Mississippi Senate runoff race heats up

Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith and Mike Espy will face off again in a Nov. 27 election.
4:31 | 11/20/18

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Transcript for Mississippi Senate runoff race heats up
In the Mississippi senate race remains of one of the biggest question mark still from the mid terms when he eighteen record this is a hot race. Did it is surprisingly close for red state. Yet no one really knows what to expect because the elections a week from today sits two days after Thanksgiving weekend you're asking people come out just three weeks after they voted the first time. This time is just the Democrat and a Republican and in this case the Republican Center City heights and it seems to have done anything in her power to make this closer than it should be in a state like Mississippi a series of racially insensitive remarks. I'm now a build the latest stuff FaceBook posting that's up from four years ago that surfaced of her. At the at a museum dedicated to Jefferson Davis the confederate president any confederate hat. So when you talk about the politics of race Democrats are finding new reasons to be motivated about this election and it is needs clear a one we have a one off election like this it's about getting your base in gauged and Democrats have lots of reasons to be engaged at this moment we're gonna see a lot of action with 20/20 contenders and of course president trump on the eve of the election. All right a lot of focus on Mississippi right now on both sides let's go to Mississippi right now doctor Dallas bringing. I joins us he is an expert in Mississippi politics at Mississippi State University doctor bring thank you so much for being here in the briefing Herm. There so I Dijjer hurt Rick just give sort of the overview of the race we certainly attractive from here in Washington but. Give us your take how things are filling their on the ground there hasn't been a lot of retirement reliable polling out there but. Is he your sense that this thing is actually very close does the Democrat actually have a chance. Well I always always tell people you know everybody had a chance I don't know I think one of the biggest backers that republics earlier. It's just that. We have that situation really did well. We talk about that but to let you know that almost election where you mobilized peso. It's gonna take it's gonna take a lot of boots on the ground and it has to quit you know are released from. From the general's suit runoff or generally run off. Yeah I'll ask where were ever brought to win and he predominately Republican state. As you know well and a doctor Breen knew just a few months ago a Democrat in the south. And Alabama actually Doug Jones staged quite surprising upset against Roy Moore Roy Moore pretty flawed Republican candidate for senate. Over there but do you see any parallels in Mississippi. Quoting Mike SPB the Dow Jones of Mississippi. I think they're the election Waller where he. Just sheer nature of the allegations. Are without arms. We're more race. We're that would yet you beat your absolute. Some comments have been many by surprise Smith where there's more attention than what was expected as two weeks three weeks ago. Leading up to the election so there's more attention but I just a seat. That lightning rod is it that some are speculating the big day here are eager senator state senator Daniels wrote base. And weird but. Certainly conservative very strong conservative group. He's progressing home words that route boats a conservative ticket and that's really weird yeah. That question how. I think it's going to be close that a lot of people but. Still I don't think that that vote by 8%. Or we'll look now. And doctor Reno there you of these active director of the John Stennis institute of government and that's not a name that dot. Is it known in in in politics these days the DOS Santos of course a long time democratic congressman from Mississippi. The Democratic Party though has since the days of John Stennis undergone. Quite a transformation maybe hibernation in a place like Mississippi how different is the Democratic Party today. Vs the Democratic Party that was less able to win statewide in Mississippi. It's insignificant part I mean that the state while collected off our our remark primarily Republican we have Santa BA the attorney general's Democrat. General good but the rest are Republicans see Harry. We are strongly conservative state and that you sent into Mexico Democratic Party had. Has shifted significantly changed in ice and growers to use. It makes o'clock corporate Democrat to win in Mississippi but I'm Saint Paul.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith and Mike Espy will face off again in a Nov. 27 election. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59327200","title":"Mississippi Senate runoff race heats up ","url":"/Politics/video/mississippi-senate-runoff-race-heats-59327200"}