Mitt Romney Tells Barack Obama, 'Enough!'

Highlights from the former governor's victory speech in Illinois.
5:46 | 03/20/12

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Transcript for Mitt Romney Tells Barack Obama, 'Enough!'
Day hundreds of thousands. Of people in Illinois have joined millions of people across the country. To join our costs. And this -- that began on a small farm in New Hampshire. On a sunny June day we -- surrounded by a small group of our friends and some supporters and family. We we shared -- conviction. That the American we will was in trouble -- adrift without strong leadership. And three years -- Barack Obama have brought us fewer jobs. And shrinking paychecks. But many of us believe we were in danger of losing something even more than the value of our homes and our 401 case. After. Years. Of too many apologies. And not enough jobs. Historic drops and in comment historic highs in gas prices. A president who doesn't hasn't hesitate to use all the means necessary to force to obamacare on the American public but leads from behind in the world. It's time to say these words this word. Enough. The American economy. Is fueled by freedom. Okay. They history of the world has shown that economic freedom is the only force. That -- consistently. Lifted people lot of poverty. It's the only principle that has ever been able to sustain prosperity. But over the last three years this administration has been engaged in an all out assault on our freedom. Under this president bureaucrats. Prevent drilling rig going to work in the gulf they they keep coal -- -- mine. They impede the reliable supply of natural gas. Even tell farmers what their kids are able to do on their farms. This administration's assault on freedom. Has kept this so called recovery for meeting their projections let alone our expectations. And now by the way the president's trying to -- his record with some new rhetoric. The other day he said this he said we are inventors. We -- builders. We're makers of things. We -- Thomas Edison where the Wright Brothers. Where Bill Gates. We're still jobs. -- -- that -- -- Steve Jobs. As true. But the problem is he's still Barack Obama. For centuries the American dream has -- the opportunity to build something new. Some of America's greatest success stories are part are people who started out with nothing but a good idea. And a corner of their garage. But too often today Americans who want to start a business or launch a new venture they don't -- promise and opportunity. Basic government standing in the way and I'm gonna change that we're -- -- I approve of the president's failure. Is seeing how tepid this economy this economic recovery is. I mean this administration thinks that the economy struggling because the stimulus wasn't large enough. The truth is the economy is struggling because the government is to -- Okay. You and I know something the president still hasn't learned. Even after three years and hundreds of billions of dollars of spending and borrowing it is not the government that creates our prosperity. The prosperity of America is the product of free markets and free people and they must be protected and -- -- I -- -- time well well finally have a government that that understands it's better for more people to pay less in taxes that for a very -- to pay a lot more. Okay. I see America -- the values we pass on to our children are greater than the debts we leave them. Okay. I see -- America. Where poverty is defeated by opportunity. Not enabled by a government check. I see -- America America that is humbled. Excuse me I see an America that is humble. But it is never humble. That leads but is never led. I see an America that is so unquestionably strong that no one in the world would ever think of testing in the might of our military. Okay. Today we took an important step towards that America. Tomorrow we'll take another. Each day we move closer not just to victory. But to a better America. Join us join us together. We're going to ensure. That America's greatest days are still ahead.

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{"id":15966964,"title":"Mitt Romney Tells Barack Obama, 'Enough!'","duration":"5:46","description":"Highlights from the former governor's victory speech in Illinois.","url":"/Politics/video/mitt-romney-tells-barack-obama-15966964","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}