The Lowdown on New Hampshire Politics

ABC News' Brad Mielke talks the importance of NH with WMUR's Josh McElveen.
6:54 | 12/20/15

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Transcript for The Lowdown on New Hampshire Politics
88 Brad Melky is in the media piling them happiness. That have them back. But don't know where you are now. Hey guys yeah I'm hit that your in the media filing center. And the media filing center is actually on the other side of campus on the debate hall you're here in your member of depressed gonna walk a couple of football fields away takes a get a computer sit down. And do your job but here among. All the sort of press corps there covering the race we actually were able to catch up with Josh McKelvey he's the political director at W and you are that is that ABC affiliate. It's the only New Hampshire affiliate that network in the states you guys really. Having covered when it comes to New Hampshire fast thanks for being with us from I think we have recovered but we haven't come after our master. As the middle east media filing comes out what goes on here yellow mean before the debate it's it was trying to come up with way to tell a story in their own unique way what they expect with the what did Laura likeness of making that. Today's a little bit easier just give effect of all the controversy over Bernie Sanders and DNC in. Voters database things along those lines yes right now preparation. And at times seems to go by Slorc predominantly effectively start when it lot of Smart people in this room trying to sell the same story within their own way into the. Let's listen in particular walk around it's easy just tell me so. Of course here I mean you got the national networks of course he got the local New Hampshire and to be the Boston affiliates who else comes. Now on the news there's meet and hear from around the globe. Reporting on this post offices of the election and has you know global implications to it. Naturally you're gonna have the national media here at ABC is hosting this today. Here in New Hampshire civil regional media from Boston. But now there's probably from magazine to. Good social media reporters and I'm pretty sure that every continent is covered. Just read blogs and all and that's what people are doing right now is insisting is that they're just watching a football game and there's nothing on TV and Lester watching our live stream right here and Let us about your impressions of the ring so far we've seen. So many candidates come from New Hampshire you I see you ask them all questions in person at night and it can't escape you and who can escape you so what what's that this. And it actually Rollins and we I have a unique job obviously being political reporter political drug undergo a week. Affiliated television station state so it's like I'm doing any real especially gets these candidates. AVG days it's a great big you have no question about it. Very high pressure especially in the democratic side is there are heading into this a year ago. Right around this time we figure bother me at democratic primary but not really Hillary Clinton was just the nominee in waiting and could be a couple of symbolic visit here obviously that's not the case anymore Bernie Sanders was really made a dogfight over here and in effect would bless him leading. Nationally he's still ahead but. First in the nation status in the opinion there comes out here in the value and influence that has she knows it's important. Bernie Sanders those important and tonight is especially important thirteen decision online talk about. That's Martin O'Malley guys worked hard here in New Hampshire its campaign alive whatever reason kids to get traction but. Some star power Billy Clinton got overshadowed everything in the emergency Anderson in. He really generate a lot of energy and lot of support from lot of people's. Q story race Martin O'Malley trying to test it and. Yeah and I that was gonna say about it that Bernie Sanders is particularly interesting. We looking here in New Hampshire electricity to be the only state. We could be considered neck and neck even a front runner now with Hillary Clinton and all that seems to sort of changed in the last 48 hours to get the impression that. It's something that voters care about this data breach that we can talk about a life. Well we're gonna wait have to wait and see that here in New Hampshire he has robbery has been for a while it's a double digits. And fair how much you look at polls care about polls one thing about Bernie Sanders people like about you the highest favorability ratings for any candidate either seen. In my entire career 83% of people tune in favor of public policy that out and there's also political and integrity gap Hillary Clinton. As the league's trust work for the whole. And Bernie Sanders is most trustworthy so. And you'll see what happens tonight as I say that's an interesting stat right ever talk about trustworthiness or any other candidate whose staffers apparently we're peeking in on another candidate stand up. ABC see this trustworthiness and a shift well we'll see I mean this is the first hint of scandal Bernie Sanders ever had to deal with within his campaign reacted swiftly with a staffer. Provided. You know acted inappropriately and on my characterizing immigration reform I don't think we know all the details about this yet. But yet this person who might have some questions about Bernie Sanders tactics I don't know if it's gonna have an effect on his or supports a significant. And as as we just take another sort of look around the room here. Custodial. Reporters here over our shoulders right now wrecks in a hockey rink right now honestly see our our Canadian and American flag there always. Always have a stable hockey games here in New Hampshire we just ask about New Hampshire. One of the things the voters here care about that might not hear about California or new Yorker Iowa even. Substance abuse in major issue here it's going back to the polls but this significant. Number and development team out of a recent poll really doing and asked him go to what the most important issue is facing their lives chasing them. For nine years straight Israeli economy. In the last polls it was a war on heroin and substance abuse issues that is as the number one issue facing New Hampshire voters. And issues facing their lives now obviously. You know we've done that presidential race lot of other things involved a lot of different components. National security on your pocketbook issues sure but and I think we'll probably hear something about that tonight when it comes to substance abuse history here because. Here's your New Hampshire small state rural statement. Roughly one person. The day's night apparently. The question she still happen these candidates figure itching to get answered at one of them Watson stimulated tonight. Sure I'm all assumed they talk about states ambulances through kind of back and forth through his on this DNC. Controversy involving Sanders. You know. I love about grand ideas that win the democratic side. Free college and enhance infrastructure and roads and bridges a lot of things are being closed. I'm using here how they plan before without really put that on the backs of taxpayers I think a lot of problems. We'll so there you go if you wanna come in New Hampshire and win the presidential primary you've got to go through this guy you've got to meet with the WWR and it Josh thank you so much for joining us. And out we will have more throughout the night here from the media filing center the spin room everything on both sides a campus since this is such a spread out debate we're gonna have a lot of fireworks. In here and of course on the other side of campus. And it may be he Brad milky keeping us covered on the ballot this great inside about the role of New Hampshire.

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{"duration":"6:54","description":"ABC News' Brad Mielke talks the importance of NH with WMUR's Josh McElveen.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"35865299","title":"The Lowdown on New Hampshire Politics","url":"/Politics/video/lowdown-hampshire-politics-35865299"}