Mistreatment of migrant kids in US custody is an 'outrage': lawmaker

Rep. Raul Ruiz (D-Calif.) reacts to a Department of Homeland Security report of migrant children in government custody lodging allegations of sexual abuse.
5:51 | 02/26/19

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Transcript for Mistreatment of migrant kids in US custody is an 'outrage': lawmaker
Raoul Ruiz of California Democrat. Who is not only. Someone who's been involved with Porter conditions but also an emergency medical doctor. Congressman reads great to see you sir I want to get your reaction off the top two. Two didn't. This unbelievable testimony today I don't know if you got a chance to see any of it and in this report. Coming out from DHS that so many children in costly government custody. I have been have lodged allegations of San. So views. It's an outrage it's a moral violation of our code as. As humans to protect our young from being abused in these are children who are vulnerable who are defenseless who. Who are without the social support that they need a feared. Fearing retribution fearing the authority our own. Agents causing these kind of harms or the stats that. Of these facilities that are there to protect them. And that have responsibility over them abusing them in this way. You better believe Morgan we're gonna bring some more transparency demands a more hearings ice and on the energy and commerce committee. We're gonna bring in the Office of Refugee Resettlement to demand answers to some questions and we need more transparency and find out what the hell's going non. In in our immigration system especially when women. By children toddlers infants and elderly are being detained in inhumane circumstances. Yeah all free to talk a little bit more about that you have spent some time down tour in these facilities. And recently come back your spearheading some legislation right now. Two demands are urged direct. Our Customs and Border Protection to improve humanitarian conditions. Were seen on the screen here are some of what that resolution would call for. I'm shocked that you even need to take these steps. How surprised were you in what did you see when you're down. Well when I visited the stations at lord's bird game and a little wells in New Mexico my heart was broken I had excuse myself otherwise how it's how it started crying and publicly which I don't like to do. But to see women and in fans and children. An elderly stacked in a room and a concrete Wendell is cold room. Coughing on each other where he was so packed that you couldn't see the floor. Laying on just a thin sheet of aluminum blame gate was very very heartbreaking it is a at consistent with a big dehumanizing. Language that's coming out of the White House regarding asylum seekers. And therefore my resolution is a preclude to. That is consistent win international humanitarian norms as well as our own constitution our own laws. And now with asylum seekers seeking safety in our countries to treat them with the respect. Human dignity in order to address the humanitarian needs for example. Providing diapers providing baby food in in picked up formula. Providing an ability to wash your hands with soap and water ability to to bathe daily. Things like making sure you had a private clean toilet that you can use feminine products. These are very basic basic humanitarian. Needs that we are not providing. For anybody detained in CBP's custody right now and it's important to know. Dead if you're going to take families women and children and elderly into your custody. And detain them then it is the responsibility. Of the agency to provide for those humanitarian needs. I I think you'd be hard pressed to find somebody that disagrees with that we will follow your resolution on that that's going to be coming up. For some consideration shortly and finally before we let you go congressman. Ruiz want to ask you about today's big vote did this evening on terminating the president's emergency declaration know you are supporting that resolution. Got to ask about the politics of this from the democratic perspective is there any risk. He headed into the 20/20 campaign that a move like this that it could be seen is sort of Democrats overplaying their hand yet to be careful not to. Block stricter border measures too much so to speak. Well you know this is something that's been debated in the American public through elections and the vast majority of the people voted. Against president trumpet his idea of a border wall. The vast majority the people voted in favor. Democrats during the mid terms where they were against building be ineffective and very expensive. Bit border walk and so what we're doing here is is going towards using the constitution and the checks and balances to protect the con the article one. And Congress's role of determining what gets spent. And to prevent people over reefs in the power grab by president was trying to bypass our constitution to create his own. Powered based on. And had no evidence whatsoever that we're having any kind of threat to our national security. Where we're imploding as that country. And connect congress doesn't have the time to act on the situation at the border so. I'm against this because I am for the constitution and for the checks and balances I believed in our constitution I believe. In the intent of our forefathers that wanted to create a constitution that would prevent a key or authoritarian figure from exercising too much power. And so that's why I'm voting against this resolution. And that resolution is expected. Gamers today. Generation here her writing I am in favor of the resolution which is against the resolution we know that that's gonna come up. Later tonight's expected to pass congressman Raoul Ruiz of California thank you so much sir appreciate your time great to have your perspective and expertise. As well down there in those border facilities thank you sir.

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{"duration":"5:51","description":"Rep. Raul Ruiz (D-Calif.) reacts to a Department of Homeland Security report of migrant children in government custody lodging allegations of sexual abuse.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"61338495","title":"Mistreatment of migrant kids in US custody is an 'outrage': lawmaker","url":"/Politics/video/mistreatment-migrant-kids-us-custody-outrage-lawmaker-61338495"}