Romney Responds to Etch-A-Sketch Comparison

GOP candidate says he will stay faithfully conservative.
0:45 | 03/21/12

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Transcript for Romney Responds to Etch-A-Sketch Comparison
Campaign -- to becoming a general election campaign. The nature of the campaign itself terms of staff. Funding. Stage -- goes Google will be different that they could cost as much. And fundraising numbers are very different now we're Republican National Committee and sentenced. Heart and he if that injured his old organization. A general election campaign -- well. Beyond the issues I'm running out we'll be is. -- -- using reserve our house conservative governor running his conservative Republican -- -- that point oh. -- -- president. Policies and positions. That.

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{"id":15974747,"title":"Romney Responds to Etch-A-Sketch Comparison","duration":"0:45","description":"GOP candidate says he will stay faithfully conservative.","url":"/Politics/video/mitt-romney-responds-aides-comparison-campaign-etch-sketch-15974747","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}