The Latest From the RNC Rules Committee Meeting

ABC News' Ryan Struyk and Shushannah Walshe bring us up to speed on the RNC Rules Committee Meeting.
9:45 | 07/14/16

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Transcript for The Latest From the RNC Rules Committee Meeting
Hi I'm ABC should Shawna walls and we are here in Cleveland and mrs. ABC's Ryan struck. We are just outside the important rules committee meetings where they delegates are good write the rules. Of the big convention right here in Cleveland. Next week we're actually and then I unexpected break. Because the printer broke outs we thought I'd be a great time to preview what were expecting today and of course is really big day news Ryan. So this is also here at the rules committee the last stand for has never trump forces. Frankie tell us what will expect Donovan. That's right won't Donald Trump has done enough delegates in the primaries to win the nomination. That is if the delegates day bound which is what these anti trump forces are trying to stop. So they're proposing a new rule here we expect to coming today. Two black every delegate at the convention next week vote for who ever they want in the presidential nomination. And that would give delegates on the floor a chance to block Donald Trump's nomination now we don't think that this is likely. What we're watching here for today is whether these folks can get enough support to force a vote on the floor of the big convention coming next week. So they need to get. A quarter of the delegates on this rules committee that's 28 people to vote their way. And if they can do that. We could at some fireworks on the convention floor among absolutely. And yesterday. Ryan and nine Atwood went to their nerve center of this group. Delegates unbound there will mission exactly what one was just talking about and they want to convince every single delegate going back commence next week. To vote their conscience they think that if there are successful then possibly don't trump wouldn't get nominated next week. Of course we think that that's pretty unlikely but the effort itself is pretty music and this is. The presumptive GOP nominee and it Republicans here. That are trying to stop. That's right trash and top RNC officials are really trying to clamp down on this movement I think they see it as a serious threat. They see it as something that trade really just rots and I convention that they're trying to you know project unity next week. And they're afraid that that kind of discord on the floor. Is going to be really disruptive to that. One in the RNC's top lawyers was talking with RNC members and rules committee members earlier this week. And gave really an extended address about how delegates are bound and how delegates. Are not free under the current rules to vote their conscience on the floor. Of course something that the group we are with yesterday way to die disagree with. But that's what top RNC officials are saying they're saying you know what now these delegates are bound. The votes will be counted as they were bound and Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee. And remember the never trump forces the working for months. To trying a blocked off from being an incredibly unsuccessful of course he won the Republican nomination but. Yes they ran ads they poured money into the African of course several in Everett from groups. But now they're still going and this is it for them this is their last stand at their successful. Today tomorrow possibly in Monday then we'll see some fireworks on the floor of course yesterday delegates one pound they told us that. We could see fireworks on the floor even if they are not successful because they're thinking is that it. It even of this world does not half won that might just spoke about that if delegates and votes are our cast for Donald Trump and that's not the vote that they feel. In our Carter they're voting their conscience. Then they're there could be a possible. Floor fight. So no matter what. All eyes will be on that will call next week. That's right and there is some validity to what they're trying to do here there is a rule that allows delegates to a jacked on the convention floor if they think their vote was not reported accurately. So if these delegates really do believe that they can vote freely on the floor under the current rules than we may not even need to see your rules change. Before we'll have delegates popping up all during the roll call. Saying that their votes were not accurately report in to the secretary. And right how easy without being mean we don't see that during roll call's. We don't usually these kind of convention roll calls are just a formality. The convention is really just kind of a big infomercial for the nominee it's a way for the party to kind of project strength in unity behind their candidate going into the general election. And having Republican delegates on the floor popping up saying no I'm not voting for Donald Trump. Would not help that. Some are absolutely and just what's changed its focus just a little bait here it's obviously a really big day. An a on politics not just because of where his days we from Cleveland. Because on high alert for veep stakes watch don't come has already said that tomorrow morning at 11 AM he's going to reveal his pick. But this week my name is seen an almost. Public display of reality shell of like did she mean. Do you is up possible VP picks yesterday we saw all trumped speaking with the possible that we believe are the top of his list Indiana governor Mike Pence. Former house speaker Newt Gingrich. Even. New Jersey governor Chris Christie he didn't go to Indianapolis like the other two but we do believe that he's right there at the top the list you. I've really different and we've seen in past years. That's right usually these kind of deliberations really happened behind the scenes this is something that you try to kind of hide your vice presidential pick in Macomb kind of a big gun and reveal all at once. Over the course this week. You know we've seen even people like senator Jeff Sessions. You know Billy kind of publicly meeting what's from and and then of course Newt Gingrich had a pretty extraordinary interview last night. It's and ultimately trying to build the suspense and then new Gingrich on Fox News last night. And transit joined in on the fun and he talked about some of the characteristics. That Donald Trump me be looking at his running mate. And one of those care characteristic. Is. A beating up now I'm not kidding Newt Gingrich the former house speaker said. Described himself and don't from like pirates and it was really an unbelievable extraordinary in of. Have really vice as I mean like you said before we really haven't seen anything like it and recent election cycle. And what what you Gingrich was saying where is that the two of them are kind of out of the box people out of the bock box politicians and would. Donald Trump really want somebody that so box that's what I was saying when he was. And that's right just the other kind of major contender is Indiana governor Mike Pence. He's somebody who is pretty conservative somebody who might appealed savored his social concern that's right somebody who might appeal to folks who supported tankers in the primary in our. Aren't super happy about Donald Trump being the nominee. The other interesting thing about Mike Pence is that he's currently running for reelection in India and the deadline to withdraw from that ballot. In the noon tomorrow. Donald Trump says he's announcing his pick out a loud and. I'm really don't from of course we know he knew it had this into brought tracking how the suspense. We suspect around the deep stake in the deep scenes ticket. But really this year at sat out all time high at. That's right there isn't so much interest and who this vice presidential pick is going to be I think of people are watching for this kind of thing because. In a lot of ways Donald Trump doesn't have a whole lot of it governing record to run on writes this is going to signal to folks signal either to the base. You know what yes I am a true conservative yes I am somebody who's going to nominate conservative Supreme Court justices. Stuff like that or if you're going to take you now a more moderate person or someone who can help them when it's Wednesday and these are all considerations mcdonalds company's going through in these final hours. We're and it does seem like a suite C issued a regional issue which it in and hostile action a snap crackle to. Doesn't really seem to be the running this year. That's that's right and the people like he's looking at really aren't from those key states with really runs in contrast to Hillary Clinton is considering people like senator Sherrod Brown from Ohio. Claire Tim Kaine from Virginia. These are like crucial swing states met a historically heavily tipped the balance in the general election. And Hillary Clinton is actually. Having won her there is that public possible VP auditions today in Virginia leader today she's gonna appear weak ten K. That's right well we expect the meeting the kind of get back under way there a couple other liberals that we're looking at Salem. This these roles that are under consideration really spanned the entire. Contents the Republican rule book. So we're looking at things like early primary states. Whether Iowa New Hampshire able to continue to be up front we're watching Nevada which has been knew the last couple election cycles. Have had some problems administering their elections and have come under pressure for that so we're watching to see whether they'll hold that they are early slot. And that's always so much heightened tries. The release states always talk about what is it fear for Iowa and New Hampshire will they keep those early police is inline. Of course they the committee met and went from Iowa New Hampshire they're pretty powerful they don't want their seats to go any act. That's right so will be keeping an eye on that we'll be keeping an eye on other rules like taking power away from the RNC and giving more power than the delegates. Things like how the vice presidential nominee is chosen. Just about anything and everything and on the table today and we'll see when amendments pop that's up as we don't. To stay TNT for all of our reporting and thanks for joining us.

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