Former NAACP President Ben Jealous on How the Clinton Campaign Can Court Sanders Supporters

Jealous joins ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Mary Bruce in the booth at the DNC.
8:43 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for Former NAACP President Ben Jealous on How the Clinton Campaign Can Court Sanders Supporters
It currently at an L as. No we a lot of things you want to talk to our it they took it. Topics and we're. At. Your it tells the story about the clintons yet PH street. It young people of the party to me you're here. Always a darn accidents or reverend Jackson X 88 campaign. Slowing fifteen years old are you in the campaign. It would jump daughter was our congress. And the AN US trying to find a new. He couldn't reach into the due caucus gave me one of young people said he reached into the Jackson you know. If you understood that the Jackson camping with XP and the party. The young people who are he are disproportionately birdies campaign. And what that and what that doubles as trying to figure out how to be gracious in victory it's really pulled the man. Arm and it is so that's happening brook more repeats needs to be happening quite frankly you know. Yeah that's right got to know the yarn and over the years we've created some things we disagreed on things. I'm much more likely than him to the other war protest. Arm but the reality is that there's an open dialogue in the compass issue because of that First Act agrees. I ask you this because a lot of people were protesting what mr. Pat Day. Our standard support or here at Sanders order and delicate surgery the goal is to try to bring this party together there's clearly a lot of daylight. Between where party supporters sands and recently was sent a case for Hillary Clinton at cantor cheeks. You know there is star. A lot of daylight between a small receivers are so so quarters. And the clinch a general. Given issues going to be a lot of daily to any punitive. Issue award. The reality is at war for two. We're getting we are a lot of as a result of friends who died. After interest it was torn apart material repeated deployments. And and you know. This is it would help. Conventional looks like in a time like that especially if she wore all the tapes from when we used only seen. Armed inventions in new Israel's right to ask you are always rockets. Voices a pro access because the realities that takes them vibrant democracy. And on special this issue of war Arctic especially. Jeff what's the protest at the Democrat party. Hillary herself start out. Indy McGovern campaign trying to end the war in Vietnam so did bill and they should expect that young people this generation to the war that's longer. Just as concerned about bringing it appears. To appease. That. Others are looking. At its. Core. I. Eight. Paints a day. Even after all he's been through. The mother optimistic. Person and I know. Did not see his family. He loves this country. Needs your life resident and my husband Joseph I didn't. Expression since lucky person suffer more from hosting tours. I'm about to. At that video plays we are still doing right here is that. You got off track a little bit if I'm your arena estimates earlier you weren't Erie or early endorser. Editors and make that call unity stop. What you're calling healthy debates some might call eight aren't making that he's going or get those people. What we're learning to Clinton's campaign. Properties. Into the joke though it is easy but retarded to a natural nude green and children's. Why do you everything you keep. The reality years. I'd been through enough but he skipped the news. That. There's a boulder that they're adults from likes the boats that are underground which when he years sometimes forty years. Celebrity conservatives. All four. Ultra right reactionary right Barry Goldwater or Jesse the body. Just applied mature it was committees and it's a joke but is governor Spitzer used. And the reality is that you look back at that there's a whole group. Demographically unlikely white voters. That no model predicts the people they never vote. Separate warrants for twenty years forty years and that is armed you know if you if you looked at Arnold Schwarzenegger seemed. Reagan referred to how do you. Say they are Goldwater saying. Don't get it though that reality. T one torn out right now. Arm and over the next 103 days more more people close win say. That's one way to keep the White House right now we don't 90% birdied the orders or air or you are aren't sure there but we're pretty sure. There's only to advertise it definitely. But again that's how anti democracies. Will take when 2008. There was probably 10% Hitler's it would never support Obama. Most of them some of them that's OK humans. Even as their quarters like it's and considers himself in or all of the quarters it out back and after. The encouraged and inspired. More. News you mean now they just you know it. Don't grab more conservative guys in Washington the president. The military a political. The guys you don't act and now a brilliant but they're persuasive. It's much more money gets its act this year. Let's persuasion. It's best money each. You you have overturned because again just trumpet the free media. You'll get freaked out of please use your type. A politician. Excite people who typically. About this rebels should do not a lot of people that you'll so passionately. About the kinds of things that Reuters has been discussing the policy that he's trying to please you are an art theaters border right now what is recommend. Regardless been. Brothers it's important work but it drops we have lots of news we're running out of surgery to separate 28 teach you to more people to help them get a big board today on that. We're having another one. We are the future of the Democratic Party if your dog and you are your disproportionate response if you're all if your new your your disproportionately with arts. We are going to its shores at this party becomes. What it used to be party backed or party of JFK the party of Immelt but I mean getting back to the grassroots a dual diploma. Also if you are young and white you are likely centers. Titus Young. And a black guy said it. It is. I accidentally. That. Let it all week or no actually not yet yeah trouble with. With. Older. And older black voters in a numbers. One young groups some states and one young blacks. Its. What I was pulled out and other. Except. She she had it a bit older voters. And her damage in the black community with voters. Like younger black got the more likely that were to. Help Kelly hopes. To separate you're talking by young and black. Really doubt it is about act so yes short she short with black voters. But the younger they were that less likely that mr. and in some areas we got majorities by the yen pulling majorities some kids as well black men under 55. It has some cases with. Written with all our borders under forty men and when the reality is that we are due in which she collected into which you cross. Again you younger Clark borders were more like us sometimes that was in the mature.

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{"duration":"8:43","description":"Jealous joins ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Mary Bruce in the booth at the DNC.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40946378","title":"Former NAACP President Ben Jealous on How the Clinton Campaign Can Court Sanders Supporters","url":"/Politics/video/naacp-president-ben-jealous-clinton-campaign-court-sanders-40946378"}