is get rid of the -- Allen Hunt and a -- How can answer the question purpose and we love it that -- your dad has had some famous sort of clunker moments up there when asked about Iran's -- yeah yeah. You can't really -- funny you're -- try to make some jokes that sometimes on -- Welty. But they're my -- and -- I mean an object of jokes and we grew up with him sense of humor and politics he had an -- always come up you know -- -- his hat -- they're not community. You know rehearsed before. I mean we -- last season -- You all finally came in -- America money right and what it was kind of I anger was when these ads like. That could not. -- -- -- you know where you have to -- healthy again look like a special and irritating things in the door -- put on. But they have a lot of us here things but. He would put on the night in -- how stories about -- Yeah audience that filings with the new girls in the neighborhood and it's getting ready -- I was the senior and a hold boys came to the -- and yes they hear revenue girls and my dad answered the door when he's telling fox he chemistry we have knowing yet not die there is -- he just -- away. And it. It I mean they insane thing but you know -- my back how after about it. -- --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Huntsman's daughters say Twitter is a way to introduce their dad to America. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"14965542","title":"@Jon2012Girls Talk Twitter, Politics & Dad","url":"/Politics/video/jon2012girls-talk-twitter-politics-dad-14965542"}