Korean Leader Kim Jong Il Has Died

North Korea Leader Kim Jong Il dies at the age of 69, North Korean TV reports.
1:53 | 12/18/11

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Transcript for Korean Leader Kim Jong Il Has Died
The world knows North Korea's leader has died -- the details of Kim Jong-Il -- are still a state secret. It's believed he was born in Siberia in 1941 while his parents -- -- exile or -- -- or North Korea promoted him as there were -- dear leader. To -- outside world he was a brutal dictator Kim Jong-Il officially came to power when his father Kim Il song died in 1994. It was the first dynastic succession in Communist history. Kim Jung -- had been running the country behind the scenes for years. Beyond borders he was rumored to be eight Playboy who famously wore platform shoes and had an affinity for women wine an American movies. Under his leadership North Korea foreign funds its military. Nuclear weapons program. North Koreans if the science. Widespread famine throughout the ninety's killed an estimated two million people. In 1998 stunned the world by conducting a miss out as -- rocket the CIA said could -- reached the US. Back to over 2006. North Korea conducted its first successful underground nuclear test. Kim Jong-Il has at times made compliant promises for much needed aid. But in 2009 North Korea pulled out of talks aimed at ending its nuclear program. And -- weapons inspectors out of the country. Later that year two American journalists were detained for months accused of crossing the border illegally. In exchange for their release North Korea demanded a meeting with former President Bill Clinton. Kim Jong-Il reportedly unwell at the time treated trip like a state visit but the US hasn't had diplomatic relations with North Korea for some time. With Kim Jong-Il passing North Korea may have lost -- dictator but it means means this secrecy imposed a year. -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":15185695,"title":"Korean Leader Kim Jong Il Has Died","duration":"1:53","description":"North Korea Leader Kim Jong Il dies at the age of 69, North Korean TV reports.","url":"/Politics/video/kim-jong-il-korea-north-leader-dictator-69-dies-15185695","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}