Mike Pence Introduces 'President-Elect' Trump

The governor of Indiana made his remarks at the Hilton hotel in midtown Manhattan.
3:13 | 11/09/16

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Transcript for Mike Pence Introduces 'President-Elect' Trump
From two sources that. That's what we're hearing tonight George an eight it is out there in other news reports as well that that Hillary Clinton has indeed home Donald Trump to concede this election. So there you have it. In a few minutes you're going to be hearing. First from the vice president elect. The United States we can't call yet we've heard the gun that Hillary Clinton has called. Found trouble let's listen to Mike yeah. This is a historic night. Or. Okay. The American people have spoken. And the American people have elected their their champion. I. America has elected and a new president. And it's almost hard for me to express. The honored that I and my family field. That we will have the privilege to serve as your vice president of the United States. Okay. And I come to this moment. And come to this moment deeply humbled. Grateful to god for his amazing grace. Grateful to my family. My wonderful wife Karen. And son Michael and his fiancee. Through. Our daughter Audrey. Floral an arm and a daughter Charlotte. I could not be here without them. And I'm. I'm deeply grateful to the American people. Replacing their confidence in this team and giving us this. Opportunity to serve. And I'm mostly grateful to our president elect. Whose leadership and vision will make America great again. Okay. So let me say. It is my high honor. And a stake privileged. To introduce to you the president elect of the United States. Of America down.

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"The governor of Indiana made his remarks at the Hilton hotel in midtown Manhattan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"43409852","title":"Mike Pence Introduces 'President-Elect' Trump","url":"/Politics/video/mike-pence-introduces-president-elect-trump-43409852"}