NARAL: Proposed Abortion Limits 'Way Too Extreme'

Nancy Keenan says the "majority" of Americans support abortion rights.
3:00 | 11/09/11

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Transcript for NARAL: Proposed Abortion Limits 'Way Too Extreme'
From -- we'll turn back to election night results will go. To Nancy Keenan she's joining us here in Washington she's ahead -- -- some good news for you guys last night at a Mississippi right. Absolutely -- it was a great victory for women and their families in Mississippi and you know the -- discussion down there and whether or not. Would they wanted politicians to be involved in this most private personal medical decision. And they soundly rejected that constitutional amendment so good news and kudos to the folks in Mississippi who worked hard. So Nancy -- the other issue though coming up certainly at the presidential levels this issue of the funding Planned Parenthood I know -- its name around but obviously -- the issue still resonates. Despite the win here on the ballot initiative how much success have groups like yours had. In promoting your cause or is it that when it went when the -- initiative goes would. Many voters say too far it loses butt sniffing around at the edges may be can still be a success. Well listen I think again that the voters were the ones that determines that that ballot initiative in Mississippi was way too extreme. Including the attacks that we've seen on family planning and -- Planned Parenthood specifically at the congressional level. And I can't I think Amy goes down to the values and people are saying who. Who should be in this debate in do we want -- politician an elected official making this decision or do we want. Families and women in their doctors making these very personal private decisions especially on something like contraception for heaven's sake 97% of women. Access contraception in this country so again the voters spoke at their very clear majority Americans are pro choice. And the values are that we want our freedom our privacy. And -- politicians don't belong in this in this debate. And you guys have a have a new survey out today with with with a polling firm and and you suggest that maybe President Obama should make this a bigger issue. Then than Democrats have been that there should be one of the main issues going in this -- twelfth. Exactly exactly just finished up -- a survey that is taking a look at what we call Obama defectors these -- women. That voted for President Obama in 2008. They are not likely to vote for him in twelve they may vote for someone else -- they -- not show up at all. And so choice for this group in this block of women is. Very very central to how they see -- their participation in 2012. Again it is a value statement for these women voters and they are they will be there for President Obama it's our job to. To make sure they understand the importance of this issue and having a pro choice president makes -- different. The contrast here we've got twelve months now to make the contrast to say let's let's say -- a Mitt -- Who actually supported that constitution a constitutional amendment. Did make the contrast that says. There are certain things up along with the family in a woman in her doctor. And the issue of choice fundamentally access to two legal abortion in this country does not belong in congress or anywhere else. And so we will be drawing that contact the contrast between a pro choice president Barack Obama. And an anti choice nominee in the case of Mitt Romney and the other -- of nominees on that side anyone of them are equally as bad but. Women will vote. They could be an election like this the margins in and those battleground states. And this issue is critical two women across this country in their voices are going to be heard in 2012. We don't want it want to ask you this when when we see in our -- that close to 60% Americans say the economy is the number one issue here -- an issue like abortion really cut through. Even -- that some of these women voters that you mention. Absolutely and again at -- yet Amy you know as well as any of that elections especially in battleground states. Are about the margins so the economy will be front and center it should be absolutely people not having. Jobs but they also are defining the contrast what other issues are going to affect someone's voting. But the issue like choice and we believe strongly that for these women who will make the difference -- -- -- well we believe the issue of choice will move them to vote for president Barack Obama and reelect him. And so not dismissing the economy at all but the fact is there are other issues that are -- -- the election as we move through these next twelve months. Okay back to what Amy said earlier. You know -- if you put it in a start question. People even in the conservatives say the Mississippi. Rejected the personhood amendment but. You're looking at some of the coverage. Of of what was going on -- that state there's not terror a lot of access. Two to abortion services and -- place like Mississippi. A lot of places in the middle of the country where there's. Less and less access is our our Democrats currently and and the federal government doing enough right now. To maintain access to abortion services for people who want who want to make that choice. -- you know that that's a really good points -- and I think that access does present a problem in many parts of our country. Com and something that we work on every day making sure that women have access to that care to abortion care I think in places that we have to look like. In South Dakota. This same kind of amendment was -- defeated twice in -- six and 08 -- again because. It becomes. A values discussion in those neighborhoods across the -- and is that there -- the grocery store. And we sought defeated in South Dakota Colorado now Mississippi Beazer you know -- -- -- South Dakota are not the brightest Blue States for heaven's sakes they're very red. And it speaks to people understanding how extreme -- understanding how extremist agenda is. And how we have to draw the contrast again -- at the presidential level or in these states draw the contrast. How -- this agenda is and how Americans continue to reject it. All right woman -- -- thank you again for joining us sure we'll talk to you again throughout this campaign.

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{"id":14915830,"title":"NARAL: Proposed Abortion Limits 'Way Too Extreme'","duration":"3:00","description":"Nancy Keenan says the \"majority\" of Americans support abortion rights.","url":"/Politics/video/naral-proposed-abortion-limits-extreme-14915830","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}