Can Mitt Romney Pull a Bob Dole in Iowa?

Reporter O. Kay Henderson adds Gingrich, Santorum could inherit Cain supporters.
3:00 | 11/07/11

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Transcript for Can Mitt Romney Pull a Bob Dole in Iowa?
We are pleased to be joined by the incomparable okay Henderson of radio Iowa whose. Always crisscrossing the state for us and let us know what's going on everywhere and and K -- Lott has been made about the fact that Mitt Romney has spent a lot of time in Iowa certainly nothing like he did. Four years ago is this a -- that he can flip on -- Iowa caucus goers ready to accept someone that of course they rejected four years ago. Well he's done a remarkable job of holding on to the core of people who helped him finish -- -- here last time around. -- if you look at the wave chess pieces are arranged on the board. Think it's possible that she could pull a win here in the same way that Bob Dole did in 1996. Bob -- second time around that the candidates. Often sizable -- his support for. Still able to eke out a victory because there was no clear single challenger to him I think. That -- -- board for Mitt Romney -- Iowa. 96 K because they -- -- that I am I went back and I looked at the entrance pulled back from -- and and when it was an incumbent president and that -- -- make them so called modern art self identified moderate voting then. Many more conservatives voted in -- Anthony. And that's where Mitt Romney has this problem so if it we do you have an electorate that is as conservative -- that 2008. Caucus electorate. -- and Mitt Romney win them over given what we know -- his. His short -- for many of those conservative voters. To this point -- strategy has been -- wait for his competitors to slice and dice that social conservative Europe. Mention he's here today. -- seen Rick Perry ought not be able to get traction among that core group Republican. And -- -- something interesting that was and the Iowa poll conducted. Toward the end of October. They found that older voters are less -- -- -- -- This time around than they -- and 2008. Now and we surmise that those older voters that are -- predominantly conservative voters. I don't know that we can do that I I went back an interesting development that we -- Kate of course this time four years ago when the battle in the polls but nobody was really talking about Mike Huckabee he had spent a lot of time on -- -- lot of money. In Iowa making waves and of course he went -- wants -- to win the caucuses is there a sense of who the potential Mike Huckabee could be in this year's race -- Rick Santorum is Newt -- is there someone there is poised. Maybe in a lower -- to to move forward. Q -- to -- people who are in opposition. Rick Santorum and it Gingrich are often mentioned as people -- choice for especially two. Our Herman Cain supporters now -- -- that. Is the -- that apartment -- -- -- Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. Our position to inherit some -- to cap and supporting her saint for a number of reasons. You church has done really well on the debate stage. And -- -- your it's out now. Rick Santorum has happened that it every one of Iowa's 99 charities -- in each calendar year 2011. He has made one stop. And 99 different. Counties in Iowa that significant and he met a lot of people in rural Iowa. -- making typical answering them on election. -- -- we haven't talked about yet is Herman Cain what the fallout from Iowa. You -- on top of the polls there's gonna stay there very long. -- Debate will will be a game changer for this race if he is unable to -- rise. Get excited debate. Performance as an escape -- are among every one. Who watches those debates I want Republican just like republic and across the country had been watching -- debate very closely. And that's why interment changed its spent a lot of -- -- campaigning in Iowa apps why Iowa Republicans. Finds compelling figure. I attended. Cupboard -- Garrity. Republican dinner here on Friday night and stood by Herman cain's table for a while mr. -- was not hear speak and say well. I have this really interesting answer from one of them and I talked he said he thought this whole. Controversy about these alleged sexual harassment -- -- for change. Because he wasn't as politically savvy at his rivals and that is that a good. Trial by fire for mister -- and made a better candidate in -- it's. Interesting. I think the dynamic among them Herman -- supporters is that -- number one. Don't believe necessarily what they're reading -- hearing on -- and number two actual lot of these people. Even heard about the allegations because they're out there taking their kids to soccer practice or you know trying to make their small square. And Kate just in the final forty seconds as he -- so here is there a sense and Iowa that Herman Cain actually has the campaign in Iowa. To win the Iowa Caucuses that he has to step -- up. -- like fact that congressman Steve King who spent the night at Herman Cain and it Gingrich and Houston that tap Saturday. And -- point blank that -- -- wants to wrap it stopped he spent time. All right Kay Henderson the incomparable in -- in the eagle. Okay Henderson. A -- asking why you don't tweet more that's we have the five that's the bottom -- back on the Twitter which. -- thank -- so much.

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{"id":14897917,"title":"Can Mitt Romney Pull a Bob Dole in Iowa?","duration":"3:00","description":"Reporter O. Kay Henderson adds Gingrich, Santorum could inherit Cain supporters.","url":"/Politics/video/mitt-romney-pull-bob-dole-iowa-14897917","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}