Mitt Romney's RNC Speech: Online Feedback

Bloggers and reporters get reactions from different demographics via Google hangouts.
3:00 | 08/31/12

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Transcript for Mitt Romney's RNC Speech: Online Feedback
-- -- -- We've been checking it -- -- its second tonight with some people who work in contact throughout this doing Google -- With some friends with some neighbors trying to. Decide how they came down on this we want to start. By check it was with -- Siler who spent some time with the moms over the last -- over the last couple of hours and but it what was that take away -- your school hang out what was the most predominant theme that you heard about the evening's festivities here. I would say we're -- prominent placement people were saying that the people in my cat thing that. They still not convinced they still couldn't see what they -- just need to make the way it. -- their minds. -- -- -- -- They saw a Romney. This not this night this particular time. There was any different from the Romney that they seen up until this point one Seymour also wanted to stay. It's the biggest issue in their minds was about the economy although one of the people might hang out said that she felt like reproductive rights were very very important. Very diverse group in our. Somebody who was with a group of Latinos voters and only do -- Is in Washington. Is a reporter for Univision news. What do you tell us about the feedback you've got from your hang out. Talk a lot about immigration a lot of what the future inflation might look like -- a lot of questions about deferred action. Program -- -- undocumented -- to fight to stay in the country for a period of two years and years and what the future got news when he hasn't made clear what he would do with that in future. That was a big question him he hasn't answered. It was there any sense of speaking vision is that -- that -- -- to young people. Two young people absolutely. We talked about -- victory -- Whether that would be pastor north and everybody in my hang out once -- to -- and talk to conservatives and. Our liberal voters and -- all -- -- -- for more permanent solution that will support the very. All right ambulatory thank you for it for checking it we're gonna now with around the Joan Garry. Of -- the other former executive director of gay and lesbian advocates and defenders also worked on the the 2008. Obama campaign in the finance world and what was the take away among your friends and neighbors on who. -- anything in this speech that it really it's stuck out your mind. Well we have pretty good very different people. In -- -- including apple Democrat. A couple Republicans volatile UVC. -- -- poll before that before that hang out began and that how many of you believe. That that Romney will -- that incessantly -- at all. Man we unanimously agreed that he would steer clear of every single one of them so what we actually ended up talking about frankly. Was about what he did not talk about rather than what he did talk about Nelson talked about the Log Cabin Republicans. And the kind of -- they have made and the kind of puts that they have made. -- try to move the GOP's. Into a place that's actually -- with 21 century the ground is shifting. And -- do you use means we out of step. -- we often thought about what what. Romney didn't talk about about people of color about women supports about LBB keep people and we talked a lot about you through. Truth telling and invent things and what we talk about. Well one thing we talked about was business -- of convincing being like it was a -- And that. Toto pulled the -- -- of the heart that that. That screen and behind that screen. Is the GOP platform. And that's not anything we heard anything about. An amendment or closing confident -- -- amendment. America. I won't lie and vote for both against fairness equity four maybe some people that -- about it that we -- You know Gary. Joan -- really appreciate it we check in the route the -- the that we that's right as well and that our final group now the -- -- the so called Generation Y. Tiffany you know often. Coming two as she graduated from UC Santa Cruz lives in DC. Tell us what those younger voters were thinking about after they watched that speech. Well we had a really interesting conversation there are -- from Oklahoma and -- -- and went to Stanford. You're talking a lot of odd jobs if you know they've uncovered a lot. But -- -- issues -- student loan that still hasn't been solved there a lot of private organizations and private companies. -- predatory lending practices and we're trying to figure out how to better regulate -- moving -- in the future. We talked also about credibility back and that's being made by its students have been fighting for for the last decade -- And -- half of that wants to be in different action knows that's moving talked about increasing the pell grant and making sure that program. Funding is mandatory moving into the next couple of years because students really benefit on that towards the funding to be able to access and afford higher education. And then -- talked about. Works that he actually and and school. Fair enough until we got a little bit about religion and what law that plays in the campaign moving forward. Students in the MI -- will hang out talk you know a little bit about. What that means for a candidate that's running -- how serious students really are in this coming election -- very very seriously and turn out to the polls. For regular registering students around the country right -- -- registered about educating them on which candidate is going to be able support our agenda at the students agenda moving following. Really -- conversation and add tuition you know I've been going up on -- country. Full gonna help in step and make sure that the students -- -- young people -- at attain these jobs in the twelve million -- he's creating. Actually educated in the workforce. All right deputy -- aloft in thank you so much -- -- -- that respect is there.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Bloggers and reporters get reactions from different demographics via Google hangouts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"17126521","title":"Mitt Romney's RNC Speech: Online Feedback","url":"/Politics/video/mitt-romneys-republican-national-convention-speech-demographics-give-17126521"}