Judiciary Committee passes articles of impeachment; Boris Johnson wins U.K. election

House Judiciary Committee votes on two articles of impeachment; President Trump announces China trade deal; U.K. has landslide election; New poll tracker for 2020.
24:05 | 12/13/19

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Transcript for Judiciary Committee passes articles of impeachment; Boris Johnson wins U.K. election
Happy Friday welcome to the briefing room coming to you from the Washington bureau BBC news I'm John San KG. Are you tired I'm tired it's been one heck of a busy week here in Washington. And it capped off with an impeachment vote in the House Judiciary Committee Swanee three Democrats recommending. Two articles of impeachment against president trump in the Oval Office earlier today. The president reacted. It's something that shouldn't be allowed. And it's a very bad thing for our country and your trivializing. Impeachment. And I tell you watch some day they'll be. But Democrat president and they'll be a Republican House. And I suspect they're gonna remember it. Because when you do when you use impeachment for absolutely. Nothing other than to try and get political game know where that being said. My poll numbers as you know have gone through the roof. Fundraising for the Republican Party. Has gotten through the roof we're setting records would never know what he's ever seen anything like it because the people had discussed it. The people are absolutely disgusted. Nobody's ever seen anything like this and I watched yesterday I got to see quite a bit of it yesterday and I watched these Democrats on the committee make fools out of themselves. Absolute fools out of themselves. President from in the Oval Office earlier today let's break this down we're joined right now by senior national correspondent Terry Moran and Catherine falters covers Capitol Hill and the White House for us YouTube had a busy week when you have. Late last night early this morning actually to try idol tradition and Jesse had 1112. I think I theme chairman nab learn gaveled out I think at 1121. Well paying and Tom game or Jason into the hallway eyes but. We are sitting Mary Anna Taylor coffee at 11 o'clock thinking like. All right here we are there any Emma. And he's. No we're gonna do it tomorrow and then there was a lot of the Republicans really angry about it because they as they accuse now learned just wanting to do this in the light of day because Tilden time and now doesn't actually do you do in the white day that this is important the American people we're going to vote on this on Friday today. As a did this morning intern was our front. At least surprising vote however Terry straight down party lines and that is visited that that is a political achievement for Donald Trump. Because when that transcript was first released. And they and the whole story broke there were Republicans on the hill who went public for the first time in his presidency it seemed intent. This isn't okay when he did this is troubling this this isn't appropriate this isn't what we want presidents to do and where they now. Perfect just where wanting to be that call was perfect they have to say it. Because that's what he wants and say so through its this year serbs' brazen force of his personality and arguments. He hasn't got Republicans lined up lockstep not just against the Democrats but on his chosen ground of defense. Which is that there was absolutely nothing wrong with telling a foreign government to investigate Americans now that's in the. The house and Katherine were heading over to the senate after this goes for a full vote in the house next week. Here are some eyes in some folks we need to keep our eyes on in the senate as far as Republican parties concerned candidates that are up for reelection this year that. May leave great ringed the prison. And I think there are definitely some magic in and then when he's been on of course this will kick over to the senate after the full house votes on and we expect. On Wednesday but I don't see added care and a week of August I I don't see. Even the power of those that we have to keep an eye on those who who who may you know break. With the president I don't personally see the president being removed from office it. I also think we have to keep an honest trial you know pans out McConnell. And Chuck Schumer sought to get together and and sort out the rules of we have reported we reported that what we think the president wants a shorter trial though Republicans in the senate said that -- know when this is but then the president today it says he'll have a. I'm along when we just don't know I am. I'm reminded you know firfer for those of you that would not know this we have a morning editorial call here at the networks we talk through the stories the day was going on. And you would direct opposite pages of that call has really let you walk but it's okay stick with us. Because I said we were hearing a shorter trial usage held culpable on a longer trial and a week article Donald from today so it won't take. What is that new Helen well the difference between the trials of its a longer one it would really be. A show with witnesses right call. Read my note feeling is that as someone who's been. Donald Trump in thousands of court cases he has a style of litigating and that is too old bull literary the enemy. Not just to win the case but to make them or regret they ever brought it regret they were ever born and that's so that no stinking. Of being sued or in this case is being impeached ever attaches to him he's going to use the trial to put his accusers on trial that's what he wants Hunter Biden. And other what other witnesses in the senate. So that the Democrats. Feel like they were the ones who did something wrong and made a mistake by impeaching that's just his litigation staff he may be talked out of it. People assailant he got the votes. There's no reason to make discount or else let it go now going to be OK but if his political instincts tell him. You know a short term means the Democrats can come back it me. In October and say yeah but you were impeached and for good reason and I haven't obliterated them I'm vulnerable. Net Katherine the other thing we've been hearing though is as far as these two articles are concerned many in the White House were actually trying to sue the presidency listen. Calm down let's keep this short because this was not as extensive as they had originally thought. Yes soon learn from our sources in the White House's they're building out this big team of people they have the White House Counsel's Office internally they have is you see the articles about ahead of personal attorneys they were they are still and they are thinking about. Adding. You know more attorneys in the team but then you know they surprised really that that they at least two articles are a lot of these power. Obstruction of congress they expected. I am I the Mo report you know obstruction. As a related to Robert Mueller to be a separate article and if it was a separate article at the under and and obstruction right and the Judiciary Committee spent the first months January February or march release. Focusing on Mueller bringing bringing in my arms so bringing in these witnesses and then the White House thought they. It mentioned that they mentioned mass action and an initial and they said there's. Well that's when I started thinking really about the you know shorter trial would be no witness says and really do we really and he beat ultimately looks. Harry we're gunning at this vote next week then we come back in January hopefully hit into a quiet holiday we'll see what happens. But when we come back that's when the Senate's gonna hit the ground running where and that's a trial and it is a constitutional moment one of the things. That Donald Trump was is talking read that the Democrats may regret the country may regret impeachment is the most drastic. Tool in the constitution toolbox and take it out means the country's gonna get put through this that president will be on trial right the Chief Justice will be sitting there. They'll need 67 votes to remove him from office there gonna get that or whether it's a long trial or short trial. This impeachment will be tested not just in that in the trial before the public but before history. And I think people will already start soda and do be doing the postmortem. What happened to this impeachment. One of the answers is going to be the Stonewall work now they had evidence the transcript. Bill and that was it. And we just won a ruler views or showing right now what we believe the next process here is going to be so obviously today was phase one House Judiciary Committee. Voted out these articles of impeachment as Terry mentioned along party lines. Next Wednesday we believe right now we're expecting a full house represented his votes that just requires. A simple majority. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi right now seems to have those votes so it's all but certain. To make its way across Capitol Hill to the senate and that is where Mitch McConnell as commander in chief of backcourt it's a two thirds vote to convict. Right now that would obviously require many Republicans to break ranks and to join the Democrats. Doesn't seem like that would happen but never say never a lot of crazy things have happened so far. Ever pulled a streamer and thank you both very much you can join us for segment later but before. We leave impeachment of one of things it's helpful to us is just getting the sense what we're hearing out in the country wanna bring in right now Chad Benson he's host with that key TAR a radio station out in Phoenix Arizona sent Chad what are you hearing from your listeners on impeachment. And things we're hearing used. People are curious about what maybe yours in cinema may do because we're becoming its date is becoming a little bit more than their bread Herb Kohl. And she's kind of moderate in the way that she is gone about doing things and she's been very quiet about this I think people are starting to. Wonder you don't even though she's not up for reelection what is she gonna do I think we all know it I shall he's gonna do but a lot of people kind of made up their minds and they're not paying as much attention sewage I think part of that is because it felt like it's been going through a process. The last twenty plus months in this and I think they'll be more attention to what happens in the senate. May have been the last couple weeks I think they are so this was a foregone conclusion. And Chad for the Eli I'm just curious I just find this question our colleague Karen Travers who talks your station and others throughout the week about the news of the day always gets. What ease the topic you here right now idea day basis you know is it always impeachment or are Americans asking about the other items in the news if you well. A lot of it's about. The cost of health care the economy and obviously has been a border state immigration is huge here. Impeachment is is down the line and I think armor for most people they've made up their minds it's read a little. And even if they think they've done something wrong when it strong or Democrats everybody is taking their side they say all political. So it's tough to get past that hurdle of it being independent and I want to look at the information because. Everybody feels like you're skewing the news. In one direction or the other and it just seems like there's other things to focus on in particular immigration it seemed like a hot topic is quiet. Kind of quieted down because of the entire impeachment there. It is certainly quiet down that you mentioned health care that's something that our colleague Karen here's all the time. From the many stations like here's that she speaks to Chad thank you very much done in Phoenix Arizona we appreciate it we're gonna switch here's another topic that many people are talking about today that is the new trade deal that president trump has announced that China he's calling it speeds one of this deal. But it's a freeze he's actually use just a couple months ago let's go up to Capitol Hill where I'm joined by my White House colleague captain Jordan felt. Who's been watching this one for us of Jordan where does that stand right now because they said the president used that exact phrase in October and nothing was signed at that point in time. But here we are December a new phase one. Hey John yeah that's the big caveats with this deal the president. Has announced that he's reached a deal with China before he's gotten can't frighteningly close on more than one occasion only to see it fall apart. So John I think we should all keep holding our breath just a little bit. And tell least two leaders actually get together for a signing ceremony and sign on the dotted line if you will. We're told by Larry Kudlow one of the president's top economic advisors that such as ceremonies probably still a few weeks away. So John this is good news no doubt it's being. Heralded by the president it's welcome news for farmers for manufacturers. For the stock market. But is just not a done deal yet John and again. As you noted this is just phase one so there are a lot of issues that remained resolved. And Jordan it's funny you actually need a very Smart point on Twitter you often do not take this is a one off but just to make the point that they YouTube flag literally within seconds of that impeachment vote up on Capitol Hill we sort of present and suddenly announced this deal almost saying don't look over there look over here in stat. It was within minutes of the house voting. To approve those two articles of impeachment that the president fired off this tweet announcing that he faced one deal had been announced so. Don if the president needed another headline in that moment he sure. As heck got it. This is just the latest in and kind of a slew of a good news that president trump has gotten amid the impeachment. It's sort of interesting how this is all coalescing. And developing out the same time the president also of course Scott that announcement that the house would approve the US since he ain't that revised. NAFTA trade agreement with. Mexico and Canada. As the house was was moving. Forward with this impeachment inquiry Jon sale these things are all coming together at the same time really interesting split screens all around. A lot of split screens indeed Jordan Phelps up on Capitol Hill thank you Jordan and let's stay on some international news. Let's go overseas the UK had a fascinating election overnight Boris Johnson. Reelected as the British prime minister. A race that was a little close to call at some points but a fascinating one nevertheless. Let's bring in our colleague Maggie Willie she's over in London watching all the results for us hey Maggie. Pay down have been going out what in today here inland and we are so obviously following that landslide victory overnight by Boris Johnson and his sister Conservative Party winning. At Bible in the largest majority they have seen in decades they now have full control of parliament and again remember this has been dubbed the Greg's it elects and forced Johnson was really running on this platform are pushing. Rey exit through the referendum happened and more than three and a half years ago. Kind of a stalemate now we've been waiting to see what's going to happen and in this election is all about. I'll be voting to push it through or not and again Johnson saying a vote for him the Conservative Party was unified parliament was. His push to get Greg's it done we've heard from him today he saw the queen. At now he sank as the first thing he's going to do pushing it. Even before that January 31 deadline and now we should think we don't know why Cuban assembly voted for the Conservative Party may be was to push pregnant or maybe they were just. Tired of having a stalemate in parliament an and getting nothing done except for talking about brings it may be it was against. Of the labor party and their leader Jeremy Corbin as well you know. Anomaly of the conservative Soo used huge majority but the labor party saw their biggest defeat since 1935. Those are huge numbers and many of them are now reevaluating their future when they saw a lot of these pockets. Of the UK flipped that have never flipped before so. Both parties differ gunning going to be looking at their future right now and I also want to mention another group to gain some traction last night I was a Scottish National Party and they gained. Quite a bit of seats people are now looking towards them questioning his power they. Really had this platform of one in Scotland to remain in the European Union and so. Many of them are now questioning could this mean at the potential of breaking up the United Kingdom now. And it's is of fairly lofty. Suggestion they have some legal proceedings I have to go to but the fact that. They did gain so many seats in parliament suggests that we could see rumblings of this going forward so even though Boris Johnson. And his conservative government now has control of parliament clearly. The for the long road ahead dealing with the S against us nationalist party as well as dealing with brokering some type of trade deal to make sure they can leave. With pregnant with a deal in place so. Yes but the bride an election is over we have Boris Johnson is Conservative Party in power but what this means. I'm going forward as we hit that generate very first headlining going to 20/20. Still anyone's guess Jon. Maggie truly over in London thank you Maggie we're gonna switch gears to our elections here in the United States. There is a fast moving story right now involving the democratic presidential candidates and you can read all about it up online abcnews.com. Here's the story. Next week is supposed to be another democratic presidential debate at Loyola College out in the West Coast however. There's an issue there is a union protest right now and thus far the seven candidates that are analysis shows would qualify for this debate. They are vowing not to cross the union lines these are workers at the university that are seeking wage increases. And so far as we said all seven candidates by included judge clover charts tires Sanders warring Yang. All vowing not to attend we're gonna keep an eye and this is I said you can read. All of our latest reporting on this story right now at abcnews.com. Are Collie Kendall Carson. Has been tracking that in the meantime we are unveiling a new polling tracking method if you will involving the debates. And everything going on from state to state our colleague Micah Cohen over 538 has the latest on that they Micah. Hey John where super excited about these new polling averages we think they do a better job of capturing the state of the race and other averages out there. You can check out on screen how to tenants are doing odd is doing really well nationally booted judge has surged into a small lead in Iowa and New Hampshire. Please notify 38 dot com you can click around every state see what's going on Barney's averages better than others but here's what we're its. One they make inferences about what's going on in the states based on national. All of this really helps when you don't have a recent poll of this contest contests to the polling average adjusts for house of facts. We know that certain pollsters produce better results consistently are some candidates and others are polling average accounts for that. And number three. Historically. When polls move out there and think debate. Or they Iowa caucus says. At movement is more likely to be real and movement that just comes out of nowhere when news cycles. How our polling averages will be more likely. To take new poll seriously. After those big events again we really encourages you can read more about all of that's on 538 dot com. Click around check out what the race looks like an average stay. Micah Cohen thank you very much as he mentioned the law than a 530 dot com right now to see their latest tracking methods to date on Beale okay cell. It's a Friday which means you probably doing we're doing making your weekend plans thinking about thing fun to do and and you suddenly remember we have things to do. Next weeks or so we thought like this week was really busy. Buckle up butter cup you gotta wait to see what next week brings here's a breakdown on what we've got right now we begin a busy week next week up on capitol Tuesday that is the government funding fight that is going to be the first time we're gonna see if lawmakers will head to a government shut down its scenes right now they're going to be able to avoid that but let's wait and see. We've also got a lot of court activity on Friday there is a case in the southern district of New York in involves Rudy Giuliani the president's personal attorney. One of his associates may have his bail revoked because he lied to prosecutors about. Getting about a million bucks from the Russians no big deal there. The other thing that might happen on Tuesday Rick gate he was the president's deputy campaign manager well he's gonna find out. From this at southern prosecutors here. In DC what he's sentence will be he's been cooperating for months as part of the mall or investigation. We'll see that that is right now it does not seem he'll get jail time. Based on filings we've seen but. Wait until you see that will keep you posted that on Wednesday when's he's a big day capturing her sleep and. Can I say picking up from you undertaking begun last that would Wednesday that follow my house impeachment adds that in mind we're gonna. Probably kick over the percent of the full house will vote on these articles of impeachment not the other thing John when you're reading off all those things are rabbinate on Tuesday the other thing that's happening on Tuesday that actually yeah I think house committee actually is going to need to set the parameters. Of that Wednesday votes so the procedural thing teasing my graphics not perfect and daddy and I'll and that exotic you know we'll. Will lead to impeachment on Tuesday may Middletown man Monday it's a bit Tuesday. Wednesday old boat okay and then there is Thursday to your agency there is the US MCA so's you know that. Winning praise from Republicans Democrats it seems like Pavel. Well that's right and then you know going back to a Jordan said what did she say until both signatures on February announcement so we have found Thursday that hopefully I know we don't likes talk about Friday is. Friday's are usually you know they had ago really well really well if yes exactly TO agreements the ES knock on one so hopefully. Finally from the to an acknowledging he had nothing like getting about regret that I have. Acting stat amateur Internet anyway. On Wednesday next week in addition to the impeachment vote the president has a rally that night so that could be. Really fun for him down Thursday that democratic debate that right now are reporting says. Itself RD seven candidates might not cross party lines so. We will wait and see what happens there there's the picket lines are watching it with the unions before we leave you one and unhappy note. Investment in a zoo has some means you assume like so actually the zoo lights are always a big thing here and ban any of our colleague Jack EU is actually out there speaking to some people enjoying them their. Quite pretty take a look at Jackie got. Chinese land animals. I'm. The welcome to our thirteenth annual lights at the Smithsonian's national. What is relates particularly special. Is that if there's something here for everyone falling wages it's really it's his first date night it's a proposal on the way but it's a family knives. And I just think it's a great evening outside. In the zoo. My. Eyes in negative outlook and actually right there. And Matt Cain. They're over 500000. LED lights in the park. It's true users are telling the bushes and sparkling and you'll see lots of animals silhouettes. And newness here. We have Chinese lend turn animals. We have an art installation. At the bottom of the zoo. End we're debuting. Are virtual reality film tonight. Pandemonium. He looked up feeling down you look around their hand as many and so it's happy holidays from Smithsonian's national zoo. OK so the zoo like upper Dublin have you I have. Would you like it I liked it but my husband that we went together and he looked at that animals were actually going alike have lights on them. Which is ridiculous the only concern I have no known an epic play nobody any reason there's been a relentless is just ridiculous that they enjoy your husband what's wrong I know I can't say name hasn't been there as that I mentioned. Mentions and that is a nice guy I can't really. Quick though so it's open actually going through New Year's except for the holidays just like smuggling that is I was coming in I've I think the Fed it director Obama and number. I did the five. Under that's. For capture of all there's odd jobs NTT thanks for watching ABC news live nation to download BBC news app for any news any time you are watching. ABC news have a good weekend.

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