Moments After GOP Debate with John Kasich

The presidential candidate remarks on the topic of race which was discussed during the GOP debate.
4:58 | 02/07/16

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Transcript for Moments After GOP Debate with John Kasich
Or is it. Freaky well even though the script Ohio and were both from Detroit. Well look we're putting that aside. You know we gotta listen I'm really counting on Michigan. And I don't know you probably don't know this but. I I danced on the stage in Michigan two to a really nice song and it got on YouTube. And my wife was stunned she said you know you've really worked on your dance. The song. Shut up and dance with me I'd bet. You know most. You were hit with a you know how well dressed who aren't ready to. Receive a you know what tonight you know one thing I was really happy about was via the talk about our. The issue race. Which usually people talk about knees in the you know in the sort of debates but. To be a public talk about pulling people together people from the community. Bringing them and into an understanding with law enforcement I I really loved the operative that she. I thought that's what I thought and I. Letting it when I was on AB CI thought I thought you had the most to gain from this debate because of ever all the dynamics that were going on and I actually believe that governors did. Overall really well today because it was it was a debate centered around leadership and governance. I thought. UIDI I think people are going to be surprised I think what happens on Tuesday in this in the courses because right now. It's basically a four way tie for second and whoever breaks out in the next 48 hours after this it's gonna be in net plates quickly. Well look we have. You know I I don't I don't know there's a four way tie for second that we think we're we're very you know we're probably in second. And but what we have that nobody else has is an army of people marking on the words I mean they knocked on him in the snow. A knock on him in the rain in the sun they're like mailman MW knock and I think that's what brings things home. And our message is positive that's another thing that's cutting through everybody else's run a negative TV ads and we're we're up they're saying about what American America can be and a regular chips at the table in this that you debtor well. Oh yeah but but I have look at which are chips somewhere some people went to Iowa was too big for me when I get in the late. This was a perfect place that I got chips in South Carolina I got chips in Nevada I got chips and RI in Michigan I'm Gordon. Going to the south you know I got Trent Lott Mississippi watch out put your seatbelt on her. I just I would do it Simpson earlier promises dimension rates when things I've noticed that used when a question comes up. Souter Rand Paul answers and that you moved broad. McDonald's brought you something in the first I've seen it wouldn't debate actually jump in the conversation about rates and weak ask short of strict review. O we I mean its strength I think for the country to have leaders and understand. That we just can't be divided. And look I mean there's they're that the police you know we love them we just had an officer. Who was assassinated sitting in his car at the same time we know there are people in the community that think that you know. That the government's work and against them and that creates an unbelievably. Bad situation so what we've done is brought law enforcement. Community together. We look at our hiring practices the use of deadly force and now we're gonna we're gonna try to fully integrate. Fully integrate police and community. So that they create a relationship that like they've done in LA frankly that's it we're trying to do what you learned from its price sixth race. That the leaders in Cleveland. Knew that they while they could protest that we didn't want to have violence we didn't wanna go backwards in Cleveland and by the way the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court marine O'Connor now. She's doing a study into the grand jury process so we wanna be in front of this we want to move forward but look it also involves things like. Criminal justice reform. Reforming the Cleveland schools to make sure that the community to people in the community can learn. But we're also standing very strong with law enforcement we back away from them. He we got chaos in the streets so I think we have a good balance right now and I'm proud of what we're doing to bring people together. He take this how would you do in the next 48. All we're gonna we got to do more town halls more meetings more. Listen I it it's just crazy. Matthew it has been you know today. I was at one of these little restaurants I went in there I mean I couldn't get Manning get out it was so crowded it's good that's great so and you know what I'm habitable Great Gatsby all right thank you hearing you and your guy. Well. That S. Yes. I mean yeah. It Weaver. Last thing. Just think if I could get Urban Meyer and coach Harbaugh. On a bus riding with me that would be an unbelievable that would be like split would be your brings you bring anybody Gutierrez C. Developing ever happen.

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{"duration":"4:58","description":"The presidential candidate remarks on the topic of race which was discussed during the GOP debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36767097","title":"Moments After GOP Debate with John Kasich","url":"/Politics/video/moments-gop-debate-john-kasich-36767097"}