Mia Love: 'I'm Not A Guy And I'm Not White'

The congressional candidate from Utah opens up about her convention speech and her race.
3:00 | 08/29/12

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Transcript for Mia Love: 'I'm Not A Guy And I'm Not White'
But -- the Republican Convention joined by media love. National candidate from your time. You had a breakthrough speech on the floor this convention. -- -- It felt it felt great you know there was a lot of -- when it came out and the message is resonating this message primarily comes from Utah. We talk about the country -- and and I just wanted to -- Drop contrast to where we are where we were -- -- And and I think that that was -- -- last night. I hope that with the active -- but -- bring us a little behind the scenes here because you get the speaking -- the Italians two minutes. Two minutes just two minutes. People are still getting seated it's you know it's it's relatively early in the evening how do you capture people's attention only to -- -- most debates to give you made up so and -- there. If if they have. In fact I just tried -- -- you what I that in a few minutes. And just again though from BP America and my parents came -- -- that they can US citizens. Two you know our vision of where we are right now where we're headed -- we don't change. Courts and and really just talk about the issues is that that would help that changed course. We've got sixteen trillion dollars of debt deficit spending. Potential fiscal Armageddon coming late this year 23 million Americans unemployed. It's heartbreaking and -- -- -- tightening our belts -- within our means and trying to get the word out that we want Washington to students and. Did -- race going to be a factor in this in this election on seniority hearing back and forth any effort. Republicans. Talk about Democrats playing the race card and certainly vice Versa a lot of talk about this welfare -- is being kind of racial play you know going after the the president of the welfare -- Meaning what what you're what you're sentenced. My take is the sooner we start talking about the issues and not about race gender social status -- income level. In terms of being divisive the better off we're going to be. I want policies that are going to -- that are going to affect us all equally. Possible. It's about taking all Americans from the lowest common denominator bring them up and not the other way around. But there is no question people -- you. Evidence that he -- that -- noticed that you're not inaugural -- and com I'm not a guy and I. Is that is that it's secure manner. I -- being a woman. You do yeah how comfortable -- you can do right now I mean you know I'm I am uncomfortable in my skin. And all my might. Didn't elect me because I'm -- because it's because the policies that that we didn't -- that makes it financially stable. You ran for the nomination you were I don't. An unexpected means. You -- aids now. Once leaders. Well part of the Republican Convention. And in a speech that has to a certain degree -- -- -- what would what is this and life. It's been it's been. Fast and we're but there's a lot of work to do so. I mean it's it's an interesting it's been fun it's been passed. And where we're going to win we're really excited about it we're going to Washington we're going to work together to get our country. Back on it. I'm excited I'm excited about the prospects of having Romney. And being able to go and tell me it's different my children. -- -- -- -- Republican congressional candidate from -- top got a feeling the next time you speak when these conventions and that there will be another time. And we can more than two minutes. And -- when that. The very much appreciate time with.

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{"id":17108975,"title":"Mia Love: 'I'm Not A Guy And I'm Not White'","duration":"3:00","description":"The congressional candidate from Utah opens up about her convention speech and her race.","url":"/Politics/video/mia-love-im-guy-white-17108975","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}