Matthew Dowd: Democrats Want to See Biden Aggressive in Debate

Political analyst discusses how Vice President Biden's approach will differ from 2008 VP debate.
3:00 | 10/11/12

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Transcript for Matthew Dowd: Democrats Want to See Biden Aggressive in Debate
We have Matthew that would this is ABC news political consultant and when -- show everybody what can take a wide -- what Matt does -- my valuable papers while he's not on here. I mean this lady down -- there is a paper airplanes support. Yes yes. It is -- -- Isn't it beautiful beautiful work. So can I ask you about -- they've debated we dominated and nothing I think we're -- Defense Department -- So the last time Biden debated on the national stage Sarah Palin needed to make our run matter. Because I think that was the that tactical decision they made tonight do you think he's going to be pretty. -- I mean last time there's a whole different set of circumstances that he walked in -- not the least of which is when you debate a woman. As it as if somebody like us that's a sitting senator running for office you have there's a balance that you have to be between treating them with respect and a certain amount of and and then taking the attack. He won that debate all the polls in the aftermath he won that debate demonstrated to his knowledge and nice experience and all of that I think he has to take the -- two to. Paul Ryan. Not be necessarily because. This sort of in the broad sense of the campaign it's needed. But I think for Democrats and for the base they wanna see this after what happened last week with President Obama they don't feel like President Obama came with energy you know -- like -- -- like the race was in the bag and then President Obama let it out of the bag. And I think they wanna see the democratic base primarily truly wants to see Joseph Biden take it to -- right and really prosecute. Case so you the last time you are here to give credit where credit is do you said after the debate this thing's going to be tied up. It is so angry now where it's now a tight race actually -- and you'll get our act as and that man is going to be. Can expect that nothing you. -- nice I don't know if -- right. And -- state level those battleground state -- especially in Ohio not moving in the same in the same way that that you know that they're not as close. As a national also. What does this tell us what's going -- Well in many ways having watched this and have been involved in this in 2002004. The states are a little bit delayed many times the states are delayed and you can't always trust state polls in this you can actually trust national -- lot better than hazards have more experience of people that conduct them publicly. The state -- less experience so I think there's a slight delay but that's not the Pulitzer the really answer is that the Electoral College. Leans to the Democrats now used to -- to the Republicans but that dynamics of the Electoral College now -- to the Democrats and it's set up this scenario. That Mitt Romney. Could easily win the popular vote in this in the country by one or two points and lose the electoral college and won a place that is Ohio used to always be exactly with the national number is. But now Ohio is over performing for the Democrats and that is a difficult spot. For Mitt Romney it means that he really have to shoot for more than 51% in -- -- in my view yes to shoot a little higher than that in order to win the Electoral College. Matt they're telling me in my -- that we need to let you go see him get prepared for the network broadcast apparently had George Stephanopoulos needs his scripts made into. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know the original it's really the way I -- my brother -- -- helicopters and a Matt thank and we appreciate -- there.

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{"id":17457326,"title":"Matthew Dowd: Democrats Want to See Biden Aggressive in Debate","duration":"3:00","description":"Political analyst discusses how Vice President Biden's approach will differ from 2008 VP debate.","url":"/Politics/video/matthew-dowd-democrats-biden-aggressive-debate-17457326","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}