'Latino Oprah' Rallies Hispanics for Obama at DNC

Univision's Mariana Atencio on Cristina Saralegui's influence among voters.
3:00 | 09/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Latino Oprah' Rallies Hispanics for Obama at DNC
Joining us once again our -- from Univision at Mariana Tennessean thank you so much for coming up here. Was locked out -- really tell us what it was like out there. Mayor passes went -- was right. That I had no notes and for. Like that that was a scary and it's what did you feel like you're being less welcoming me and may not want to share -- -- You're hearing -- say. About -- not here -- -- on the stage right now this is. The Latin Oprah Winfrey you know at her but not pick me hand fair six Cuban Democrat which is -- rare. Are rare animal among floors and you know she's proud Plainville -- -- vote for President Obama know about the very influential leader in the community. And before her we've heard from they keep having these. -- that is a dreamer she -- And -- -- stories actually amazing because I've given. 85. After having two bachelors she found herself in a deportation center. And her lawyer basically said you need to get the media attention so she wrote a bunch of emails. And it -- one person in New York Times responded and off that came out saying don't the court. Vinny got eighties march 2000 ninths and now she's here at this podium so in -- name and even 180 for her. So what what it what is her role in light in the in the in the Latino community -- -- as the president's appearances like is -- -- -- president -- huge she's even huge. In Latin America with the older voters so those are also voters that you -- to get out to the polls. She's not so big with the younger generation. -- -- more of the America it. And eighty. Really tough to keep very political -- she does -- have a reputation for getting involved at all that this is actually the first time it's gotten involved in politics. And I think it's a launches her well she was with Univision and telemundo slowly you know it still seems -- natural for her. Tonight an -- but also. In all of the Obama Spanish speaking out to keep that sense you know the Creag Romney in this campaign she's she's -- -- -- -- the Democrats and well Pratt. More -- The Democrat -- so she fits in a very interesting. Exact technical impacted but also I want to point out that is -- with a lot of beavers today in particular night at any time we heard -- Prom and -- attack was well. And you're saying that you -- still in Texas where -- us from she can't get a driver's license. God was telling me that they can't get off health benefits from from obamacare so it's really bittersweet for them and their their -- and struggling whether to bring all these subjects up right now. Because of that of the two most we have -- in the campaign and and the small victory that they -- not so. Let's see what happens Larry that -- from Univision thank you so much for braving those crowds that Catholic -- -- -- -- -- to me that's this village that he thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Univision's Mariana Atencio on Cristina Saralegui's influence among voters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"17166773","title":"'Latino Oprah' Rallies Hispanics for Obama at DNC","url":"/Politics/video/latino-oprah-rallies-hispanics-obama-dnc-17166773"}