@Jon2012Girls: Some Tweets Are Serious

Jon Huntsman's daughters frustrated their dad was overlooked in SC debate.
4:25 | 11/16/11

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Transcript for @Jon2012Girls: Some Tweets Are Serious
So we're tweets have been a little -- there was one and have been recently where you talked about China obviously something that you're that knows very well that that you girls though very very well and you said that that -- closes that Romney has gotten to attend as a panda. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But what's that helping -- -- this. Now. And that it be any looking -- Phone and we start seeing -- -- -- means that you had to write. Not just like this area. Let's it's tough because -- can't be as funny one sir. We're it was funny that we are also being used in fact it you know it helps sometimes that you -- -- some substance and it's not that need to speak at least because it's a hard you know its tuition in and. The -- chasing -- -- -- -- and asked payments and -- question to some and it doesn't happen. The experience arrest me that my god my house and you know the -- the government that we like. Well -- you bastard Chinese been an expert there at thirty -- is like. Last I just doesn't make sense -- in the -- that the kind of I don't -- humor -- -- also some frustration. -- That's frustrating things for accepting one of the last -- -- -- they were on the topic of China act. And they went through most of the candidates except my dad and finally Gingrich that I have been sent -- You know. Probably the only person here with announced experiences Huntsman and they finally gave it to Hammond thirty haggard affect and -- -- -- and thirty seconds. A little frustrating for -- to sit back and watch. When you know -- that has all -- experience on hangings and setting for thirty years. Through this whole process then you know you're better than anybody and you look at the resonates and this -- has so much experience. And yet he's not cracking into the top tier of the polls. What that faking about this project. It is frustrating but at the same time we feel like people are still -- aren't at and there are still timeliness and as we said -- there's something different manners that. We think this is the best time and the best place to be -- -- and New Hampshire is our main focus and I mean the end of that last night was -- hundredth. Town colony had over 150 people there and they just they -- -- their connecting to -- And I think that's gonna say a lot in the next few months and how we shelling there so -- pay close attention to New Hampshire and the -- at the better mean we're actually really happened at his position how can -- Watch all these front runners coming ago not -- but at the end of the day when you go to the voting -- you're gonna say. Could I trust placed Obama you know who has the core conservative principles that that I know will. The GOP. You can he can beat up on un electability -- taking its Asian people down. Eight people are turning to narrow. Focus on that now uneasy at the eleventh in the New York Times he -- -- -- -- -- as electable against Obama and. Any scenario that can happen between now and then and that's when the party -- it would mean. I think he has and moderate attitude but it's he has a very conservative. Past so populist be focusing on. Now we listen you've got some -- stalkers out there are some some shadow folks who were. The net on 2012 boys is that right. Hot stock is -- -- -- Yeah. Yeah that that you've met them now can be arranged a meeting now we had that here we -- -- -- and have it. -- stance our. Invitation has been issued as. Mitt Romney has five sons -- they don't we together but could take -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- off do you think we try. And occasional little -- But remember there was a time in the last campaign it was the Romney boys and -- that is a -- isn't -- right four years ago and that it had. Now and now it's fact that Arafat and -- there. The installation. We're just in -- What -- -- -- a Partridge Family thing you guys all get together and us. And are there plans and -- met. It's definitely -- an identity and they and very kind gracious about it. A look at it and get on the bus and -- -- -- -- them. -- so very amused by something. Asked today about that with the jib jabs that you had some fun with the president we have quickly so it. -- out a little bit. So that they're going a little -- here. -- gonna take for us to be an agent you have with you this five right it will that we can we make it -- hey Amy at all after his arm behind -- yeah yeah. We haven't noticed but this is in this is not the country this whole experience I mean this is you'll realizes once in a lifetime thing go up there and yet -- -- -- make -- happen. Now what campaigns are very exciting you may see different things happen every single day. And you know I think I are here mainly because you know especially in our age -- gardeners about our future and we that I that is what -- -- -- right now that's. What keeps us going and that's what so exciting about it and we look forward to. Hopefully finishing strong in the next two -- answers. And that she and and and who knows who you are single and his -- propositions -- And walk away from this that they boyfriend and I know I want to bring back into this race. I think -- seen plus the announcement -- -- that they don't expect oh yeah. All right all right they are the John the 2012 -- all the months later there are entertaining a lot of fun thank you for. Gracing us your presence here today thank you -- thanks so much guys that doesn't for this edition of top line twitter.com slash replied when -- I'm stressed. Evil I -- pretty well yet you didn't disguise it -- his -- audience age beholden to.

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"Jon Huntsman's daughters frustrated their dad was overlooked in SC debate. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"14965703","title":"@Jon2012Girls: Some Tweets Are Serious","url":"/Politics/video/jon2012girls-tweets-14965703"}