Lindsey Graham: 'I Want to Be President'

The South Carolina senator announced his presidential bid from his hometown.
1:56 | 06/01/15

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Transcript for Lindsey Graham: 'I Want to Be President'
I want to be president to protect our nation that we all love so much. So get ready. I'm ready. Ought to be president to the date the enemies that are trying to kill us. Not just penalize them are criticize them or contain them but did state them. Okay. Ronald Reagan's policy of peace through strand. Cap America safe during the Cold War remember those times. But I have come to conclude we will never enjoy peaceful coexistence. With radical Islam. Bacall says follow words. Intent to destroy our way of life. However. America can be. And will be sick here. Only if we have strip. Security to strip will protect us. Yeah. Our ought to be president to meet our problems that are. Honestly in realistically. For the purpose of solving the and not hiding them but taking political advantage of them. I'll want to be president to make government. Work for you not the other way around. Out to make government keeps his promises to you. To support your dreams. To embrace your values. And to reflect your care. I'll be president to help us build a future. Greater than our amazing past. And now will work with anyone. To do it.

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{"duration":"1:56","description":"The South Carolina senator announced his presidential bid from his hometown.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"31447786","title":"Lindsey Graham: 'I Want to Be President'","url":"/Politics/video/lindsey-graham-announces-presidential-run-31447786"}