Natalie Cole Challenging Stigma of Hep C

Cole wants people to get tested, says Washington needs to change health laws.
3:00 | 10/19/11

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Transcript for Natalie Cole Challenging Stigma of Hep C
Dot element is a guy had a chance to speak my -- -- -- I don't know it's bigger room she's -- and -- and run accident Natalie all the famous singer of segment here in town in Washington really interesting happy birthday to Amy Walter but that we just enough time -- take a look. My interview and we -- thrilled to be joined here on top -- but -- legendary singer Natalie Cole ms. Cole thank you for being here really appreciate it. I want to ask you you're you're coming to Washington today that's -- spread the word about your personal experience with hepatitis C. What's the message that when you come to Washington you talked to a politically attuned audience what's the message the hope the spread. I think that the east -- first to. -- That has hovered over. Hepatitis C for probably decades needs to be lifted and we need to change the perception. What it is to have this disease. A lot of people. Back in the day were afflicted with the disease as I was and didn't know it. -- -- IV drug use however. We're finding out through the years that. Pepsi can be gotten through. On sterilize needles taxes. Blood transfusions -- cell line. So I'm here to kind of help lift the perception. That this is just an evil disease that afflicts that people. And and also let people know of the treatments that are available now this. Quite a lot of options. That we have available to us now. There's a treatment issues you reference is also -- diagnosing the issue -- you reference because of your own experience living with the disease for decades without knowing it. How do you get the word out about that -- to people access the screenings that they need to even know that they might suffer from this disease. Exactly. I think that one of the things in this country. You know. This is why DC Washington DC is. You know very. -- place to be as we need to change some laws half of this country -- need -- have medical insurance health insurance. To try to encourage people to go to their doctors and get checked. To -- had a liver is functioning. It's not usually -- general check up. And if you do discover that you might have any issue with your liver. Com people are hesitant to follow through -- hesitant to get any kind of treatment they don't how much it's gonna cost them. They're worried about their future. They don't know the kinds of treatments that are available to them and the campaign that I'm on his tune in to have seat. So we're not only getting. Merck foundation and Merck pharmaceuticals. The American Liver Foundation. And hopefully some lawmakers here to get involved. To lift the stigma. To get access access. To medical treatment for four people who may not know they have the disease where they can go to get help. There's a great web site. Tune in to -- C dot com where we now have interactive. Things on there where patients. People who have people that are in their family that may have it. Can go on the air ask questions. Doctors talk about it my stories on mayor Greg Allman. Whom we -- -- from the Allman Brothers just had a liver transplant. His story is on the -- There's just so many ways now that we can get to this disease and -- without it having that. That -- perception of the evil that it used to hat so many years ago. Time now a previous trips to Washington you've had the pleasure of playing at the White House I just wanted to ask what does that audience like compared other audience is huge crowds. What is it like going into the White House and performing. -- -- -- it's funny because. At the end of the day they love music. I've I've performed for at least five presidents from. President -- to President Reagan. President Bush President Clinton and President Obama. And I can tell you that they loved music and it was so funny that when I performed for. George Bush junior. I think that his wife didn't want to look like He was enjoying himself too much -- must happen is toes and He was that anything or is it. I love that I thought it was great it out I think that they kind of wanted to be a little more distinguished but. The -- is is. They -- little more conservative. But you know if you if you if you if you work and an -- they loosen up -- -- it. All right that's great Natalie -- the legendary singer thank you so much for being here good luck getting the word out about hepatitis C --

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{"id":14770645,"title":"Natalie Cole Challenging Stigma of Hep C","duration":"3:00","description":"Cole wants people to get tested, says Washington needs to change health laws.","url":"/Politics/video/natalie-cole-challenging-stigma-hep-14770645","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}