MTV Invites Young Voters to Play 'Fantasy Election'

Jason Rzepka discusses the youth vote at the Republican Convention.
3:00 | 08/28/12

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Transcript for MTV Invites Young Voters to Play 'Fantasy Election'
Join that we're gonna we're gonna talk we're talking about we've talked about. Tina voters. We have talked about women voters and now. Young matters plant that joining us now -- Jason rubs against that right. Close the novelist. Alice confidence. Present -- that that is I I appreciate the sickening is that this. -- -- -- And you're putting together what is essentially fantasy football for political types -- so -- political fantasy football can you walk us. Through what that is and why do you think that may be the new thing to engage younger matters. Certainly so we going back twenty years have worked to break new ground to empower young voters. And to get them answers the questions from the candidates in. To bring them into the process and the way we're viewing this here is there's a term without batteries -- called election avoidance where there's a lot of young people that are actually. Actively avoiding the election where 2008 they were embracing -- they were running. -- -- the right away from. So we -- to find it do way to bring them it and we're seeing this this trend but the game a patient of youth culture where young people increasingly view life through a game lands that we thought. What if we put a game layer on top of the whole election. And use that as a way to engage them we know that -- is tremendously popular with our audience and what if people spent as much time researching the backed up. Tight end for the Seattle Seahawks -- they spent researching the person is running for congress and their district. Having just picked by fantasy football team last week at a draft I'll say I would have much rather play this that if the election because I was so much more prepared to -- this. That I would be the -- team -- team is not good but -- as the game wore explain explain what people actually you're here. There's two pieces -- the main piece is very similar to the way that fantasy sports works that you drafted dream team of candidates. That you would like to field -- you draft the team of twelve and its people running for the presidency and congress. The difference Vega is when you look at SEC what what are the points how we get a measure them. The way we measure points are not the conventional measures so if we could do conventional -- politics -- -- -- public money that you raised last quarter or how many -- -- -- you have instead we measure. The transparency of your fundraising we -- your honesty how honest are you being on the campaign trail. Are you actually addressing issues in the adds that you're running or are you much -- so we've got. Fifteen -- partners all best in class experts including bullet of facts -- -- responsive politics etc. giving us that data. And were -- like our candidates giving us democracy we deserve or not. And so we're giving them points on and those measures. Then the flip side is young people can't get bonus points for getting involved in the elections so if you read political content online if you checked into events big here tonight if -- to check in on foursquare you get bonus points in the game. So to kind of asking like what if we can have a -- election or candidates are honest and transparent and young people are participating in an empowered that's that that's. That does not like an ideal world and then. You know the one that that certainly much different -- the one reliving and although so what's different about this from other fantasy games it seems to me if if -- transparency. Honesty those sorts of things it. Transparency in how you -- campaign. Applicant for the prison is necessarily -- -- -- right -- your candidate doesn't have to win in order for you to get points it's. Not only about winning the think we see people going to outrageous measures to win. And and in the process they're forgetting about the voters they're forgetting about. These constituents -- -- sitting out the represented and and that's something that is really pushing our audience away from politics they frankly become quite disgusted with this process and the fact that. It's about the billions of dollars you need to raise in the super pac money that -- a comment to get you into office and they're saying. I wanna know -- -- -- the issues -- what an -- you're gonna deliver on the key issues and challenges that I'm facing his young person I expected to be transparent honest and civil. So we're making a dashboard we -- -- that stuff and celebrate those candidates are doing a good job -- -- -- You don't think it'll it'll discouraged. Would be its new new voters and younger citizens when they come to find out that -- candidates do raise the most money and they do run that most negative ads are the ones that went. I don't think that it's just about winning I think there is though an opportunity to use this as a way to hold candidates accountable at a new way. Because this data is out there right now it's -- at the fringes of the web if we can bring it to the forefront put it -- -- game contacts and ended. Reward those that -- do well in that report those. People who do the research to understand that there's of what what surprises you -- with what -- 5000 dollars and in -- trip to the be amazed. Might -- the grand prize winner of that election. I still littered its parent aged there's no way to cut off you guys are eligible may be -- it to be amazed next year and ultimately. OK that sounds excellent I love that idea. -- -- Present with -- before I go 41 for each of you we have playing cards. We got all right and here's -- out for you -- OK. So. Here's that we can do the fantasy election right here.

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{"id":17101242,"title":"MTV Invites Young Voters to Play 'Fantasy Election'","duration":"3:00","description":"Jason Rzepka discusses the youth vote at the Republican Convention.","url":"/Politics/video/mtv-invites-young-voters-play-fantasy-election-2012-17101242","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}