Matt Strawn: Iowa Caucus Still Anybody's Ballgame

Iowa GOP Chairman says most Iowa voters are still making up their minds.
3:35 | 12/09/11

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Transcript for Matt Strawn: Iowa Caucus Still Anybody's Ballgame
-- has a ton of baggage like the fact that Gingrich was find 300000. Dollars for ethics violations. On the left wing of the Republican Party. I don't know -- Without the kitchen sink being unloaded on and it rocked by Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. It is on for the debate tomorrow night that's right right back here on this stage but you know he can't outsource the -- -- Gotta bring it right there and toppling starts right now. -- Hotline I'm Rick Klein and I'm Amy Walter we are here from the debate -- here at -- Drake university in the Moines Iowa where tomorrow night is the main event and Amy. The -- the tension is building as they say we feel like we're getting ready tension building temperature dropping our clients still little chilling. -- is -- it is warm inside and we're pleased to be joined by one of our co -- during date tomorrow night that's on as the chairman of the Iowa Republican Party and Matt. If -- like these candidates you know we did not circle each other anymore we're actually landing some blows how do you feel like that is gonna translate into the -- that's right behind us all right well first welcome I was -- snow on the ground when he five days away and that gets cold they -- January 3. But it's going to be hot you're Saturday night with. They -- only has six competitors on it when -- got over two thirds of Iowa caucus goers say that can still change their mind before January 3. This debate could not be happening at a more important time as I was -- trying to make their mind up. So I think -- -- it's gonna really try and crates and differentiation. As Iowa caucus goers -- -- that was to that one candidate stable -- out in the snow cold and ice for in January 3. -- -- -- hearing a lot of house. For not pronouncements that retail politics is -- this is the national campaign nobody wants to come to Iowa anymore. Tell us your side of the story what is it gonna matter and to get to January 3 how. Often these candidates are here while it absolutely does -- people need to understand -- -- Iowa caucus process we have 17174. Precincts across the state and they truly are gatherings of your friends and neighbors from your community. And you need a surrogate each campaign needs a surrogate to -- an up and advocate for their candidate. That's only type of thing that we -- through organizational efforts -- -- campaigns are playing catch up. And I'm not gonna write the obituary on retail campaigning in the Iowa Caucuses 45 days away because this race has proven if any thing. It's completely unpredictable I still think at the into the day. Being in Iowa looking caucus goers in the island and ask -- tough questions makes a big difference and -- need to push -- drag people out of their homes. On January 3 to that point we went outside and Gingrich's headquarters in the morning yesterday and is also an air. It it was astounding as the front runner all of the polls -- our polls. And he has almost no ground operation what is second meanest people try to close the deal over the last three weeks is that something -- gonna hold him back potentially generate that are well I think it's a little an issue and there's three things to be successful in politics whether it's the caucuses or any race and its message its mechanics and its money. And speaker Gingrich has a message is resonating no question. Money stern command is up with about a quarter million dollars of advice here in Iowa and obviously -- upon mechanics so I think that that stories we'll be written but we've got -- -- five days and we've -- candidates on the ground a lot during that period. -- just see what happens on January. What about the fourth and momentum that's. And you can't Gingrich hasn't now how do you hold onto momentum in -- years that has been a roller -- like this. Well I think part of it's the debates the fact we have in our debate with you on Saturday night and we have another one in northwest Iowa next week those debates have been seminal during this campaign. So we know anything can happen momentum swing like that because of the date scheduled so. This can be very difficult and you've got to be able to hold for a couple days over the Christmas season as well -- -- take about two day break from campaigning. What people -- We're all day today Gloria I tell -- -- -- police. There's one other factor of the Ron Paul factor in that you -- a lot of folks around he's got the best on the ground organizing he's probably organized you can tell me if I'm wrong -- -- -- -- more places. And anyone else right now -- tremendous event last night in Ames Iowa State University over -- thousand people turned out. I'm obviously -- -- -- but one thing that is irrefutable is that Ron Paul has a great organizations on an incident straw poll in August he garnered more votes. Mitt Romney didn't -- -- 2007 even finished second place. I think with congressman Paul. His goal is trying to broaden -- caucus electorate principal's response caucus goers which sometimes you do need better organization. To demystify the caucus process because some people think it's -- scary process where you know you have to. -- joint committees and vote on platforms. But you really don't even go that night just cast your vote in the presidential preference poll and then go on with your life but I think doctor Paul has a tremendous organization on the ground. And we'll see you know -- -- to -- the the organization. Necessities and yet here and I could he win it that he could actually win the caucuses these two. Be seen if you seem to commit to speak that's part of each other over the next three weeks that we see a situation where Ron -- -- this -- well I think anytime you have two thirds of the electorate that is -- this unsettling can change their mind. It's still anybody's ball game. All right let's go -- -- the final issue here which is social concerns of the other pronouncement this year that they do not carry the same way as they did four years ago or eight years ago. Hasn't the economy -- hurts people like. Rick Santorum Michelle Bachmann even Rick Perry let's hear. Take her literally it's as soon as this -- -- that she's taken a backseat there's no question jobs the economy and spending are driving Saturday night. The fact that you have social conservative candidates who are so closely related on the issues. As a medical lessons around one candidate -- so Mike Huckabee for years ago so I think it's the fact that there so many candidates that share that issue base. That has the Iowa caucus electorate divided. Amongst their evangelical Christian voters and that's the story that that's strong chairman of the Iowa Republican Party we'll see here tomorrow night and a lot of fun -- the way -- make -- all right thanks joining.

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"Iowa GOP Chairman says most Iowa voters are still making up their minds.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"15122175","title":"Matt Strawn: Iowa Caucus Still Anybody's Ballgame","url":"/Politics/video/matt-strawn-iowa-caucus-anybodys-ballgame-15122175"}