June 21, 2013: President Obama announces new FBI director

President Obama praises the outgoing Bob Mueller and the incoming Jim Comey.
2:45 | 05/18/17

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Transcript for June 21, 2013: President Obama announces new FBI director
We have counted on the dedicated men and women of the FBI to keep a safe. In that time. The FBI's been let by six directors. And the second longest serving director of the FBI. For the last twelve years has been an example republics are. Bob more like the marine that he's always been Bob never took his eyes off his mission. Under his watch the FBI join forces with our intelligence. Military and Homeland Security professionals to break up al-Qaeda cells disrupt their activities and thwart their plots. I'll say it as clearly as I can't countless Americans are alive today. And our country is more secure because of the FBI's outstanding work under the leadership of Bob mall. I know that everyone here joins me in saying that you'll be remembered as one finest. Directors and in the history the FBI won't most of Meyer public servants of our time. And I desert just personally. Not only has. It been a pleasure to work with but I know very few people in public life. Who have shown more integrity. More consistently. Under more pressure. The ball as Bob prepares to complete a service. This is a wonderful opportunity. For all of us as a nation to say thank you. To Bob and am but also gives me a chance to announce my choice to be the next director of the FBI Jim called. I think bubble agreement me when I say that we have. Perfect person to carry on this work and Jim Palmer I'm confident that Jim will be a leader who understands how to keep America safe. And stay true to our founding ideals. No matter what. The future may break and finally a want to commend the president for the. Choice. Jim call me as the next director of the FBI. I have had the opportunity work which Jim for a number of years in the Department of Justice. And I have found him to be a man of honesty dedication and integrity. His experiences judgment and his strong sense of duty. Will benefit not only the bureau but the country. As a whole. I must be out of my mind. To be following Bob Mueller. I don't know whether I can fill those issues that I know that however I do I will be standing truly on the shoulders of the giants. Someone who has made a remarkable difference in the life of this country. I can promise you Mr. President. And mr. director that I will do my very best to honor and protect that legacy.

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{"id":47489018,"title":"June 21, 2013: President Obama announces new FBI director","duration":"2:45","description":"President Obama praises the outgoing Bob Mueller and the incoming Jim Comey.","url":"/Politics/video/june-21-2013-president-obama-announces-fbi-director-47489018","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}