Live Look at Chris Christie's NH Campaign Rally

ABC News' Jordyn Phelps follows the New Jersey Governor on his bus tour through the Granite State.
7:31 | 12/19/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Live Look at Chris Christie's NH Campaign Rally
I can't or else we eat me I'm coming from acts have earned. Yeah in politics today went. The democratic debate here in New Hampshire aunt Chester. He is held tonight but it's not just the democratic candidates were sitting on the granite state today. So you are a lot of Republicans and today I'm out here with governor Chris Christie New Jersey. Duke has recently seen some momentum building in the statement Vermont to Christie's hand if that's kind of struggles to take hold. Across the country but in recent weeks since he's armed with care and the Governor Christie has been getting. Look I a lot of voters here in the Green Bay where he has spent more time or any other Republican candidate. And here now starting to see seem to keep the results that. I'm some recent polling shows him surging here in the state. One poll had him jumping as much as eight points recently. You secondly the position hype with some other top tier candidates will meet behind Republican front runner. Donald's trap. Now you might be wondering where I am today. This is rising behind me this is where governor Chris he's gonna kick off aboard a bus tour of the state Governor Christie hasn't gotten on a bus Torre yet this is he's rolling out brand new day. We are got a little sneak peace peek at the bus because I got here currently. And and it is emblazoned with the words telling it like it is that's the audit that. Governor Christie has for his campaign and it really it's kind of how how he's 1 thing I am. New Jersey governor is known for his straight talk and one runner. When McDonald's round. But what differentiates him is that this voter sad that governor Christine knows where to stop. Governor Christie really made a name out as it wraps are not a great and yelled out errors. I'm disputes over teachers in need your. And annex has really been telling me in this election to a lot of voters but. Hasn't yet Governor Christie has yet to take opt in a big way but here in New Hampshire a lot of voters are telling me they think that tight it's really earnings for the governor. That really attracted to his executive experience. There also attracted acts that Governor Christie beaten or he was governor Richards was a federal prosecutor. On an active Arab prosecutor house he was appointed to actually. The day before September 11 attacks in New Jersey. By because it George W. Bush. That day after he got that assignment his role really changed and Governor Christie became. You know involved in a lot of cases prosecuting terrorists. Or are accused terrorists in the state and had. I'm really ask successful record so a lot of people are looking at that and saying their their practices act. High now any mini here Governor Christie is gonna roll up in his and you buy. And I mentioned to you that we've got a little sneak peek at this earlier today and they will tasked Brian. I you'll see behind me it's garage stores and open them up. And the bus is gonna dramatically roll in to this sound track Star Wars which. As you know has been getting a lot of publicity out with the new film out on sale Governor Christie. It's gonna add a little bit that. Let's hope inside while waiting for her cry and and then we went back out. He's. Mystery so yeah. Yeah. He's. He's Smart he's breath. We need problem. And Al. Yeah yeah. Continent. While our breath. Here me. It's. The never. You. Thing. Floor here. And there. Yeah yeah. You. All oh. Yeah. You're. And grubs. Please don't deserve this. Yeah. Yeah. And the reason is there it's. Oh yeah. Can't until the bus yeah. Your Vietnam. Findings in other news. OK and here we are back outside governor Christie's class is. Is pulling up right now so I'm gonna turn the camera around here and Nat and might EC the shiny new bus. And Mary see at the brain knew but it's about their back to lift the door and he's gonna pull end. For that dramatic entrance with the Star Wars music that I told you about. So I better run back inside this event's gonna start.

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{"duration":"7:31","description":"ABC News' Jordyn Phelps follows the New Jersey Governor on his bus tour through the Granite State.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"35860485","title":"Live Look at Chris Christie's NH Campaign Rally","url":"/Politics/video/live-chris-christies-nh-campaign-rally-35860485"}