Key Things to Watch in Tillerson's Senate Confirmation Hearing

ABC News' Josh Haskell and MaryAlice Parks tell us key things to watch in Rex Tillerson's Senate confirmation hearing.
7:51 | 01/11/17

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Transcript for Key Things to Watch in Tillerson's Senate Confirmation Hearing
We're right outside Iraq solution here hearing. Protestor was just brought out with and to those elevators there. He was protesting climate change and said that Rex Tillerson has no business serving as the nation's top diplomat. I'm waiting for the elevator with US capitol police. Who's taking a little while so we have to get it sounds with and he told us why he's so angry it came here from differences goes. He believes that Flexilis in his time ExxonMobil. Have been new pleased to hear about our climate. At the State Department Rex Tillerson is currently being ruled in their mind numbers but not Democrats including Tim Kaine also deal. Republicans Mary Alice park's been inside or an update from her in his second but details on how that theories going. Theory if he'd be here at the capitol it. Sentencing for use that to work rate that's right here please protestor and his we have need to handle right now. See some members of brass. Here we. Senators. With. As her own entrance and we're right there and work are trying to get here views we. Different senators right now want to bring in Mary Alice parks. Analysis spent the last few hours inside the Rex Tillerson hearing a lot going on one store with Tim Kaine and if he had an extreme. Because we've been talking about Russia and to. But with that protest on climate change what did he aspects of record. So there's ongoing litigation and you know mountain ExxonMobil where excellence in with CEO for a decade and some from Bryant litigation product from the pretty shocking evidence networks covered. Blair's uncovered. That people seems to show that ex. Hopefully it hurts him laying down do you still had about. Pollution. But it'd be kinda changed so he brought that up early demands answers it was interesting. Tillerson the saying he was basically refusing to respond to comment anyway at one point ten games at Ari you don't have the knowledge. To respond or heard anything that's Ilyce that it was about. Interstate so unit that brings up something conversation that we had earlier with the protesters. It we can get in they said you know Rex Tillerson. One shop and it owns and ExxonMobil and a lot of the climb street protesters feel like two hours and done war. When he was. Climate change the term line I'd do it because he won on because he the company as much money as possible. On your polling. It's. Senators are getting answers they want or someone says happened how it kind of scenes like that it will frustrate them. Raiser he's not anymore he's repeatedly ordered senators asked Exxon questions. Exactly interact across his acting company and that's frustrating a lot of actors like he was in positions now we're talking about. The other day it went kind of things we're really taking half 80s90s early 2000. And he would have information we know that accompanies hats on top of hot there researchers. Or because he knew that it could be an issue. It also seems like from his testimony I've seen there's been a lot of polling on the Obama administration work. You know are failing relations overseas in the Middle East and Russia is Obama's fault that's something that I wanna comment fixed. On the topic of Russia. To us indeed. Acknowledge the intelligence community's report. About Russia's involvement in our election that something. The person that he's going to be working for Donald Trump. Also just acknowledged in his press conference so its. Funny to hear from Tillerson first from Jeff Sessions yesterday on it does seem like some areas tourists and does it differ from. Think that Donald Trump's on the campaign trail then again we're just getting to know Tillerson he has never served in government. And also just into you know. Released the extent of his relationship with conference diplomats you know those blisters or build wings last business executives until he's got a lot of that cozying as the closeness with the Clinton was doing business deal. Does that help or hurt his argument that including paving the way she views in this topic not wrong. And I asked the senators to decide but I'm not convinced that senators are and t.'s. Fear of some of that act in its enemy really interesting is saying. Today its island at any point and continues to get back what it. Barber rubio was pressing Rex Tillerson. Asked about that report he acknowledged. The truth in that report but then Marco Rubio said would you consider vibe here from war criminal. And hotels are. He stopped short would not use those terms I want to go back to that trauma conference that we've been covering all they've just wrapped. Obamacare was brought up on the topic that you can cover extensively. Presently trumps that that it will be a replacement. In place not too far after the repeal that they don't just want to. It's just sit here they want Democrats to own it and they want their own version what's the latest news hearing what's happening to. Six net earnings expects late night. I'm. A lot of procedural stuff rules that'll create a framework for repeal legislation down the route. A lot of what we're hearing from Republicans is that trump might want to move on this past but I just might not be possible. They're worried that if they each kind of move too quickly and start pulling pieces obamacare hot aisle from. You know out from the ball they start to finding her mom that the whole thing. You you'll need to stop. Keeley tricky situation. Talk about the boots tonight who's involved why didn't think it's been absolutely. And why is this all happening. On earth. It's not politics hear half. Kind of the next Republican Party that was. Really quickly any features images and repeal Obama care plans for that others it was working on legislation on time. Thank you. Complicating it immediately should work a little bit here a little bit there. He's like he's. Out yesterday the buzzword was and currently a lot top senators saying anything it should wait and do any repeal legislation. Let me with the recent legislation. That would. You know he became we'd. So we will continue to have updates from the right person here here is winning five minute recess. A little bit earlier expecting lunch. Maybe within the next hour. And and one half senators come out what pat. Members of the public come out and Mary Alice and I will get. Interviews with them and update you guys on you know more what the Moody's and grew by yeah. And I tell you that you grew. I think we could take orders in many respects than Jeff Sessions was. Yesterday especially with the news yesterday. New Russian. Intel and everything happening trump press conference it really seems like. Russia Rex Tillerson State Department or comment coming to a head inside that hearing today. He's the got it would be in your gaze to the aid it. He's the man ready for the job. So he's the one getting all the questions we'll have more from the Dirksen office building in Washington DC on Josh Haskell Mary Alice parks kitchen.

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{"duration":"7:51","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell and MaryAlice Parks tell us key things to watch in Rex Tillerson's Senate confirmation hearing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44712151","title":"Key Things to Watch in Tillerson's Senate Confirmation Hearing ","url":"/Politics/video/key-things-watch-tillersons-senate-confirmation-hearing-44712151"}