Latinos Not a 'Monolithic' Voting Bloc

Univision's Leon Krauze sheds light on the differences between communities.
3:00 | 08/30/12

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Transcript for Latinos Not a 'Monolithic' Voting Bloc
In the busy again -- find OK so let's slightly and well Brian Knight of course nick Romney from. Little bit about as you're going on -- accusing him. Well that's -- very -- for -- I would like to look to construct but give up -- -- the straight no. He's obviously -- very relevant defense for the future bookings. Remains to -- -- how -- -- with me in the -- would be different this part of the country than comfortable. Still thinks he speaks very important for his political life although I don't think that's -- -- deliberate that was. Running -- some history of the conventions and you can probably agree with me that -- say the other speeches either make or break careers. He's not actually threw -- -- in the case of Batticaloa -- happen. But between them was. Universally universally panned in the PH than four years later -- So. It's important for -- -- As a Hispanic politician. Important moment for him but plea means to be seen what happens in the future and for Rodney to answer your question. I think that. Hispanics probably would like him -- what -- what he said during the -- I come back -- that because that's reports. He was really aggressive. Really extreme these views through the primaries and now he just wants to raise them and that's the -- of what happened happened. -- that -- yet mrs. Hispanics and how he does it. I doubt Huey who. Two associations. You is that -- courtroom -- the is it if it for art and America. Six. In the -- Latino community. We'll be very honest with you I don't think so I think that really it's a very appealing politician hooked outside to leave me it remains to be seen though he would be received in that part of the country. That might be one of the reasons why people of both in the -- by -- took effect because. It's it's very different. There's you say the of the he studied -- being Mona Lincecum it's not treat beaten us no so I don't. Are we were talking before we moved back here about the fact that you're so much about this Latino -- it's an excellent mileage vote. Very different tell me what the differences are in your mind between those in different parts of the country. It's the -- that's it is the food can be born in Cuba. Then he born in Mexico it's completely different. Us you move west integration -- so much more important the issue because it's much more personal for voters. All -- I mean it's not the same the of the New Year's -- of the -- for Porto Ricans in new your record to Cuban Americans in Miami that is to salvadorians for Mexicans and Mexican Americans in this. In the western part of the country. And all -- the that part of the country I think he's going to be even more important in this election because swing states who were there. Our dialogue don't I'm throwing a steal for grabs both physical -- -- Room for reps and the Mexican American -- that's part of the Hispanic vote these particularly important. And in that part of the country east where let me -- these. Prime. Their primary positions -- positions -- in the primaries. Where -- particularly. -- -- in my opinion and -- I didn't dealing with the audience over their California -- -- -- -- part of the of the of the country so. It's going to be interesting -- his speeches received the weather. Quietly and Ras appreciate you being with us city commissioner here in the box will be checking in with you throughout appreciate it thinks or does it already has been an exciting new partnership -- -- -- starting -- -- ABC news.

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{"id":17122019,"title":"Latinos Not a 'Monolithic' Voting Bloc","duration":"3:00","description":"Univision's Leon Krauze sheds light on the differences between communities.","url":"/Politics/video/latinos-monolithic-voting-bloc-17122019","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}