Key takeaways from FBI director's congressional hearing

ABC News' Serena Marshall and MaryAlice Parks recap James Comey's testimony with Rep. Eric Swalwell.
13:38 | 03/20/17

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Transcript for Key takeaways from FBI director's congressional hearing
Welcome to ABC news digital answering a Marshall here on Capitol Hill where they just wrapped up hearing FBI director James call Meehan director Ed. And and national intelligence unit and you have Mary Alice accurate eighty. So much for joining us today and your. Big take away from that means we obviously heard the director come out briefly say there were no evidence behind this means that the president has been. Saying Obama. Wiretaps from town and we also heard him say. That big headline there that the trump campaign is under investigation but that's surprising to you was it was. Well we now know that the tweets or smoke bombs to obstruct an investigation. Has clearly taken place and to his team. We have pointed out for some time out of our deep. Personal political and financial ties between Donald Trump his team. And Russia. And the big question is did those ties extend to working with Russia as they were running this interference campaign Ireland so. The goal today was to really illuminate what Russia did so that they or any other I was there never able to do it again. Find out what we can as to whether any US persons involved and most important and most Americans Republicans Democrats want to know. Would even do to make sure we're never in this mess again. Yet charming inn has ended the hearing rather critical of Komi saints in this phase that he had raised more questions answered. And saying that it might cause problems that he had hadn't admitted that folks maybe in the White House today are under investigation and that people might need to know. Who exactly is under investigation and and is it appropriate and to institute to continue to do their jobs do you think that they will have to say who exactly is under investigation. Oh. Oh. Oh. Much they need to so that we can do our oversight capabilities but as an active investigation takes place we shouldn't force them to out people which would compromise investigation. There's not a lot of buzz on Twitter to win the tractor said that his investigation started back in July. You know early on. For the election month by election would keep all around that time. We're thinking about tactical me and the relationship he had with the Clinton and the Clinton and his conversations about Hillary Clinton you. I would limit the president wasn't more outrage expressed some Democrats when he sent. And focused on. I. It. You look at. That he's you hurt it. It was alive and murder case. Out with permission. Over so that's also mentioned explains that's what I mean what. And other individuals. July. Oh. Asked isn't it raised questions that lie detector can come out and say it right where the election that there is happening in their campaign pins at any time. Bring up the fact that they're also investigating the trump campaign it is that on the question of partisanship for. I really don't focus on and books on president from he was elected our president and what I think most Americans don't know it's. If you're in this campaign work with the Russians are they friends. And most importantly what are we interview that what do you tell the world about how we're gonna respond should never happens again that there are other options such as Russian. We'll look at this as open season. We do know. And they are comfortable with come easy answers today in this hearing coming out saying publicly what you do you think that there's an East Timor there is that publicly. There's been some of these planes shine more light on an ongoing investigation. You're uncomfortable and again their work oftentimes. Takes place in the dark that's so that they and follow the soon investigation interview individuals and you know I can't. Because then people would start perhaps destroying evidence or flee the country in that order. Hold so I think we know enough today and we just need to trust them there. And I am correct you've been one of the mind that here on Capitol Hill pushing for. Separate commission nine elevenths style commission outside of the FBI to investigate. What went on ours any Russian involvement in the election you think that what you heard today. You know you'll find support for that proposition is back in the minute we're really gonna see or. I hope so every Democrat plan on board wonderful. Walter Jones but I do believe that in parallel to what we're doing in the intelligence committee that he should take this outside congress where he politicized. The facts to be declassified the extent possible and all the myths that the president's there can be debunked. In evicted unsuccessfully with the September 11 commission they have full time and those people on staff looking at how it happened and again. Looking forward probably make sure this never happens in intelligence community and our committee its leaders are presently. Put out recommendations on election systems and individuals with the network security what they do that's not necessarily in our plane and the mission. Now. If. Well the president Smith. And I. Director. Jury instruction that a picture is red in every trial there which is that witness deliberately wise in fact. In an investigation Jews. Not anything that says I think that. Is what our president has found himself in the position. Allied claimed that the former art there's no evidence of that and so I think. You know we have present serious credibility issues the problem. Is that there are a lot of challenges the world others North Korea whether it's China whether it's wrong and the president comes to our country and says that. He has intelligence that we only to believe to make a decision about one of these challenges. He's that. And that's. An. Back next week. I believe. You know former to unite proper. CIA director John and acting attorney general. So it's ninety more questions. What do we know the affairs and was taking place and again we want to show that we're doing something picture. I. In dividends and thank you. So where is gonna unpack a little bit of what you said now for you we heard him say that he believes that director homey and everything that you said and he really threw some shade on president summoned his credibility absolutely fed flat out that he didn't think that the president was critical. Anymore and I thought was interesting that he said he was surprised that tractor call me. Was willing to say in public form like that that there is an active investigation going on that he wasn't expecting that kind of revelation still. Directly to the American people out and then also that life fact check back and forth with. The director. Responding to president trump and during this entire hearing actually not inherit thinks he's me the second half there. We signed this shot from Spicer had the White House. Taking on some of these questions and responding in same state president still demons by this week so looking forward to next week but he think we can expect. There's going to be me war questions about. Who exactly is under investigation and who should be under investigation if members of a former Obama administration say that day. Knew about certain things and they have questions about certain people that might lead folks league leader lawmakers leave questions. You don't have to prove who's vehemently the FBI should be investigating don't. Is playgrounds there's two hearings going on here you have the Democrats asking questions about the Russian influence in the campaign about his claims that the president is making and then you have the Republicans. Focusing on the leaks and sane added that's the real story here we need to find out who these leaks work. And he heard as some Republicans today even acts questioning raising questions about Obama O'Hara officials possibly even as you just said. The source of those late. What you have the third layer of plastic figure keeping his eye on the third lane questioning could sit. If that is FBI director at day. That there are members of the trump campaign were under investigation for possible collusion with Russia and members those at the time campaign now work at the White House that mean we have people White House. We're under FBI investigation. The White House obviously said. Today it said repeatedly they know no one at the White House under an endless litigation we are talking about this earlier and I have little left over there who don't just earlier sons camping out. Whitney would they know what they say that publicly users questioned questioned and questioned them. There's going to be. A lot to look forward to and I cash. Another heated. Eight and hearing expected and and just didn't go through the list string out everybody who said that there is no evidence that President Obama or his administration wiretapped. President's number trump tower we have that the leaders the house committee. Resentment and number 88 out Oreo we have that leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee we have the speaker of the House Minority Leader the director of the FBI. The Director of National Intelligence. The former director the CIA. The Obama White House Obama in the entire Obama White House all saying there's no evidence and still today president trumps the ending by those claims. And I didn't looking. Far from Mars also that'll be an interesting thing you'll continue to attack on Capitol Hill at some points will Republican lawmakers say that the president needs to. Apologize back down. I'm torn eastern in the season tweets of that kind choosing a president companies to apologize specifically. To naming President Obama and those claims. The web that vocal chorus it even louder and coming you know we started the day talking about the fact that Republicans have want to collect the wiretapping accusations behind and they want to focus. On the job of governing a lot of focus on their legislative agenda here on Capitol Hill so will weigh what happened today that hearing room via NAFTA sounds the critics be enough to put the issue behind them. Or will it not. Happen on this issue continued to buzz around up here and tell the president or the White House starts to back down. I think that the big TV and TV the and I think that it's gonna continued same sort of other and will be back here next week though without a second round of hearings really given the Obama administration folks but also held today another big thing happening that on any other day would be getting huge amounts of coverage. Is the confirmation hearings started her the Supreme Court nominee trump Supreme Court I'm Nina corsets and -- over their earlier this afternoon Howard goes on my. Here is really interesting listening to Democrats as they came in to the hearing senator Feinstein senator Durbin saying repeatedly. That they were not going to make a final judgments yet at the thought it was important that they had a pro found duty as members of the judiciary committee to ask. Questions tough questions. I have Neil courses that they were not going to publicly state whether or not they're voting for him or not. So we will move. You know again another TV it's interesting read a story this morning about progressives saying that they are just would not satisfy Democrats. If they want Democrats to. Adamantly pole with Neil crisis say publicly to promised to filibuster this nomination and that's really just not we're seeing from Democrats on Capitol Hill. There's been a much more cautious tone. They want to let the hearings take place they want to ask Scott questions. We're gonna have a few days of questioning I can't they didn't. Let the hearings happen any kind of contradicting themselves when Obama put his nominee up they said let him have a hearing. Don't only they have to have at least the first round of hearings and hear from him and it value him on his Pattinson and what he brings the table as resident. Oh that's when I. And the other argument if she gets the same treatment bet that President Obama is nominee gotten beyond president I was like you said. Ned Ireland president Obama's pick never got hearings that he you have this one wing of the party saying he should get the of course she didn't exact same treatment and then you have this other thing at a price they noted now. We're taking the higher road. We're gonna have topple hearings. And you know end and it's been interesting to watch the hearing on both the immigrants it's has talked a lot about his personal upbringing. His manly. Being out west talked about raising goats and his kids got emotional talking about his family and his parent didn't just that just hearing those remarks from him a hearing on the senate is further than America yeah Obama if it went out. Look at things. On himself his personal resume as you said it's a very traditional way for a Supreme Court pick to start. They want to talk about who they are with their values are and ultimately make an argument that they are an independent. You know judge hinting of the some of the believes in. I think that years. July and the merits the constitution about any ideology or politics over will be closely monitoring of those hearings as well there's just so much going on. Still how much time heavily NC all the media is still staking out this room here waiting for people to come out and that's the room that's the private entrance and and that we're not we're area and we're all day watching them go in and out and will be up here all week with you guys and next week as this. Interesting time on Capitol Hill continues in these hearings continue to have tax and Serena Marshall. For ABC I think it.

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