Pelosi Hits GOP as Government Shutdown Looms

House minority leader explains importance of avoiding a government shutdown over "Obamacare" funds.
15:32 | 09/27/13

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Transcript for Pelosi Hits GOP as Government Shutdown Looms
This is a special report from ABC news. -- -- what I'm -- Cutler and your eyewitness ABC news digital special report about two hours the senate is expected to vote on its own plan that allow the government to keep paying its bills of course is -- back and forth in Washington DC. And right now House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is -- podium. With some details on the latest -- debates let's listen in. A new study out this week showed that 95%. Of uninsured Americans we'll see insurance premiums that cost much less than expected. The average American consumer only able to choose from 53 different plans offered by insurance companies. They know and hopefully can trust. Premiums and even lower for workers are even lower for workers and families who qualified for the tax credits. And openly competitive marketplace is just one way millions of Americans are seeing lower cost and higher. Coverage thanks Steve -- care -- Nearly thirteen just think. Nearly thirteen million Americans receive one point one billion dollars in rebates from insurance company last summer. That's because in our bill we had the medical loss ratio that -- insurance companies must spend their money. Ensuring people a night on advertising CEO pay and an arrest. Six point three million seniors have already saved six point one. A billion dollars on prescription drug medication that's because with close -- closing at a national. And 10505. Million Americans. Have received lifesaving preventive health care services for free. You all know being young adults yourself that. Well you don't need to but for those who need to be on their parents' policy. They can do so until they're -- -- six that's already in effect there -- children children. Are already not subjected to. Discrimination because of preexisting medical conditions have so much is already in effect but -- so much more will happen January 1. And people can begin in -- on October 1 has transformational. -- -- life the healthier life liberty. Freedom and liberty to pursue your happiness -- he wanted to be a photographer and writer. Start your business be self employed. Change jobs. You know -- -- not job blocking can following your passion. Not your policy -- -- blocked by your policy. It's untrue denial as the president said yesterday and is what I think great speech. On the subject it's -- to -- -- -- people want to -- Again and start their own businesses and not stay where they are. And -- a -- of health insurance. So it's pretty I think it's very exciting when he can you imagine had being there when Social Security first came into effect. From Medicare when it became the law of the land and people begin. To enjoy. The benefits of the legislation. That ideas. Compromise -- -- translated into legislation. That had become public policy that will improve the lives of the American people stay exciting. On the other hand the matter of days. Four days until the enrollment permanently affordable care hacked. And just three days. We will see the question as to whether our government will be shut down. We must do everything we can. To avoid that. But over and -- again we find ourselves in the same question why are we had the brain can get -- a questionnaire from people asking. As I travel throughout the country. Just to put it in context. -- -- logically you know I love temple mark temporal markers where where we are today how do we get here on March 1 you wanna call. The president called the four leaders. To the Oval Office to talk about how we would proceed. The legislative agenda that included. The budget. -- -- Republican leadership that mr. Boehner and speaker Boehner and leader. McConnell said that they wanted to proceed under the regular order and that was their -- -- For those outside the beltway the regular order means you pass a bill in the house you pass a bill in the -- you send it to conference. To negotiate. To reconcile the active reconciling different. Of course we've always been for regular order so we welcomed that we welcome back the era of conference committees because I think that. Transparency is good for the passes -- the American people. So the regular order it was going to be. House passed its bill the senate passed its bill and that was the end of the call for regular letter. At to have passed its -- you remember you remember -- that the Republicans were saying. No budget no pay as -- the -- was concerned when -- they gonna pass their bill wasn't only a matter of weeks. But nonetheless both house has passed -- legislation. And then we said okay regular order we now go to negotiate at the conference table and four in round six months nearly six months. Republicans have refused to negotiate. They have refused to negotiate. And they say that the president -- -- president was following the path. Of the regular -- that they suggested. So. -- doing that. By turning their backs on what they said they wanted. And we certainly do to regular order. The Republican sow the seeds of this dangerous. Partisan path we find ourselves on today. It's impossible. For Democrats to negotiate with house Republicans -- they can even negotiate with themselves. Instead of legislating responsibly. They want to live dangerously. And that's not good for the American people. And now with only three days left Republicans are threatening to shut down that would hurt our economy threaten job -- job creation. Leaving families with less security -- country with less certainty and our economy with less stability. This is the most irresponsible way to negotiate a budget it -- in which it. Especially when Democrats have been ready and willing to work with Republicans to pass a responsible. Balanced bipartisan -- You know that. Told you and you've seen him here. Higher ranking member on Budget Committee Chris van Holland has proposed ending and -- budget at presenting a budget that would end the devastating across the board sequester cuts. Reduce the deficit and responsible -- keep the government to open and working for the American people. We have asked over and over and over again. For a vote. On that budget. And the republic -- to the food that doesn't make so much sense of the American people saw the alternative that it is I think that clarity of the the distinction would be -- and what mixture. Then Holland is is suggesting is in keeping with that what the chairman of the Republicans Appropriations Committee chairman. Chairman Rogers. He said the house senate and White House must come together as soon as possible. On a comprehensive compromise is that repealed sequestration. Takes the act nation off this lurching path from fiscal crisis to fiscal crisis. Reduces their deficits and debt and provides a realistic. Top line discretionary spending level. To fund the government in a responsible and attainable way. It's a -- -- the situation -- on Capitol Hill on a moving government shut down it was pretty -- monitoring that. But to them big focus right now zeroing in on the heart of the debate in Washington the Affordable Care Act. Otherwise known by both sides as obamacare. It is -- -- back and forth between the senate and the house and the question is where do we stand now. I want to bring in our political director Rick -- -- -- sentence two. Give some details on the stage -- -- eleventh hour scramble. Rick there is a lot to dig through we just heard from the house minorities as. Leader. Except the stage where we at right now. This is craziness this is apps -- chaos all around we -- going to have a vote in the senate. It's a day where the senate is gonna vote to extend funny for the government. And obamacare we know that the house is on record with something else that's was headed back to the house they're gonna vote sometime over the weekend either Saturday or Sunday. And the question areas what are they wanna get attached as part of his gamesmanship that's part of this thing -- what -- they want to push for an hour they are still try to defund obamacare they get a try to. Delay for a year the implementation of the of the individual mandate in obamacare they wanna get the Keystone Pipeline approved -- they want to. Ban late term abortions mean that thing and a laundry list they're gonna put it in there. And that's gonna leave the senate with just hours on Monday to before the government shuts down and as we know in the senate nothing gets down very quickly -- -- everyone agrees to it. And we also know that there are several senators led by Ted Cruz who aren't inclined to agree to very much of anything so we are hurtling toward. A very bad conclusion to this government shutdown showdown. All with a midnight deadline of Monday. And and that essentially is when the open enrollment for the -- for the Affordable Care Act does begin on Tuesday October 1. The same time when there is that the budgets essentially expires when lawmakers have to -- some kind of compromise and have a plan going forward. Rick I want to ask you about some dissension among the ranks -- Republicans within the senate about moving forward -- a potential bill. Yet if there's an all out civil war going right now in the senate and and you can roughly feel it with the new guard vs the old guard and there's a sense among some more veteran Republican senators John McCain among them also Bob Corker of Tennessee. -- listen guys we thought this out already and we lost and you have to respect the democratic process there and they are outright fuming. At senator Ted Cruz and might flee from -- -- because of the tactics that they are using to try to slow things down they say that it is it is penny wise and pound foolish for -- the big issue of trying to improve what the law is John McCain -- a passionate floor speech the other day Lori said listen. We did everything we could try to stop this thing we think it's bad policy but guess what. We lost on the floor of the house we lost in the floor of the senate the president cited. Then the president was reelected at some what you got to move beyond that. But there is a cohort of Republican senators and house members. Who -- in accepting that even at this late stage so you have this extraordinary situation where you have deadlines of all government funding and the beginning of open enrollment. On the new obamacare health exchanges happening. On the same day. Senator Bob Corker from Tennessee last night essentially called out senator -- saying more or less that they were grandstanding. That's right you don't see it is very often certainly inside a party where he. He went -- that lets you guys are out there trying to raise money off of this are asking people to give you contributions at the same time the you're taking over. The floor of the senate we just don't like it so we had tensions boil over to an extraordinary degree. It happens very rarely -- particularly happens rarely. When -- party's minority usually there's something unifying about being in the minority on an issue like obamacare every single Republican senator doesn't like the law would vote to repeal it again tomorrow. But in terms of the tactics that are being used now to try to obstructed they feel like Ted Cruz and his allies are running into a buzz saw that they are going to be judged very harshly by the public. Very harshly by a president is ready to capitalize on the politics of this. And keep in mind the bigger picture of this that is that people for the first time millions of Americans will have access to health care. Come Tuesday that is an important point that I think the White House -- is is lurking in the background here. Obama -- will happen on Tuesday even if the government shuts down -- partially shut down. Open enrollment will begin and people who didn't have health care before -- -- have it. And so that's a hard thing to demonize as a as a big government take over that's worth burning down the whole building -- Rick as far as going up against that budget deadline this is not the first time this has happened but what is different this time around because as we've heard from public sentiment. That there are a lot of people out there that just feel as if the only way things happen in Washington the only way gridlock ever gets broken -- in those eleventh hour compromises. And they're right about that that's been the recent history but you've also seen in the polling a very small part portion of the public maybe a quarter. Feels like the Obama care -- law is worth shutting down the government offer -- -- content at the high number given that it's only one program. But given how unpopular obamacare remains and just the label of obamacare. -- these passionate feelings and president Obama's opponents. Not a lot of those folks maybe about half of them -- this is worth. Going to the -- over and actually shutting down the government over but in terms of the terms of how progress gets made we have seen this kind of mini deals -- things along. Based on eleventh hour agreements is only with these deadlines and this is the game that Republicans chose the -- They set these deadlines up one of the extraordinary things about the fact there were up against it now with the government shut down and in the debt ceiling and a couple weeks. Is that these are self imposed deadlines the members of congress set these deadlines and it would now be members of congress violating these deadlines they they set their own laws they set their own -- it's not like there's an external crisis that's driving this. They use this as a negotiating point the question now do they think -- they overplayed their hand. Relatively speaking this is a recent history I want to go back comparison. Back to 9596 -- in the showdown. Clinton and Gingrich at the time when the government did shut down what's the difference -- from now and then. -- one of the big differences. In in those two is that there had been one before and there had been a major one before and and it did the shadow of 9596 is looming over this. You had a lot of folks in 9596 who actually thought you know what. This is worth taking us and over it's worth saying to the American people we tried our best and we. We can't come to an agreement it's worth shutting down the government over so you had more people going into that in the congressional side -- Republican side willingly. Then you are right now now everyone is holding their nose on this and saying this is a terrible idea but we're doing in -- -- we can't kind of help ourselves as it happens. Another big disagreement -- you just in terms of the politics of it is that. That happened in 9596 this was fresh off the Gingrich revolution and the take over the Republican takeover of congress in the 94 elections. They -- 1995 the impose a contract with America they felt like they have a mandate for this the timing of this is a little bit different we have had any remaining presidential election. President Obama is now -- re elected president he picked up seats in the house he picked up seats in the senate although he doesn't control. The house of course so if this is the kind of confrontation that you'd expect. Right after the Tea Party to take over two years ago for instance but the fact that there's been another election. And it a lot of these issues of -- has themselves out has more and more even Republicans saying enough of this we got to move on. All right ABC's political director Rick Klein -- the inside invaluable as always and of course we attribute this to the next couple of days as are a lot of folks and DC. And of course as we've been saying that senate vote is scheduled to take place about 1230 but of course we will continue to carry that news conference by house -- -- leader Nancy Pelosi. On And a complete report on for now I'm Dan that's our New York with this ABC news digital special report. This has been a special group. Report from me.

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{"id":20398112,"title":"Pelosi Hits GOP as Government Shutdown Looms","duration":"15:32","description":"House minority leader explains importance of avoiding a government shutdown over \"Obamacare\" funds.","url":"/Politics/video/nancy-pelosi-hits-gop-government-shutdown-looms-abc-20398112","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}