Mitt Romney's RNC Speech a 'Velvet Glove'

New leader of the GOP focused on personal anecdotes, finished with policy talk.
3:00 | 08/31/12

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Transcript for Mitt Romney's RNC Speech a 'Velvet Glove'
I want to break. We have to folks -- but that's something about presidential politics works for some presidential candidate up. That that they have their listings America the beautiful I want to bring in. Stewart. And -- -- -- Working for other candidates in the 2012. Primaries. Let's get your first reaction the speech and -- how well or not he's not needed. I think he hit on the head it was a velvet glove but and that's Romney style he was. He was likeable personable. But I think what we also heard that a lot of folks have been hoping for some anecdotes about having heard about his parents in his fatherly in the rose for his mother. We heard about him. -- -- or puts his kids be heard about the hits piling in the bad but we also heard about. He wasn't directed harshly critical of Obama but he said look we didn't get -- that. That's what we were promised you know he'd broken a lot of promises that -- also laid out his business success with payment in his private sector successes. And -- -- outlined its outline his plan for the future and his it's five step plan for a better middle class that's exactly what we needed tonight that you could see you guys are. Are as journalists being -- on it but you can see a lot of folks you are taking it Elliott and that's exactly what the party -- we need to hear from. From our leader and -- gave all these folks here just what they needed to make it out there and make phone calls and knock on doors. What did you think of that nobody if it wasn't nearly as partisan as most of the speeches we hear on the campaign trail these days. Right you know I mean then governor Ronnie had to make the cell tonight right I -- it was up to him to make that final sale. We talked about earlier this week -- everyone else was kind of -- in the gaps. And being an attack dog for Mitt Romney I think he made this I'll tell you I've never been a I'm trying to be as non partisans -- -- and here it was -- not with my love for Mitt Romney -- mean I like the guys okay. -- -- he did extremely well tonight it. He was humanize himself and talk about his family life something people wanted to hear. But he also -- -- public -- -- good way to put it but having you know -- could -- so good it. At destroying -- smiling why does it -- you don't realize you're being destroyed I thought Ron did a really good job and I think one of the things that's so. Damaging to the Democrats. He touched on -- he said look. I was for the got to I was excited about this I was ready for hope and change but guys. That's just not the guy and I think that is the most damaging line for many independents -- it hits it gives its independence and how. To say this time you know I was -- until I thought it was good job of schedule is wonderful things and he didn't. Deliver and that's got to -- knock against him personally is just he didn't deliver. All right so the question Allen and can he keep that message going for the next -- of the 67 days what you know that the campaign trail. You're not allowed you know it -- Here keep -- on your message every minute name one that's the great thing about the Romney campaign we experienced that firsthand about how many. Rats Obama campaign cousin brother knocked -- -- -- taste that -- down that -- -- to stick messes they've always. State on jobs economy no matter what what else going on related news they stick with jobs the economy. And I think Kennedy's lead Connecticut two we've heard a few times this week about the grandiose four years ago that street -- that night. -- -- under the -- street but we didn't get the whole thing we want to be got we got us the vision distracts him and and it's as. Clint eastwood's that lets you think that Republicans -- -- but they needed to hear Adam as well you know it yet that everything to consolidate all of us were quite yet there's a lot of. I think -- great message to hit on tonight and probably one of the largest applause we heard all night but how and women are in. His personal life and in this economy and in the selections like music and -- the hardest job of quality to our freedom in Nevada what he's doing -- the hardest job. He talked about all the women in all of his. In this administration -- hasn't let it be reinforced with women that are. Curious about that that devalues what they do at home. Course and that's that was the key message that he needed to -- Ariza look we have detective on the one really odd thing. About tonight right usually these these conventions are so -- in. Every single speech had been scrubbed and looked at by the Romney campaign made a mystery -- everybody was really excited about the mystery guest. Clint Eastwood comes on the stage. The speaks little. On the hot hot and so on and so did we get it. -- be talking about that tomorrow or is it is is this myth that thing that will really dominate. I think we'll talk about what we'll -- talking about Romney speaks to army he's obviously. The main event I think Clint did a wonderful job. Getting the crowd exciting and a few jokes Robin little board press or some people's -- but people were excited about they wanted to see this mystery guest. And someone like Clint Eastwood who's known in in in. All the households -- tough guy a Smart guy he Keaton directs and produces wonderful movies -- does but but but come on it was a that was the message they want and it was a little odd but but regardless it ginned up the crowd they got excited and it delivered Mitt Romney came in and at and plays that set about running knocked him down right Alice Stewart believe -- we thank you for your analysis here in the -- that people. We're hoping to be here under other circumstances working for different candidates we appreciate your perspective as -- it.

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{"id":17122688,"title":"Mitt Romney's RNC Speech a 'Velvet Glove'","duration":"3:00","description":"New leader of the GOP focused on personal anecdotes, finished with policy talk.","url":"/Politics/video/mitt-romneys-rnc-speech-velvet-glove-17122688","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}