Military families testify about dangerous housing conditions

Military families testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee about their experiences, a hearing prompted in part by Reuters' investigative reporting on housing conditions on military bases.
3:08 | 02/13/19

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Transcript for Military families testify about dangerous housing conditions
I am crystal form all. The proud south of a marine and eleven years at passionate military family advocate and founder of the nonprofit state military housing initiative. I'm here today on behalf of military families every branch and rank we ask that you act on our testimony and it sure military families receive state. Habitable and functional housing and a better more accountable way to resolve problems arrives. I first became aware of the crisis level military housing issues like Heussler air force base for termites fell out of light pictures into our beds. Later I can't penalty and we live with pervasive Malone issues and unjustifiable. And it on charges. At keys for the housing office staff told me. Termites in your home are to be expected because the region. At Camp Pendleton and we were inexplicably charged on its 700 dollars for carper replacement. The housing rat use a black light and moisture stick to find Spain and seen by the naked time. When I disputed the validity of these charges I found no path to resolution with the housing company can't penalty and or my husband's former command. Indy and various agencies and local attorneys advised us that military families living on the bases are essentially powerless. And these disputes. During my tears of research and advocacy I received hundreds of reports from military families of mold growth. Rodent and pest infestations moisture intrusion Len and as best as expenditures. Raid on concerns based contamination and cancer clusters in their housing. All of this was too often compounded ID expensive sometimes abusive. Housing staff. My name is Janet driver and my husband is currently active duty air force station at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma. We lived on base in privatized housing managed by about pervading. We had numerous ongoing issues in our home including maintenance issues that were neglected over the less than two years we've lived there. Which ultimately resulted in making my family very sick. Our housing company is known about these issues for years and are taking advantage of young military families who are not educated on how to properly treat modeled. And the health affects it causes. They are covering. Painting over mold. Threatening military members with their command. Using scare tactics and intimidation. Lying to us and making the problems worse and now it is out of control we will likely. Suffer from the effects of this for the rest of our lives. Physically financially emotionally. And mentally. My family has gone from zero to 40000 dollars debt in a three month period I suffer daily from chronic breathing issues and blurred vision due to supplement due to the mold and hampering. We take an enormous amount of our founders and prescriptions daily with no end and sacked it didn't have to be this way. Our military families do not does deserve this after all the sacrifices they make it is criminal it is unbelievable the extent of this cover up. Thank you again. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"Military families testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee about their experiences, a hearing prompted in part by Reuters' investigative reporting on housing conditions on military bases.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"61055178","title":"Military families testify about dangerous housing conditions","url":"/Politics/video/military-families-testify-dangerous-housing-conditions-61055178"}