Mitt Romney's Electability Enough for Voters?

Gary Langer looks at poll research and voter results on electability issue.
1:52 | 03/06/12

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Transcript for Mitt Romney's Electability Enough for Voters?
Gary Langer. Let her research in the polling director here at ABC news. Who has just been pouring over these numbers on thank you very much sir for joining us. -- -- It was was it more diverse electorate in places like Tennessee and Oklahoma in terms of its composite the Republican voters that Shula -- Romney's electability. Seemed to be a big strong suit for him in Ohio and elsewhere. But look at the problem coming in white by opting to be enough to actually did you know make this -- Because it's not enough I mean the the headline this evening could could be can't buy me love the theme song if -- Because Mitt Romney prevails electability but in terms of a personal connection with voters' concerns it's just another and it shows up and -- else. When he lacks that personal connection elsewhere in states that have more ideological electric are very conservative voters -- Or is very strong abortion opponents -- -- Voters. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But in his state like Ohio where you have a less ideological base of voters more -- -- more diverse. Array of voters. Then that electability is enough to make -- highly competitive. But but not enough clearly to walk away with right so so he's got the -- -- he's got the electability but. We ransom -- it was really interest of frost well all of these states. -- like six and ten. Across seven states for having sent six in ten voters or are picking either electability experience as the most important candidate -- -- They're going -- about -- supporters 53% in this group support Romney blown away Gingrich and santorum's third right. It's a very strong. Argument for runs -- The Chief Justice faces is that it's a sizable chunk of the -- 3736%. Of Republicans who picked another. Attribute. As most important to -- either candidate with a strong moral character. Or their true conservative race these are the true believers of the Republican Party. And going overwhelmingly. Two cents or even more -- more than 53% no 41% percent -- Santorum. But many also Gingrich and Romney gets 18%. Well so that -- uninteresting. Looking going forward. Play this out let's say that it is a two person race it's just Santorum. And Mitt Romney. In these states. Where either. Looks a little bit like go -- or maybe it's somewhere in between Ohio and Tennessee. Don't if if if ideology. Is forty or so percent of the vote and Santorum can capture. The majority of them. Does that give him a pass. -- doing much better than we assume well. It's challenge -- -- just take a look at Ohio where he's so competitive now and popular vote but it's not going to be. -- -- Right right and so in terms of rolling up the delegates he's got real challenges ahead but in terms of winning the popular vote in places like Alabama and Mississippi. That that's that's not going to be a close call given the numbers we -- seeing now he is simply prevailing in. The groups that. That are significant Republican Party particularly in the south and the ones that we've watched Romney struggled to connect with. Not tonight not last week but all year like -- Christians evangelical Christians voters who were most strongly opposed to two to abortion. Voters who describe themselves as very conservative you know you -- win very conservative seen in Massachusetts but that's a different -- -- didn't have a national poll that showed that Romney was rehabilitating himself with -- -- books and even national poll. That while -- was rehabilitated himself somewhat very conservative right. This is a key point I think it is ultimately gonna probably save Romney in the end which is that. These voters are not saying flatly they will not support Mitt Romney for president. They simply have another preference he's not their first choice that's different than ruling them out entirely in his hope. Is to stick around long enough they learn to love. -- This is we're still behind the sitting here real I think here didn't you can hear that Williams. Out -- got -- as we call it is. Is the crew for the network should be dismissed and that hitting it and but we still -- on here we we never go very secure here. -- question him. Breakdown for me Rick Santorum. Was having some traction apartments -- early. Into the Eyewitness News blue collar voters make -- a working class argument. To be seen. -- the income it big disparity. Between Romney supporters and and and symptoms. -- seeing a lot of this working class vote working for Santorum the way it's been -- rather at the other end of the spectrum. We're seeing the pretty wealthy voters a 100000 plus the 200000 dollar plus -- pretty actually numerous. In some of -- -- -- -- tilting heavily toward Romney the challenge again for Romney and he does best with senior citizens and with very wealthy people. -- -- -- -- which really make for an easy slogan on the back. Of the pickup truck yet -- but it's certainly true. -- -- you maybe -- -- they do show up to vote in and -- -- they're keeping him in the game if you will but again this is not a populist candidacy. And that's a challenge form you know where is the fire it's really just take -- state like Vermont. Okay. But the joining state to Romney's home state. You expected to win in a walking in to some extent he does but the number of independents who showed up to vote in Vermont tonight. 41%. Of the electorate up from 23%. Forty years ago in this open primary right. And they vote. For Ron Ron Paul -- So the rock is not polling voters aggressively to the to the polls right in that happen Paul did that -- Romney won the state fine. But he didn't do it on the strength of his. Of this -- that we're suggesting that that. Is that what happened and in Virginia as well that's why the margin was not -- -- is because independents came out. And voted for Ron Paul exactly the same -- so you've got you know there there is even in a place like Virginia -- two candidate race. There is there there -- some things in those results due to bring a smile to the anyone but Romney cried out. And that's of that crowd the most the credit goes to -- -- an -- -- -- the about the campaign and they are very heartened by C. Being able to raw voters. In some very committed way. That's right in the question is what happens ultimately a don't forget there -- 2008 we had this long endless discussion about Clinton voters they're -- come around to Obama. -- the end of the -- Democrats vote for Democrats and Republicans vote for Republicans and I imagine that's what we'll see here but it's take him awhile to come around ideas. These things like Medicare linger -- -- agencies -- -- thank you very much it's always good to chat and he always comes look at that with all of -- -- -- on the. Sleeves rolled up. Exits that examine just talked Twitter to hello.

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{"id":15865190,"title":"Mitt Romney's Electability Enough for Voters?","duration":"1:52","description":"Gary Langer looks at poll research and voter results on electability issue. ","url":"/Politics/video/mitt-romneys-electability-voters-15865190","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}