Mississippi voters head to polls in racially charged Senate runoff

Democrat Mike Espy challenges Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith's seat in the Senate in a race marked by racial undertones.
2:55 | 11/27/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mississippi voters head to polls in racially charged Senate runoff
A Tom's actually in Mississippi right now he's been following. This potentially very tight election in common curious what you've been seeing today where those polls opened what's the energy like there at the ballots. Was also pretty early here though the ballots the the voice heard about it AM eastern hour here the Mississippi State Capitol where they actually found some noose is just yesterday. Hanging from some trees in the signs that they also found associated with this news is essentially said they want to remind people. Of Mississippi's racist past and races becomes to be part of this race it's one of the reasons why. President trump was here yesterday and we should point out it was only president trump it was vice president Mike Pence to use the chair of the Republican Party senator Lindsey Graham. And the head of the trump campaign were all here rally for senator heights but because they want to make sure she doesn't lose this race to Democrat Mike SP on the issue of racism. Has become forefront in this race because of things that senator Heisman has said she. Jokingly referred to are attending a public. Hanging which many people viewed as racist she later had all apologize for that her supporters I talked to yesterday say. Her words and some of her actions of the use have been taken out of context and they think this is just mudslinging. But the bottom line is most of the people I spoke to in Tupelo yesterday or Kerry was as well said to me if president trumpets for senator Highsmith that I'm for senator Hyde Smith. So if if the president rallies its basic patrol base turns out. Senator heights with should win this election. But that we're talking about a race in Mississippi up a very red red state. This potentially close because there's been no poles no recent points or. It could be applaud but that Republicans are nervous is a very bad time for the party is this it should have been a race they should have easily won. Any time you follow so it is mid term elections so closely and carries did you see Mississippi coming did you expect this to be as close as it was. Or potentially as well you know there was always the question of yeah well there was always the question what would happen because it they have do better than 50% here in there was there were three people it in the race for senate. The libertarian candidate which allies that you'll some Republican votes went to. Took votes away from senator Hyde Smith. I spoke to some voters yesterday who wet wood voted for the libertarian candidate. And who said that there and I'm gonna vote for senator Highsmith so that's why say this could still be a blowout election we have is he any polls but Republicans were nervous enough that the president. Spent a lot of time yesterday he did to rallies in in one state which usually doesn't do and as a said they had all the so the Republicans. High profile Republicans here to make sure they turn up the bass solo have to wait and see what happens I was here a year ago. Covering the the Alabama senate race a Roy Moore burst Doug Jones were Democrat. Had a huge upset there. I was a much differ race because the allegations and accusations against Roy Moore but it was a very red state that had not had. A democratic senator in decades and the Democrats were able to win and that's why also Democrats think possibly they could have a chance with my gasping. I'm allegedly had a busy day heading your way so best of luck and shall talk to an act.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Democrat Mike Espy challenges Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith's seat in the Senate in a race marked by racial undertones.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59446366","title":"Mississippi voters head to polls in racially charged Senate runoff","url":"/Politics/video/mississippi-voters-head-polls-racially-charged-senate-runoff-59446366"}