5 key moments from Jeff Sessions' testimony before House Judiciary Committee

Here's a look at five key moments from Sessions' testimony Tuesday.
3:28 | 11/14/17

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Transcript for 5 key moments from Jeff Sessions' testimony before House Judiciary Committee
You'll be the truth hold through this. The wreckage and witness against new permanent. I would like to address that involves charges made about my previous testimony. I answers have not changed I've always told the druze and and I have answered every question is now on stood them. The best of my recollection. As Allen continued to do it today. Frankly I had no recollection of this meeting and tell us all these news reports I do now Kolb and the march 2016 meetings and that trump hotel and mr. mom and obelisk in. But I've no. Clear recollection on the details of what he says and then meeting but I did not work Carl this event which occurred eighteen months. Four month testimony of a few weeks ago I would gladly ever awarded in. And I remembered it because. Push back against his suggestion. That I thought. May have been improper. Is it Condon were the leader the country. Who ordered the criminal justice system. Through retaliated. Against. His political opponents on this Conyers I would say that it's on. They Department of Justice can never. Be used to retaliate politically against opponents and that would be wrong. You're interpreting it is no. As you well know Lee Hoffman Wendy Miller Debbie Watson give syndrome. Gloria equities and in Beverly young Nelson dean young women. Have excuse that this individual judge Moore who is running for a federal office the United States senate. Child sexual activity. Do you believe these young women. I am you have no reason to doubt these him what's he gonna take to actually get special counsel. New project factual basis that meets the standards of the appointment of respect it is. Is that analysis going on right now put us in the on manual on did. Department of Justice about what's required I appreciate you can have your idea but sometime we have to study what the facts are into a. Evaluate whether it needs a standard us as an entire incident at national council's we have an excellent man of integrity and ability. Chris Wright and I think he's under an outstanding job and I'm very happy I started getting strange and Alexei and I nasty vs. Gentleman I was I slide is not enough basis to nonpartisan national. I'm very concerned me. It's 2018 elections less than one year away. Given your acknowledgment that this is a serious complex matter there's deserving of a real review. Specifically what steps have you taken to protect our elections next June. You raise good morning and I am not voluntary do you see where we are home then in our world long commercial and take can. Honda a lot of things have been happening and we work a lot of great agenda items but discipline is important and I acknowledge then. I should be able to give you better information today that they and I appreciate that there are many things are important but there are. And hazard to stay and nothing more important toward democracy in the integrity of our elections.

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{"duration":"3:28","description":"Here's a look at five key moments from Sessions' testimony Tuesday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"51150478","title":"5 key moments from Jeff Sessions' testimony before House Judiciary Committee","url":"/Politics/video/key-moments-jeff-sessions-testimony-house-judiciary-committee-51150478"}