Mitch McConnell on Win: 'No More Campaign Commercials'

Senate minority leader delivers victory speech after defeating Alison Lundergan Grimes.
13:08 | 11/05/14

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Transcript for Mitch McConnell on Win: 'No More Campaign Commercials'
On how not like tonight. We are grateful above all else. And for me that gratitude starts. With the people and talk. Save up put their trust and competence in May for a long time. And I want to thank them tonight. I work hard to bring your concerns to Washington and I will not. Let up. How every election. Is a job interview. And this day is a very long one. Share about vision of you. You shared your stories. And your concerns. With me. And yet one complied has stood out above all the routes especially in recent weeks. So I'd like to make an announcement about thank will be very welcome news to many it is. No more campaign commercials. The TV executives made out like it but enough is enough right. A little while ago I spoke of my opponent. Secretary grounds ran a spirited campaign. She earned a lot of votes. And she earned my respect. It took a lot of guts to take on a race like those. Because of the business wherever it also meant should take somebody's. And our willingness or seven to the arena and fight as hard as she did. We need more people who are willing to do. Not pure. She deserves a lot of credit part. This was certainly a hard bought confidence. And I've been so proud so proud to have my wife beside me every step of the way. You don't politely told me. Early on you on ready to have me sitting around the house organ Omar resident. And she's gone above and beyond. To prevent them. She's been the most valuable player on our team and I'm so blessed to have her in my life. And by my side. And to my campaign manager Josh Holmes. Okay. And I. Okay. Okay. I'm grounds. He pitched a perfect game thank you John and. Okay. Of course there they are so many others. Are good time. They know who they are thank. You everyone of you for giving so much and ourselves. To this race. Nobody's been blessed with a better team and I have had over the years. And I want to thank them all. My thoughts also also turned back tonight to two other people. Who aren't here but there's room oh great deal. My parents. I learned a lot from them both. From my dad a combat veteran of World War II. Learned an abiding. Love of this country and all that it represents not only to those of us who were fortunate enough to be born here. But to so many others. Around the world. From my mom. I'll learn the value per parents. And got an enduring lesson. As she helped me overcome frightening bout with polio as a job. In many ways my folks were just like any other parents of their generation. They were off of us. They believe. In America. Without a Trace of cynicism may transmitted to central promise of this country on to made the promise that every generation believe the next one. A little better off. On the one before. This is a compact that every generation of Americans have made. With the one that followed. And through civil war and depression and war wars and strive. We've always. Made good on. But as I've traveled through Kentucky over the past year upsets new doubts. Subtly folks aren't so sure. That that Compaq will serve if we continue down the road. That we've been all. They're hungry for new literature. They want a reason to be hopeful. Above all they want some reassurance that people who run the government are actually on their side. So photo lineup pledge you this. Well you're cold modern eastern Kentucky. Who can't find work. Or mom and Paducah who doesn't understand why the government just took away or family's health insurance. I've heard your concerns. Made them my all. You will be heard in Washington. And look when you got right down to it that's what. This campaign was really all about. It wasn't about me. Or mob loan. It was about a government that people no longer trust to carry out its most basic duty to keep them say. To protect the border to provide dignified and quality care for our veterans. A government that can't be trusted to do the basic things because it's too busy focusing on things that shouldn't be focused on are all. A government that's too busy imposing his view of the world all people who don't share that view. To many in Washington forgot ended their job is to serve. So tomorrow. The papers rules. I won this race. But the truth says. And adrift is. Tonight we begin another one. One is far more important than mine. And that the race to turn this country around. To restore hope and confidence and optimism to this commonwealth and across this nation of ours. Some things don't change after tonight. I don't expect the president to wake up tomorrow and view the world any differently than he did when he woke up this morning. He knows I won't either. But look what we do have an obligation to work together on issues where we can agree. I think we have a duty to do that. Just because we have a two party system doesn't mean we have to be in perpetual conflict. I think I've shown. To be true at critical times. In the I hope the president gives me the chance to show it again. There's so much that we can and should do for the good of all America. Can talk injured tired of a government that only seems to work when it is working against them. And there are also tired of hearing that those of us who fight for them and Washington are somehow the problem. I'm so honored to have doctor Noel hotter with me tonight. All got an opportunity to get to know are. What an extraordinary woman. Doctor otter was determined to get her daughter back against all odds she did. She did it and when all is said and done she achieved something else that a lot of people said was even more remarkable. She made mission anymore warm and public. It over the past year a lot of people from outside the state of try to telkom pelicans what motivates me to do about it. I let them have their side. But here's the truth. Anyone who says nothing ever gets done in Washington. Here's my Bob word out your. Tell that the Noel under. Miss this woman is the reason I arrived. She's the reason I do what I do in Washington. We can make a difference and we do every single done. We're proud of that in my office and yet as I've traveled across the state I've become. Acutely reminded of something else the government can do. They can do terrible damage. The families and community. Nothing to hurt in people's an amount. It breaks your heart to see the pain that distant planners. In federal agencies are causing to so many in our state. And if you're elected official like me it hardens your resolve to do something about it. For too long or too long this administration has tried to tell the American people what's good for them. And then blame somebody else when their policies don't work out. Tonight Kentucky rejected that Oprah. Tonight. Tonight Kentucky and said we can do better as the nation. Tonight they said we can have real change in Washington railtrack. Okay. Okay. And that's just what I intend to deliver. So grabs tonight. Turns a corner. And the future I'd say is a bright one. Americans that say. That what the current crowd in Washington is offering is making us weaker both at home and abroad. They have had enough here. You know. There's an old saying. There's often attributed to Winston Churchill that I'm reminded. Here's what he's. About off about America. He's did you know the Americans they always do the right that. After they drought everything else first. Friends this experiment in big government has lasted long enough. I have to go and a new direction. It and determine if God's little. And. And and I will not let you down thank you so much.

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{"duration":"13:08","description":"Senate minority leader delivers victory speech after defeating Alison Lundergan Grimes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"26690455","title":"Mitch McConnell on Win: 'No More Campaign Commercials'","url":"/Politics/video/midterm-elections-2014-mitch-mcconnell-victory-speech-26690455"}