Minority communities struggle with voting disinformation

Latino communities have been targeted by disinformation as both President Donald Trump and Joe Biden campaigns push for votes in Florida.
5:40 | 10/27/20

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Transcript for Minority communities struggle with voting disinformation
Efforts are under way to try to depress voter turnout particularly. Among black and Latino voters today we're going to take a look. And disinformation campaigns targeting both of those groups starting with Latinos according to pew research Hispanics are on track to become the largest minority voting bloc. In the battleground state of Florida roughly 2.4 million Latinos are registered to vote making up a record 17%. Of the State's total. Rachel Scott has more on why and how they're being targeted. For Maria Baez health care is a top election issue her eight year old grandson Daniel has special needs and still struggles to walk on his own. He's the reason she votes and he's also the reason she fled Puerto Rico in the wake of hurricane Maria. I mean to have my grandsons he Graham says. I'm thirsty. And look. I'm thirsty and to not have any cold water to give him. That was one of the reasons I decided I had to leave Puerto Rico but. Voters like Maria face significant challenges as first time voters even as US citizens Puerto Ricans who live on the island have no say in who becomes president. He's holding moved to the mainland. When they come here all all the sudden they they don't know what. Do Republicans stand for what Democrats stand for prom then all of a sudden they have to come here I'm participating the big profit. How to hear a word of platforms are are trying to establish here but it becomes a live remarkably good. Helping Puerto Ricans navigate the democratic process nonprofit nonpartisan groups like Latino justice. There right now we have our campaign on their way told Conway boys which loosely translate to the sooner the better and the aim of this containing stories Latino voters. In Troy in Spanish. But particularly Latino lawyers who leaving rural areas that don't necessarily get the same attention. The group is hassle not only providing Reese sources but combating disinformation. Which has been a major problem in 20/20. Bogus story spreading right wing conspiracy theories often in Spanish popping up in community what sap chats FaceBook feeds. And even extending into mainstream radio and newspaper outlets the editor of the Miami Herald Spanish language sister paper recently apologizing. For running up she media Ince are comparing black flags matter activists to Nazi thugs and other anti Semitic and racist contents that insert ran for more than eight months. Disinformation has always been used to create confusion and fear around voting by mail. There's a lot of misinformation particularly on social media right you can not go into any social media and not see. False information. About pulled by mail right now it is personal favorite Howard leads to from what we're trying to tell people is that none of that is based on facts. It just seems like would pay your job is so important every election year but especially now with the pandemic. With all of these misleading and false claims that are being spread. Said counteract the confusion that your job is so critical right now. Again and again they have very. Comfortable and think that we are reaching our communities were making the best out of this. Come on a new digital landscape and having reaching to places that we were. Not normally be able to because it would be difficult to go to in person we're not having. Just enough personnel took over on his ground so we're trying to really returned community wherever they are coming here they have all of this information available. Ten Rachel Scott joins us live now racial what do you know about where this disinformation is coming from who's behind it. And there's certainly a lot of finger pointing going on here you have Democrats looking at Republicans especially when it comes a pushing out. Information about mail in voting either looking to the president himself with. Christie's unfounded claims that it leads to widespread voter trot and then they're attacking Republican saying they're pushing out misinformation about Biden's campaign in socialism that you have the trunk campaign responding and saying. The real disinformation campaign is god and trying to distance in south. What they call a socialist. Form so. It doesn't mean we're out here you have a lot of this finger pointing going on but we know that disinformation. In an election cycle is nothing new we know that Russia. Had some influence in the 2016 elections the deck and Director of National Intelligence this year. Saying that China Russia and Iran were added again trying to influence the 20/20 election. And then of course it does not help when you have some Republican candidates out there actually endorsing conspiracy theories like ridicule on conspiracy theory that leaves a lot of voters how they are confusing trying to figure out. Who to trust and original white target Latino voters specifically. Yeah I want your look at suppressing the legal right one way to look at this is looking at the largest minority bloc in 20/20 that is expected to be the Latino and the Hispanic. Population and they're gonna be at the scene demographic. In this election their absentee influences and pretty big states like Florida and Arizona and so they're looking to suppress the vote that's one way to start looking out what demographics are going to be key in deciding this election but experts also say that language is such a beer you're in these communities where is there dominant language. And then on top of that when you have so much of these conversations taking place. On social media apps like what's a poor people communicate with their family members that don't live in the United States or that live on the mainland here that's a lot harder and harder for social media giants to control what sort of information is Brad. On those private chats Diane mare Rachel Scott thanks for that in a reminder to tune in tonight for ABC news live special. America's future the power of Villa Tino vote that starts at 8 PM eastern.

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{"duration":"5:40","description":"Latino communities have been targeted by disinformation as both President Donald Trump and Joe Biden campaigns push for votes in Florida. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73866495","title":"Minority communities struggle with voting disinformation","url":"/Politics/video/minority-communities-struggle-voting-disinformation-73866495"}