Mike Pence, Tim Kaine Discuss Donald Trump's Comments About Vladimir Putin

The vice presidential candidates debate how they would confront Russian leader Vladimir Putin.
7:39 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Mike Pence, Tim Kaine Discuss Donald Trump's Comments About Vladimir Putin
Russian president Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine annexed Crimea and has provided crucial military support to the Assad regime what steps if any. Would your administration take. To counter these actions senator Cain. You gotta be tough on Russia so let's start with not praising Vladimir Putin is a great leader. Donald Trump and Mike Pence has said he's a great leader and Donald Trump no Knisley has dismissed this dealings has business dealings with Russia that he refuses. To disclose. Hillary Clinton has long toe to toe with Russia. She went toe to toe with Russia as secretary of state to do the new start agreement to reduce. Russia's nuclear stockpile she's had the experience doing it. She went toe to toe with Russia and lodge protest when they went into Georgia. And we've done the same thing about Ukraine but warned them watching protests we've put punishing economic sanctions on Russia that we need to continue. Donald Trump on the other hand didn't know that Russia had invaded the Crimea on this blue jeans she was on a TV show a couple months back and he said I'll guarantee invest. Russia is not going into the Ukraine and he had to be reminded that they had gone into the premier. Two years before. He'll learn Herat Hillary Hillary Clinton has gone tout its north Russia to work out a deal on new start. She got them engaged in a meaningful way to cap Iran's nuclear weapons program. And yet she stood up to them on issues such as Syria and their invasion of Georgia. You've got to have the ability to do that and Hillary dust on the other hand and Donald Trump you have somebody who praises Vladimir Putin all the time. There America should really want her eyebrow about a president trump who had a campaign manager with ties to potent. Crowe couldn't elements in the Ukraine who had to be fired for that reason they should wonder. When Donald Trump is sitting down with Latimer couldn't. Is it going to be America's bottom line. Or is it going to be Donald Trump's bottom line that he's going to be worried about what's all of his business dealings now this could be solved. If Donald Trump would be willing to release his tax returns as he told parent and public. That he would do. And I know he's laughing at this but every presidents except to do with rush every president since Richard Nixon is dominant. And Donald Trump has said I'm doing business with Russia the only way the American public we'll see whether it. So I'm Metaxas says that senator yes as governor. Well. Thanks. Who does it. Just trying to keep up with the insult driven campaign on the other side not you know I'm just saying facts about your running here outlook and I know you just another front I'm have governors defended senator don't put words in my mouth and I'm not defending him for not unhappy to defend. Most of what you said is completely false and the American people know that the front there's less to this is where you'll have better craziness they are unbelievable. What this is this is the alternative universe of Washington DC verses. Reality. Hillary Clinton sent her number one priority was a reset with Russia. That reset resulted. In the invasion of Ukraine. After they've infiltrated with what are called little green man Russian soldiers are worth dressing up like Ukrainian dissidents. And then removed all the way in the Crimea took over the Crimea peninsula. For Donald Trump and that happened he basically was saying it's gonna happen again. The truth the matter is that. That what you have in in the the rise of an aggressive Russia which is should increase its influence in Iran. It's now let's now because of this deal is on a pathway in the future to obtain a nuclear the leading state sponsor of terror. In the world. In Iran. Now has a closer working relationship with Russia because of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's foreign policy. And a 150 billion dollars. And sanctions on being lifted and none of course Syria minutes it really is. If Schwerner this that Syria is imploding you just asked a very thoughtful question about the disaster in the lap of crisis is headquartered. In Rocca it is crisis from rocker has overrun vast areas that are great sacrifice the American soldier wanting. Operation Iraqi Freedom and yet. Senator Cain still sits here loyal soldier I get all that if it is saying that that that the foreign policy Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama somehow made. The world more secure. Mick Riordan really is astonishingly tonight tell me later Arnott Dave that Iran released four Merritt RI it is clear what we have delivered 400 million in cash. On tipped as a ransom payment. For Americans held by the radical mullahs. In tea around. That's an annual let her charm sent out quote prudent has no respect for Hillary Clinton and no respect for Obama. Why do you think of respect a trump pence administration strength. Plain and some. This is Donald Trump that's nonsense Donald Trump not Donald strong non. Leader says who had a strong ordinary Americans trying to are gonna cancers were going to rebuild our military. And mommy mommy successful prudent thing what. America is stronger. Then Russia our economy is sixteen times larger than the Russian economy. America's political system is superior. To the crony. Corrupt capitalist system in Russia in every way. That when when Donald Trump and I observed. That as I've said in Syria in Iran in Ukraine that that the small and bullying leader of Russia has been stronger on the world stage. Then this administration that's just stating painful facts that's not an endorsement. A Vladimir Putin and that's an indictment of the weakened feckless leadership Senator Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama this is one word can just. How to go to the tape on it but governor pence said in arguably. Vladimir Putin has a better leader than president your that is absolutely in our act inaccurate and and I just think about cities might stronger he's been stronger on the world certainly showed leader again and it. And I just this governor. If you just a little better if you mistake. Leadership. For dictatorship and you can't tell the difference. A country that's running its economy underground this is a personal thing and journalists run the digital you can't tell the difference she shouldn't be commander in chief. Count on what Donald Donald Trump sansei. That they have all these business dealings with Russia. Those could be disclosed with tax returns but they refused to do them. Americans need to worry about whether Donald Trump we'll be watching out for America's bottom liners on bottom line senator camera went wrong with the Russians and sat. Vladimir phone. Vladimir potent is a dictator. I don't lastly Vladimir burden as a dictator he's not a leader. Anybody who thinks otherwise doesn't know Russian history and they don't know Latimer who Hillary Clinton knows exactly his kindness. John McCain's that I look in his eyes and I see KGB and Hilary I has that's my feeling. So how do you deal with that you've got out what we do have to deal with Russia in a lot of different ways there are areas where we can cooperate. So it was Hillary Clinton who worked with Russia on the new start treaty to reduce their nuclear weapons stockpile. It was Hillary Clinton that worked with Russia to get them engaged. In a community of nations to stop the Iranian nuclear weapons program without arms shot. She's not learn around praising Vladimir Putin is a great guy but she knows how to sit down at a table and negotiate tough deals. This is a very challenging part of the world and we ought to have a commander in chief who was prepared and Donna rather than somebody who goes around praising Latimer open as a greatly.

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{"duration":"7:39","description":"The vice presidential candidates debate how they would confront Russian leader Vladimir Putin.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42574445","title":"Mike Pence, Tim Kaine Discuss Donald Trump's Comments About Vladimir Putin","url":"/Politics/video/mike-pence-tim-kaine-discuss-donald-trumps-comments-42574445"}