2 men tied to Rudy Giuliani arrested

The men reportedly assisted Giuliani with investigating Joe Biden and his family.
3:03 | 10/11/19

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Transcript for 2 men tied to Rudy Giuliani arrested
And guys we're gonna turn to an interest in development at the southern district of New York court on two men tied to. Rudy Giuliani were arrested while in route to Europe on campaign finance charges. Their bond was set at one million dollars and they are reportedly assisted Giuliani in his efforts to investigate Joseph Biden's families so. I'm joined by air and deter ski to break this down and help us understand who these men are. This is left harness and Igor Truman. Who were charged with two others Kimberly in this indictment here to it's a campaign finance schemes to inject foreign money. Into the American political system namely money from a Ukrainian government official. Who was seeking to influence American policy in Ukraine so it's right in the same neighborhood. As all of we'll be what's being investigated now by. The House Intelligence Committee and others with regard to impeachment as a president asking I was like are the this this happening east human being arrested tied into this impeachment inquiry they're not tied directly although we think that the congressional investigators for going to it at minimum ask them Ford for documents if not for testimony. But there they were at Dulles airport with a one way tickets out of the country when federal prosecutors moved in to arrest them on this particular scheme. It involved 325000. Dollars to a pro trump super pac a separate donation. Two congressman Pete Sessions and the whole idea. Was perhaps to get the then US ambassador to Ukraine. Ousted and Rudy Giuliani had the very same goal believing that she was standing in the way of efforts to investigate Joseph Biden and his son hunter. So the question is I mean these two men have been arrested but they are so closely linked to Giuliani as their possibility that he would be indicted. I think this cannot be a comfortable place for Rudy Giuliani. His emissaries into Ukraine. Are now the ones that are under federal indictment you could imagine a scenario where perhaps they flip. And start cooperating with the government and Rudy Giuliani who was a prosecutor in the very district where the case was brought could find himself. To be a target we're a ways away from that but we know that investigators are interest in. In the relationship between these two men harness and Truman. And Giuliani. And quickly before you go on the has presidential responded because this is his personal attorney in a telling way we should see Giuliani declined to comment to us president trump. Said that. With them in president trumpet the president says he takes pictures and everybody so he can't be sure doesn't know anything about their fund raising activities and when asked directly. About his own lawyer's involvement in this. About Giuliani's involvement he sort of stood back and said you're gonna have to ask Rudy that's far from a defense of his own private lawyer. Well I write Aaron entire ski with the latest there thank you so much thanks can of.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"The men reportedly assisted Giuliani with investigating Joe Biden and his family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66215862","title":"2 men tied to Rudy Giuliani arrested","url":"/Politics/video/men-tied-rudy-giuliani-arrested-66215862"}