Do You Have to Be Likable to Be President?

ABC's Sam Donaldson, Frank Luntz talk Cain's likability, Gingrich's comeback.
3:00 | 11/14/11

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Transcript for Do You Have to Be Likable to Be President?
So if you're worried about electability your Republican primary voters -- about electability of Rick Perry out there who is shown to -- importance meter we know -- Obama's great debater. -- Herman Cain who's got a new woman emerging almost every day coming out coming out of the woodwork. Don't these rays beat -- -- -- -- Republican primary that's why Herman Cain at one point. Was in the mid thirties in some surveys and now we -- and it's -- twenties he seems to fall. But there's something different about -- and he was much stronger than we realize that the time. Which is that -- -- still matters an American -- -- give -- Ronald Reagan. And Reagan probably go back to 1984 when he when you were given and -- Reagan's policies were not supported by majority the American people but he was so universally popular. That pull them through Barack Obama now still gets upper sixties in terms of whatever you're not you're not saying -- hurricanes wrong rate. Now and are now but it's just to understand the role like -- -- But but he added he and I agree on this is trip knows that I'm you know you got your ball perfectly likable but. You listen to Herman Cain the foreign policy debate. Saturday night. I mean. Reagan comes in he's he's likable fine but he's also got a -- -- coherent world view not at had a coherent worldview. But don't forget that Ronald Reagan made many many mistakes about the specifics and people who said the chairs that you -- -- it. Roasted them over. And in the end the American people decided that the specifics were less important and the principles that they represent. I mean to reaganism was that debate in 1984 in the first when he fell apart at the -- tired over -- commitment he went. Is -- up to it he never finished is answer and remember the second debate they -- aligned -- that was inflicted. When he said it's true -- -- the Baltimore Sun I will not make my opponent's relative youth and inexperience issue in this campaign. Great line tried to deflect but what showed the pictures Walter Mondale laughed and -- with him and the old actor. The good glass of water. Take a -- the smile of satisfaction in his face put it down and I thought. Game set match -- -- that's why he's my. Aaron up our rights we look at we look at this whole deal right now and we see there's lots of folks buying your candidate Newt Gingrich -- -- -- -- one that gets the flavor of the month I can actually make running as we all declared. His candidacy dead over done you've worked with them. Can come back he's making a run is not Cantonese actually making a run right now it's -- -- What happens after every time he speaks they all look each other they applaud. Mike groups are watching on television and they're plotting to TV not something life he -- -- every -- there what half a dozen more debates between now in the first caucus. I predict that on January 3 new will be over 20% in the national police you -- -- -- -- without engaged in the debate question Ronald Reagan was the first president to be elected had been divorced but even married to Nancy since nineteen. 51. When he ran for president -- news succeeded. And -- got to kind of baggage that if he wins it will really bring forward from the standpoint of what matters from the incomes the faith. But to the things that some Republican voters really care he's right but don't don't touch me. That I think out Gingrich well you know when the two of them touch each other Ronnie Perry there was more physical contact the bill and Hillary accurate yeah. The that the key aspect for Gingrich is that it does not matter -- question you're asking these -- -- and it's going to be historic. Philosophical and specific like why did you get paid 300000 dollars by Freddie Mac to -- -- don't. But it's a Smart kid and -- we just pretty good -- a little bit like toward the first debate. He is so Smart and he wants you to know it and he doesn't -- you just find that he'll be glad to tell you. His answer on -- His answer on Iran I may not have the exact words but it was there's several things are Smart to do about Iran and their it would be dumb things veteran. And the president not be able to find any of the Smart thing. Right well that's a way of saying the president's been wrong in his policy but it's a way of saying it like why am I Smart. Robot and I don't very quickly frank is or any chance. The Republicans win the White House and lose lose the house and as you said yes yes you want your story for this segment yes there is the anti incumbent mood is so great. -- I could see the Republicans winning the senate. Losing the house. When -- right legendary Frank -- even more legendary Sam Donaldson the legendary -- Just like that about com -- Jon Karl don't is Diane Sawyer special tonight and Gabby Giffords that you think okay.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Sam Donaldson, Frank Luntz talk Cain's likability, Gingrich's comeback.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"14949739","title":"Do You Have to Be Likable to Be President?","url":"/Politics/video/likable-president-14949739"}