Mitt Romney: 'I'm Going to Get This Nomination'

Super Tuesday frontrunner thanks fellow GOP contenders.
3:00 | 03/06/12

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Transcript for Mitt Romney: 'I'm Going to Get This Nomination'
-- -- -- -- Chance. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And their children Alley and Joseph and Thomas great to have my family here to be back. In at her home a Massachusetts it's wonderful to be able to. Be able to go home tonight for the first time in two months -- What they and -- -- right lot of what a great night there are three states tonight under our belt and counting we're gonna get more before this night is over. We're are so excited to be of the bay state tonight. Celebrating with family -- with friends who work this tirelessly. On this campaign and of course it's it's such an honor to have the citizens that I served as governor. As part of our -- Need your support rating means everything to enemy. And I'm not that let -- down. I'm gonna get this nomination. Tonight we're we're doing some counting or counting up the delegates for the convention it looks good and we're counting down the days until November and that looks even better. Okay. Where we're gonna take your vote. A huge vote tonight in Massachusetts and take that victory all the way to the White House. Now it's now. It's been -- long. It's been a long road. Getting to Super Tuesday -- -- to be honest and and my opponents have worked very hard. I want to congratulate Newt Gingrich had a good night in Georgia and Rick Santorum on his benighted and Ron Paul for his steadfast commitment to our constitution. And his strong support almost everywhere you go he's got good followers thanks you guys nice racist. Now we. We officially started our campaign about nine months ago not very far from here at a farmhouse in New Hampshire it was a beautiful spring day full of hope and promise. A day that made us all recognize. Once again how lucky we are to be Americans. But we -- that it was an effort not just two oh win more votes or more delegates delegates it was the start of an effort to restore the promise of America. A promise that we now has -- We -- -- -- clarion call across the country. From airport. -- factory floors. Two door to door heart to heart. Face to face across the country -- met -- moms and dads and teachers and students and factory workers and business owners I've listened and I've learned. I hope on the better candidate by the way for having done all that and I. -- -- -- Forever be grateful to you for the help that -- -- -- -- -- and grateful also to all those people who helped me through this process and and top male on the way. -- met some extraordinary folks I met someone named -- burned. Who do for be exemplifies the innovative spirit that ready -- the country. Norm didn't go to college didn't get -- engineering degree but he does have 100 patents in his name. And it turned a small shop in this basement into a very successful company that employs lot of people. It's sad it's -- to growers like like norm are. We're going to get America's economy back on track if we get the government out of the way. -- I've met parents like like David McArthur maybe you saw him on the Huckabee show. Who's the children his case of have served their country and more David's son was seriously injured in Afghanistan as he described me he only -- for the front lines. To face a new fight to get the medical care he needed and he surely has has earned. And as I told David I believe that to those who put everything on the line for us we owe everything to them that they need. I. America's. America's veterans they deserve a lot better the long lines -- reduced benefits and as president I'm gonna make sure they get the care they deserve. Okay. So on running for for office about the chance of meeting people like Norman David and there. Their stories -- course inspiring. But I've also met some people who are -- we're hurting under the stagnant Obama economy. And their stories are heartbreaking. Some people lost their jobs. Others are working two jobs just to make ends meet. Some used to be middle income and now they're struggling again right back where they started. As you know the prices for gasoline and food and clothing and health care keep going up but their paychecks. Stay the same electing. President Obama keeps telling these Americans -- the recovery is here. But for them the recession is not over -- for short. -- from from generation to generation in this country Americans have always known. That the future will be brighter and better we've always believed that it tomorrow full apostles a possibility. And prosperity and security. That that deep confidence. In a better tomorrow. Is the basic promise of America. But today that promise is being threatened by a faltering economy. And a failed presidency. To the millions of Americans who look around it can only see jobs they can't get. And bills that they AM that they can't pay I have a message. You have not failed. You have a president that's failed you and that's -- -- -- -- When he was campaigning present Obama city create jobs. But for 36 straight months unemployment has been above 8%. And he's also said he cut the deficit in half and he's doubled the damage and other the -- today are too high the opportunities are too few. And we've seen enough of this president over the last three years to know that we don't need another five of this president that's. Look -- said. This. This. This president's run out of ideas. He's run out of excuses and a 2012 we're gonna get him out of the out out of. -- a President Obama seasonable eighty's unchecked by the council session. These -- and responsive to the will of our people operate like command. Instead of my consensus. In a second term. He'd be on restrained by the demands of reelection and -- -- one thing we cannot afford is four years of Barack Obama with no one answer to. So these days -- here the president and his team they keep telling us that things are getting better. But 24 million Americans are still struggling for work. Their -- having each other in the west wing. My friends that -- -- 8% unemployment is not the best American do it's just the best that this administration can do. When -- president this America -- American economy will not be lagging behind this American economy will. Be leading the world as it has and as it should and as it will do in the future. For this. You know. This administration -- employment numbers just another and -- biggest statistic. Standing in the way of a second term. But those numbers are more than data out of spreadsheet. They're worried families. And anxious faces and the not about the city's them. You are not forgotten. We will not leave you behind. Our campaign is on the move and real change is finally on the way. This is tied. These times may be tough. But -- status -- citizens still believe in the promise of America. And they deserve a president who believes in them. That's why our campaign. It's about more than just replacing -- president. It's about restoring America's promise and we will know what. Won't settle for this president's new normal. I'm offering a real choice and a new beginning. Have a plan that'll deliver more jobs less debt and smaller government present Obama raise the national debt. I won't cut cap and balance the budget finally. He passed obamacare and I will repeal obamacare. He lost our triple -- credit rating -- restore our triple -- credit rating. Amazingly he rejected the Keystone Pipeline I will approve it. It -- -- he is stalled domestic energy production. I'm an open up our lands for development so we can finally get the energy we need at a price we can afford. When it comes to the economy. When it comes to this academy in my house priority will be worrying about your job. Now worrying about saving my job. And by the way I've got a pro growth. Tax plan jobs plan does get a jumpstart the economy. President Obama wants to raise your taxes. I'm gonna cut them that starts without across the board 20% rate cut for every American. -- and by the way -- also gotta repeal the alternative minimum tax and I will finally abolished the death tax. The president's propose raising taxes for job creators I will cut taxes for job creators. The president wants to raise taxes on savings and investment. I will help middle class family save and invest tax free. You know -- instead -- -- after three years this president does not have a single serious proposal for saving Medicare. Our Social Security. -- a plan that saves both of them. And I had the courage to put that plan on the table and will win with the truth. As president I would get our economy back on track. And get our citizens. Back to work. And I like -- Obama actually had the experience to deliver on that problem. As you know I spent 25 years and business. I've been this sort of -- Olympics and the leader of this great state the world -- the night a cut taxes nineteen times here. I turned a budget shortfall. And to a surplus. I know government kills jobs and yes. I know how it can help create jobs. I stand ready to lead our party. And I stand ready to lead our nation to prosperity. It. -- -- I've said this before. And I've -- and again I gotta say it again this campaign is it's not just about a name on the ballot. It's about saving the soul of America. And it's driven by an unshakable optimism. The lies within the heart of every American citizen we know that our futures brighter -- better than these troubled times. We've been knocked down. We've been tested late but we don't accept that an American. Like this nation has limits. We know America's a land of opportunity. We still get up every morning and thank god that we're Americans. -- -- We also know that -- hard work. Am a strong leadership. With a president that'll tell the truth. With support what the president to live with integrity that our greatest days as a nation are ahead of us thanks the American people. And tonight. We've taken one more step towards restoring the promise of tomorrow. Tomorrow we wake up and we start again and the next day -- -- the same. And so we'll go day by day step by step door by door. Heart to heart. The be good days. -- -- bad days always long hours never enough time to get everything done. But on November 6. We're gonna stand united. Not only having one election but having saved -- future. And I. Time to believe in ourselves. It's -- believe in ourselves it's time to believe that America. I'm asking you to join our cause we need your energy and your conviction. And your commitment. I'm asking for you to pledge your support Mitt -- dot com get online get your voice and your vote in this campaign. And I'm asking -- join in the fight for our freedom and ensure that tomorrow. We'll be better than today. Let's go forward together and restore the promise of America together. Let's fight for the America we love. Thank you and god bless this great --

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