Lewandowski testifies on Capitol Hill

The White House told former Trump campaign aide Corey Lewandowski not to answer questions when he testifies in front of the House Judiciary committee.
3:55 | 09/17/19

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Transcript for Lewandowski testifies on Capitol Hill
Up to Capitol Hill where Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee. Today are holding their first hearing as part of what they're now calling it an impeachment investigation ABC's Catherine folders joins us. From Capitol Hill now where we're expecting to see Catherine Couri -- douse. And yet the president's former campaign manager is scheduled to come up here later this afternoon in testifying before the House Judiciary Committee. As you mentioned this is part of here is that they're designating now as impeachment hearings as part of the that they are broader investigation into. Whether to a four articles of impeachment in the House of Representatives but what exactly can we expect to hear ruin taos ski well the White House late last night. Sent a letter to the committee saying that they have directed. Who when healthy not to discuss any of the conversations. And that he had with the president or senior advisors to the president essentially is Sony we're an edge over those conversations I have had Democrats up here. Up in arms chairman Nadler says that this is a quote shocking even dangerous person. Of executive privilege the White House is the limiting him to only speak about events that are discussed. In the Lawler report and we know that lawyers from the White House probably won't speak. They will be in the audience here Aaron. But Catherine knowing Couri -- and ask you to way to do it even if you was given carte Blanche to testify. How revelatory what he really be. And how useful to to Democrats. A yeah and I think that's the question that that would also. All I'm asking and that frankly at point Republicans are making him them along report for example jetBlue announced he had a couple of instances in the report alignment. That stands out the most positive most revelatory is. The president according to followers report directed. Blue and now ski to deliver a message to the former. Jeff Sessions to limit the investigation. Is a couple other references too late outs in the report we know we went whom witnessed. But there's not much. To talk about beyond that and. Chapters there are other White House aides and and those with ties to the campaign that are supposed to testify before the Judiciary Committee but. White House doesn't seem like they're gonna let them. A yes of the committee also subpoenaed the former White House staff secretary rob Warner. The former deputy chief of staff Rick Dearborn they wanted those former senior White House aides to appear at the same hearing. With willing to LC today the White House sent letters to compete. Also yesterday and they were not going to live are gonna block them. I'm test final rationale he was that they are former senior aides to the president and they are in their words and use. From compelling personal testament so they'd. It won't be here as sitting here testifying today another thing that's. A Democrats of course are very angry about. They don't think that they should be able to defy subpoenas and Aaron and and Republicans I talk to this morning are calling this hearing today a wasted time they think that the committee should live on. From all are and from Russia and focus on issues like gun. Some Democrats even agree with that I mean among those asking the questions of Korea those dusty today Catherine. Are they all for impeachment at this point. Well it's a good question I think look majority of the Democrats on this committee have come out for impeachment in a sense they think. For the Democrats have struggled with here. On impeachment is there a message there's been many questions from Democrats Republicans and frankly you and me in the media on what exactly they're doing is this an impeachment investigation is a you clearly isn't an impeachment inquiry is now Lucent Cendant chairman sent. And he says it doesn't really matter that's just semantics what we're doing here is broadly investigating. Impeachment so I will say though that now learn in an interview yesterday came out in the strongest possible terms that I heard him. Where he said that he personally. I think the president should be impeached but not going to move forward on that without. The support of the American public. ABC's Catherine folders were those from Capitol Hill.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"The White House told former Trump campaign aide Corey Lewandowski not to answer questions when he testifies in front of the House Judiciary committee. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65669156","title":"Lewandowski testifies on Capitol Hill ","url":"/Politics/video/lewandowski-testifies-capitol-hill-65669156"}