Minority communities targeted by misleading info in US elections

ABC News contributor Leah Wright Rigueur discusses the history of voting disinformation during election cycles and why it’s a threat.
4:43 | 10/27/20

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Transcript for Minority communities targeted by misleading info in US elections
Let's talk more about this information in this election season we're joined Bradley erect regard she's professor of public policy at Harvard university and an ABC news contributor. So let me ask you first. We heard Rachel say look where there's always been disinformation to some extent in the campaign. This time in this day and age as we exteriors in 2016 it seems more intense targeting not just Latinos. An African American communities create all of our families were almost somebody's food even it up. So over how and why is this happening and how big threat is it. It's huge. And we should all be concerned arts and heal it. Asked. To see this is disinformation and misinformation. You are motor depression. A steady are American political guidance for generations. Doesn't act. Wanted to beat the Texas are. The voting rights that's what we're back in 1960. This is lost it crying. Elections free and fair and it's our nation. And most recently it's awkward teen. It. Is essentially dismantle. And sixteen is there should be full. Voting rights. Are mark Hilan communities vulnerable populations. The race. Within voting rights act. Us until we see in terms of that corporations are mixed information in this information and we. And crawl which are designed to give people a long ways to closing up polling stations very. And all of these things are designed should she now counts. In order to get away that race you know again mark tries to. Dangerous and corrosive as you share one oblivious. Robo calls that went out to tens of thousands of minority voters in states right across the midwest falsely claiming. That voting by mail would give credit errors in the police your information. For outstanding warrants in debts take a listen. Us now. Found great. But did you know that if you vote by mail get personal information will be part of this public database that will be lead but police. Partly to track down all the warrant immediate effect credit card companies to collect outstanding day. The CDC. It and facilities breakfast from mailing ability to protect people from mandatory vaccine. Has just just under shocking dose is that true. And is there anyway if not as they expect it's not is that it would hold people we're doing that accountable. It illegally. Is what. But he. Is and to me. Fraught. Important right now is why isn't what or. Who are. Disseminating. Information and NBA's. So it can be a ball. Information this is why we are number important seats. Multiple technological. Arms that are designed really to bring real information to people to bring a real. So in. Ends meet. The insurance false information it designs. Its. An equity. We're gonna get a good information out to you know we've also learned since 2016 about coordinated efforts. To suppress African American voters in 2016 after all the struggle for the franchise after all the bloodshed and the passion that was. I've done to achieve that so what kind of an impact now are these campaigns to try to roll back black Americans from voting. How much are they happening. You understand it. Art or didn't. Our African American vote. The little overwhelmingly. For. As a block import content and she knew her just. Democratic. And stripped of these things. We're seeing the what are we should endured are actually two should change. How much can does it on African Americans. Who are outreach. And that how much it does if you Americans turning away from that general. Sure things that are want to. The election more generally. Are among black. Great analysis earlier writer Greg thanks very much for joining us on this important issue.

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{"duration":"4:43","description":"ABC News contributor Leah Wright Rigueur discusses the history of voting disinformation during election cycles and why it’s a threat. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73866549","title":"Minority communities targeted by misleading info in US elections","url":"/Politics/video/minority-communities-targeted-misleading-info-us-elections-73866549"}