Romney Tax Plan: 'Blanks Haven't Been Filled In Yet'

Politifact's Bill Adair discusses questionable claims from Mitt Romney, Barack Obama's campaigns.
3:00 | 10/11/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Romney Tax Plan: 'Blanks Haven't Been Filled In Yet'
We doing it now to bill -- who is the editor in chief of -- fact the creator and editor of the fact that it's a joins us from Washington DC. They'll -- meaning to you. Thanks for -- -- Make sure -- -- bills so we're having you on here is sort of our free bottle to the debate and that we -- we think we know what to topics. Are going to be talked about a lot so we'd love for you to weigh in. On them in the first is this idea that we we sought in the last debate. President Obama saying governor Romney wants a five trillion dollar tax cut governor Romney said back in the debate I'm not looking for a five trillion dollar tax cut. -- -- Well that was one we rated half. Half true. Or -- -- -- Romney kept saying I don't have that I don't have that well he he does he's very proud that he has. Tax cut for everyone in his plan of about 20%. But what. What he was resisting was the attempt to sort of portray it as not having an offset is not as they're not being way to pay for it. And indeed Romney has said he will pay for it he won't do it without. Without eliminating some deductions. And things that would make it possible to pay for -- We -- so we rated the president's claim half true there the important part to understand is. The Tax Policy Center and an independent tax group has said. The the problem is that if the numbers don't add up so far from what the Romney -- campaign has put out. They haven't been clear how they will pay for that so we've actually been giving a lot of half truths for that reason. Because of their blanks that just haven't been filled in yet. Bill the other the other question is the 716. Billion dollar question is has to -- with. Whether or not the president is reading in some way not Medicare to pay for obamacare. Where where did you come down on that argument. Depending on the wording Olivier we'd either give that a half true -- mostly false. On our truth O meter -- -- -- a fact. You know it's true that obamacare does get 716 billion dollars. From savings in Medicare but it's important to note those are from. Reducing the future growth of Medicare most of it comes from providers. It's not taking it out of the benefits that current beneficiaries are getting. And so it's been used -- by Republicans the same -- Democrats have used. Attack lines about Medicare to scare senior citizens and I'm sure we'll hear tonight from Ryan. Just like what will likely hear from Joseph Biden claims about. About Ryan's plan and what it would -- to the future Medicare but you know it it's just one of these things that has really been exaggerated. A bill. This I do not mean this as an attack on your rays on that curve which is that -- that a -- that Olivier company earlier. But is there a price to be paid. For not telling the truth in the debates is this about. Being factual or is it about seeming confident. Well -- I do think Tom if you if you look at what came out of the debate last week. -- the Obama campaigns. Mom try afterward was Romney stretched the truth Romney twisted the facts and that has been a common talking point. With people from the Obama campaign with -- ever since so I think the I think. The campaigns feel that it's important. To portray the other guy is not getting the facts straight and indeed Romney did that during the debate last time. Now whether that ultimately matters to the electorate I think is a question for social scientists. Partisans -- course I think you're gonna believe in there in their guy. But I do think there's an awful big chunk of the electorate electorate that doesn't want their politicians to tell the truth. Bill thank you very much we really appreciate your time tonight thanks again for coming on -- Phillip there the creator and editor of -- effect.

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{"id":17457205,"title":"Romney Tax Plan: 'Blanks Haven't Been Filled In Yet'","duration":"3:00","description":"Politifact's Bill Adair discusses questionable claims from Mitt Romney, Barack Obama's campaigns.","url":"/Politics/video/mitt-romney-tax-plan-blanks-filled-17457205","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}