Kal Penn Rejects Paul Ryan's 'Faded Obama Posters' Story

Actor discusses nuances of the "youth vote," Michelle Obama's DNC speech.
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Transcript for Kal Penn Rejects Paul Ryan's 'Faded Obama Posters' Story
Aren't we are very happy now to be joined by -- Penn demanding it now is gonna make us. -- in the we have the we have a vote because they are headache -- -- -- we -- then we sexy face like we -- we don't -- Now let me look at us on a song that's surprising did you -- Man missed its -- as a regionally -- We've been asking people that it to think of what's -- -- hash tag that would get. Some picked up sure it's -- you know now -- -- -- -- what if we need negligently went to begin an that it. Which on the spot but it's kind of I'm headphones -- -- -- not to -- Eight -- waited out in at a time help them let's start to what what we just saw here are. You know the First Lady you know the president what did you make of this -- civic that was -- A lot of -- a lot of emotion a lot of personal -- here yet -- the First Lady has been around the country. You know talking news really folks that have. Been struggling with the economy gotten jobs recently. She does lot of work with doctor Biden military families -- troops have been home from Iraq. A lot of families that can now serve openly because of Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal obviously she and the president feel. Passionately about marriage equality these are things that don't just affect Democrats and Republicans -- they affect all Americans and that's not just the talking -- for the Obama's something they feel really strongly about. They shake hands with everyone I know when I had a chance to work at the white house on youth issues the president was adamant about making sure that it was not just talking to young progressives puzzles talking neo conservatives who want to know what they were thinking he -- to know. It what are their top issues in the top issues with the same as young Democrats it was things like jobs in the economy financial aid door for. Access to health care -- bringing their bodies home from overseas so. I think you saw a lot of that tone in the First Lady in what she was talking about and it was an empty rhetoric it was really her heartfelt emotion behind. So he worked with the young people we hear so much about the fact that that did the husband's gone we heard Paul -- talk about the faded Obama posters. -- -- -- The First Lady and -- any the other folks are going and speaking obviously finishing with the president -- -- get that energy that well so I. Actually reject that notion and the reason I say that is that we were on the road and 708 penalties -- sits on the country. And what you're seeing now is exactly the same as what I saw them in fact I've had. Rooms full of like 500 young people. Coming out to one of our surrogate rallies registering to vote. And literally wall were onstage with 500 people behind us we do principles side in the -- last. What you think there's no you know no excitement out there what you think there's an enthusiasm gap. -- sort of thinking do you see the 500 young people behind me stick around for the Q and in a sticker of BQ and in out of fifty questions may be one is about a TV show. But the other 49 -- about the president's policies you know things that young people are dealing with and I think that's a testament to. You know the youth vote is very nuanced I don't -- for second that they don't care. I think there's there sometimes put off by all the spin but they know exactly with the issues are on their asking about the -- have the African. We heard Paul Ryan last week but dropped the -- apocryphal story obviously about the defeat Obama poster. Hanging on the wall that that that the twenty something who comes back home -- is wondering when they're gonna be able to put the dream into reality public you come up against that. Thought that little story -- that sense of you know I put so much into that campaign for years and -- and I am struggling personally and therefore. It's tough for me to -- it again -- I have not heard that. In particular what we have been hearing in this is actually really nice to be able to talk to young folks about this. Is the slow pace of change and how that's organized so thing as a pupil from about a year and a half ago that very small amount of young people people even under 35 no what -- senate filibusters and why these days we need sixty votes to break -- senate filibuster get a bill passed. So what they're frustrated with is actually the same thing I think the president is frustrated with -- -- you know why is congress. Having such a slow -- -- look. The fact that matters it's good that we don't live in a dictatorship and that there is a balance between political parties and that things can't get Douglas. Just aren't magic wand that route one a -- where Dell should not -- genetic data but. But given that what we've been hearing Tuesday -- wish that congress and all really all politicians would. Do a lot more for young people and remember when I was the White House we got a letter from about a 150 student body presidents from -- Literally from the most conservative to the most progressive. And they sent the letter to speaker Boehner two. Harry Reid and it's to the president. And they said you know raise the debt ceiling but no matter what you do don't -- on the backs of young people. And that we care very much about the American opportunity tax credit the ten grand it's -- -- to care very much about. In a student aid and health care and please don't do this on our backs and the president -- on a conference call them the very next day and and he's that I got the solar wanted to talk he has really -- didn't announce to the press or neglect that and I think that that that sort of you know. Shares little more about how new -- -- opinions are that. They are frustrated with the pace of of what part in our friends in Washington are doing but they still rely on the president I think a lot of them were were. Happy that he took the time to actually. Take a -- with them into listen and he was in the -- behind the scenes that -- sitting right next of when he he was the one that was like we need to do this phone -- we need do we stop these guys. So so -- little qwest center yeah. On the ABC political team -- is Michael Sheldon Toni -- as you work out our way. Absolutely true all right so what can you tell us about a young -- -- he's that there are no bad stories and that the two of you are actually spent more time in the study lounge that it. It's true -- -- was awesome he he was he was one of my favorite residents you know no disrespect to the other folks -- -- tuning -- but. No he was great unit became could Princeton process and we would study -- -- I was an RA writes I have limited study time. When a -- study was in the study with its that we were to you silly dorks who studied a lot of Charlie and I glamour or. But -- -- To get started to. Yes absolutely -- that -- execs start. Are now -- sexy thing and or use has -- is -- -- but it reform that I had taken his headphones we're gonna get this this is spreading some now we know he's got power these -- battle -- we've got up got to more than a dozen -- already it is -- -- -- -- spotlight is Italy the about it I feel a little little bit. Yeah fired up. I'm very fired a third of for the first lady's speech I am ready to go. That all right development actor activist over White House official sometime host and Twitter sensation we appreciate. -- being with us thank you guys very much of the president -- on the night a lot of U want okay.

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{"id":17156473,"title":"Kal Penn Rejects Paul Ryan's 'Faded Obama Posters' Story","duration":"3:00","description":"Actor discusses nuances of the \"youth vote,\" Michelle Obama's DNC speech.","url":"/Politics/video/kal-penn-rejects-paul-ryans-faded-obama-posters-17156473","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}