Mitt Romney Wins Vermont Primary

Professor Josh Putnam discusses Super Tuesday results and the primary process.
5:57 | 03/06/12

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Transcript for Mitt Romney Wins Vermont Primary
It also created a system where not every state is is playing by even similar rules is that not true. That -- mean that's that's the -- of other Republican process is. The that the national party leaves that up to the states decide how one -- eight delegates be -- back for just a second -- what -- -- about abortion rules link in this process. Also -- recently -- We'll have some impact but it will be marginal as computer -- the impact that the spread out calendars piercings time on is it's gonna. But yeah. We got a whole host of difference -- about delegates that are -- late this evening and in different reactions to those rules whether it's. Allocating delegates at large delegates statewide. Proportionally. Went to congressional districts or some conditional method where somebody gets majority vote that you over. All right -- all the delegates from from the state or or on -- the district's. So -- for those of us and and I I count myself who are not particularly good in -- so think about me as like. -- the level of a third or fourth grader when it comes to math. Can -- explain to last very simple terms third grade math terms. Why this is such a complicated process why we can't just show up today -- say. These are the delegates this is how many delegates. Have been won in -- why. So many news outlets. Have so many different numbers when it comes to the issue of who has what delegates. The -- counts hinges home and discrepancies across the caucus contests that we've scenes at four. All of the primary states happens. They -- defined rule at least in terms of being England -- -- -- talked about in terms of winners at all portion malady but it also binds the delegates. The problem in the -- between various delegate tracker -- out there are -- -- the -- in which they deal with the non binding caucus states that the into the process. The delegates will it. At the convention on now. I mean they can't endorse somebody but they're not -- by -- the straw poll list that we're hearing all the results right bombs north -- their prime example of that tonight on there. Adding single solitaire. Sequels argument in each of the precinct levels adding snapshot straw poll to win the actual delegate. Selection process started back in in January district conventions. Began on January 17 and will continue through march 22. Com. So there's a separation there between this this -- separate straw poll non binding straw poll but that's taking place. And and the actual delegate selection process on that that one may not be represented and the other. Bomb -- what we -- the other states is that. The straw poll it happens on the same day as the delegate selection process but they happen it and vastly different times during the knee folks -- go in. Cast their ten and the preference poll in and leave if they want -- this -- -- started well for just. The Brothers that the committed hardcore supporters will stick around and and and vote for there. In a choice or or they're there delegates choice -- on the next rounds again. We got this discrepancy between straw poll results on one hand and what the alternate delegate allocations gonna look like and that's what's driving this around. Through I try to take is conservative approach is -- -- saying look. I'm not gonna get any delegates to someone unless -- actually been allocated or bound to particularly -- Josh great that you we just. -- -- -- you got some more information. From our decision desk here for -- victory for Mitt Romney yet not an unexpected line. The state of Vermont has now been projected. For Romney to win. And the big state that we're watching all night long -- Ohio the polls have closed. And yet we don't have enough information. Two to tell us yet by the exit polls. And unprotected what are we do know it. It is a two person race between Romney and Santorum of course we knew that going into tonight as well but we will continue. We will continue to. Update you guys as we as we learn they have more -- -- as real raw vote returns start coming in. And get weighted against the exit polls that's when the decision desk is able to make do you wanna put. Her right I do I mean it's this is my first time. -- night. Josh -- -- really high tech gas system here and that this is Mitt Romney right. Yes this is still on there -- a lot of this is that close to New Hampshire of course where he has nice -- -- when the sake. And in Massachusetts assistant state which was in the northeast has been good to the northeast governor what a surprise that the so. So -- one last thing book but before we let -- What are we gonna know tonight and definitively when we get -- delegate counts now at. Keeping the Mitt Romney campaigns gonna come -- make the same case that you did that the math just just doesn't show up. -- suspects. Inadvertently was a friend of the -- campaign today. Not mean including Aetna now let's yeah I suspect that they'll do what they they tried to set up -- weekend there at a conference call it's look. You know Rick Santorum is is just up against it when it comes to you gaining delegates in this race that sound we are we as in the Romney campaign are far more organized than he has. And it's really -- waiting to start from on tonight as we head into Marin get a definitive look at at the actual allocation counts.

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{"id":15863768,"title":"Mitt Romney Wins Vermont Primary","duration":"5:57","description":"Professor Josh Putnam discusses Super Tuesday results and the primary process.","url":"/Politics/video/mitt-romney-wins-vermont-primary-15863768","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}