McCain: 'Don't Screw It Up'

The Arizona Senator talks speech prep, Mitt Romney and President Obama with ABC's Jonathan Karl.
3:00 | 08/29/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for McCain: 'Don't Screw It Up'
I'm Jonathan Karl we're coming you through backstage at the Republican Convention joined by Senator John McCain thanks -- and this -- my. I forgot and government 1980 -- first convention. Those days as you probably -- -- -- and major networks and she's. And so we freshman Republican congressmen -- -- more minutes she's. So this -- -- ourselves but how do you do you must -- torn tendon. You know I -- Right mark Purcell apartment. So let's go to Mitt Romney accused for a second because because -- What's going through is at right now how -- -- idea how to get ready for some. As -- During this entire process spent primaries and our nominations. Self confidence -- -- First significant. I see it a self confidence -- I think was an expression of self confidence at fault line. And so I think it is getting more and more. How will he ever be you know -- -- Bill Clinton. But he has other -- she has a sense of honesty and decency background pain. And frankly plan -- I think over time -- What what goes through. The mind of their nominee when you walk out on stage. -- -- you -- you know maybe forty million if they -- ocean. Don't screw that I had. That what else in this past in the sense of go speak to. Majority of population greatest nation. Again -- it made me feel so fortunate. What what does. What does Obama do -- Q how how much different situation will be very interest to see if this convention. I'm -- you know there 2008 convention about hope and change. Whether it's just -- continuous. Roaming action or will he and for sending some prescriptions. For -- It's hard -- these -- for years. 61. -- -- -- Right and and -- he is an -- He's almost he knew what you alive today we can do this peacefully and that music -- -- it is very talented. Very persuasive powers is very likable person. Question I think -- -- asking -- and leave it. The American the last four years that the next four years will be any better. That's a hard argument from.

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{"id":17110035,"title":"McCain: 'Don't Screw It Up' ","duration":"3:00","description":"The Arizona Senator talks speech prep, Mitt Romney and President Obama with ABC's Jonathan Karl.","url":"/Politics/video/mccain-dont-screw-17110035","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}