Michelle Obama's Olympic Fantasy? Gymnastics

ABC's Bill Weir interviews the first lady in London.
4:25 | 07/27/12

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Transcript for Michelle Obama's Olympic Fantasy? Gymnastics
You -- this morning that commitment. To training facility and countless. And you mostly happens is we can't women's basketball team next -- Competitors today. -- -- your eyes out knowing -- You know one half month. In the end because I was talking standards and she was telling. Me. -- Hampered him. -- -- -- It just reminds me in the midst of all of -- -- -- that. Around. Here. It's. Actually. It's. All of us -- this way -- it's amazing to think that. Those athletes we're going to be cured or for -- -- -- they started out run around in the hours. Now you're trying to change the habits of generations as an -- the -- A little while it's gonna take more than just me it's gonna take all of us really understanding that we are dealing with an obesity epidemic and a lot of -- -- -- do that -- It's tough for -- You -- if you don't believe -- You know athletic facilities for eat lobster safe places and you know a lot of times its findings of this. Wait that's not the home of the yeah. Community -- change here. Make kids think it's actually -- Trust me get outside -- -- and it. For the openings as we sit with the -- what do you what what do you know I looked like. We all have seats because everything at the international level is -- order protocol so. I think we're at the end because -- the United States I'm sitting next to the other news. The other. Creativity make friends with the -- What would your Olympic event to be what you're. It was a play. You know are complete and easy I would be in shipments -- -- -- -- eleven -- that Helen -- I try to younger what I love Jim. Let them. Women. In it well during. You know combined everything answers during an excellent that's really. We -- something a little more realistic if you track. Like to think that was -- mid distance Vernon's -- OK it's breaking news on me I saw it yeah it its two longer than that. Content and -- this -- Finally. -- Franklin bridge swimmers from Aurora Colorado. She's -- with a heavy heart obviously. What are your thoughts -- week after what happened that theater. I mean our hearts go out and they will continue to announces. Italy's in the entire community when something like this happens it impacts the entire community in admit it -- the country. It makes us all question. You know safety and security -- DC and it's also more and I remind us that he isn't -- time -- come together here we're at our defenses in the country we'll turn to tragedy that's when you -- out there forget about it is and I told CNN we'll continue to. Crazy family and other failings are really. We're dealing with tragedy. So you won't believe this little you know these Olympics is definitely something else -- it is a look at you know to remember. You know -- world. And negotiating events and we gonna save my I think at this table tennis and -- -- -- my final. Final. Hatcher when he speaks. My parents and basketball but I have a few official -- so it's kind of here when they get to me that's hoping. That you bring the girls to the don't know parent. You know they're doing their own movie. You know Aaron that's what -- -- you were here. What you know -- you know we're we're currently. You'll hear -- -- here. -- on their to do list of diplomatic -- this thing bad guys this is a good one.

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{"id":16869498,"title":"Michelle Obama's Olympic Fantasy? Gymnastics","duration":"4:25","description":"ABC's Bill Weir interviews the first lady in London.","url":"/Politics/video/michelle-obamas-olympic-fantasy-gymnastics-16869498","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}