Key moments from Neil Gorsuch's confirmation hearing

The judge talked about originalism, women's rights and the right to die at his Senate hearing.
2:33 | 03/22/17

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Transcript for Key moments from Neil Gorsuch's confirmation hearing
I agree with the Supreme Court. And the crews and search. But refusing treatment. Your father we've all been through with my heart goes out to it to us and I happened there was market. And ownership. And at some point you want to be left alone. Enough with the poking and prodding. Wanna go home in time in my home and in the arms of Mike. Eight. Yeah. The Supreme Court recognized in cruising. That's right coming home to be free from assault and battery effect. And assume that there was a constitutional connections. I creek. If anyone is suggesting that I like. A result. We're an autistic child happens to lose and it's heartbreaking accusation. Harboring. And the fact of the matter is I was bound by certain press cared deeply in the mountains along and an independent judiciary and the following. The rules. Of the law. And that's what commitment can make you can't promise you more and I can't guarantee it any less. When you rejected. Some of the statements that president truck made toward judges. As being what were your words. Senator. I spoke of when anyone anyway and which would include president truck. Anyone American artists want to associate myself with what you said about what present front. That I thought it was really advance. I come from a family of strong. Women and my two teenage daughters you're right I want every opportunity for them to at a young man hands. Have a strong life. Anyone who knows her knows that but you are pivotal in this and and senator. I am don't want it sitting here under the lights at the prospect of what's to come if I'm so fortunate to be confirmed and I'm daunted by the job I currently hold. And I take that trust very seriously. And no one is looking to return us to horse and buggy it's. Yeah we're trying to interpret the law. Faithfully. Taking principles that are enduring. The constitution that was meant to last ages and a client and interpreted. To today's props.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"The judge talked about originalism, women's rights and the right to die at his Senate hearing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"46311084","title":"Key moments from Neil Gorsuch's confirmation hearing","url":"/Politics/video/key-moments-neil-gorsuchs-confirmation-hearing-46311084"}