Mitt Romney's Jeans: Governor 'Embarrassed' on Radio

Candidate was interviewed on the "Don Wade and Roma" morning show on WLS Chicago
0:39 | 03/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mitt Romney's Jeans: Governor 'Embarrassed' on Radio
They took a picture excuse me of your -- And and it's got the size right on there 3434. For a guy that 65 years old that's pretty -- -- hot hot stuff like goodness gracious. This is embarrassing there's nothing private anymore -- that are. But I'm and they pointed out that you don't Wear those mom jeans like the president did -- 09 when he threw out his first pitch. And he talked about how they're so nice and comfortable. And good big -- -- -- -- -- it's. That's pretty funny well you know -- I I -- my wife to buy -- -- for me and she got me good fair.

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{"id":15954961,"title":"Mitt Romney's Jeans: Governor 'Embarrassed' on Radio","duration":"0:39","description":"Candidate was interviewed on the \"Don Wade and Roma\" morning show on WLS Chicago","url":"/Politics/video/mitt-romneys-jean-size-governor-embarrassed-chicago-radio-15954961","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}